Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pocket God Coming to Comics!

Okay, I've been dying to announce this since they sent us the sample artwork (illustrated by the crazy talented Rolando Mallada), but we've cut a deal with Ape Entertainment to bring the Pygmies to Comics officially! We have already had a story meeting and they pitched us their overall concept which is really cool. It will be a 4 issue mini-series. We're planning on creating PG content that will go hand in hand with the comic. It will be available digitally (on itunes of course) but also in print... The printed version will get extra content not available digitally...and there may be more surprises! Dave and I are big comics fans (Dave's collection of manga is insane) so we can't wait! Anyway, it was announced on Kotaku today.

>> Read the Announcement on Kotaku<<

So if you are excited about this, go to Kotaku and LEAVE A COMMENT! I think this is particularly important because I know Kotaku readers are notoriously cynical nay-sayers....and we want people to know you're out there! To login, its SUPER easy to register, click login, then register and a quick popup just asks for a username, password and email is optional--or you can use your facebook account login.

We have been wanting to do this ever since fans started showing us the possibilities. Here are just a few....


Curtis Smith



Chris Atkins (Nerdism)

Forgive me if I missed you...let me know and I'll add it. Whew. okay back to working on the next update...we'll keep you posted on how this goes!


  1. You guys going to work with either Comixology or iVerse Media to get the comic into Comixology's Comics or iVerse Comics? Preferably Comixology's Comics. They do a great job of presenting comics on the little iPhone/iPod touch screen.

    I would so buy into them if they were available for purchase on the iPhone through either of those programs.

  2. Ape Comics already uses iVerse and they said they would probably do something like what was done with the Archie comics on the store. Thanks for letting us know you like it!

  3. I'm so excited! I have thought about PG Comics and am amazed that there will actually be happening!

  4. Oh wow it's so awesome that you guys are letting these people do a PG comic. I liked those other ones. When is the next update comin'?

  5. It's a shame that they don't work with Comixology. Their Comics application treats comics really well. It's a joy to read them in that app. iVerse does a fine job too, but Comixology has a great trick to make each cell as big as possible so that reading the comics isn't a pan and zoom fest.

    Still, the fact that the comic will be available in iVerse is a great move for us fans. :)

  6. Hey comics are awsome! For anorther dance should be for the ghost and you should also add the underworld so you can punish them for not doing pants on the ground MUAAAAA 'coff coff' HA

  7. Ha, that took me by surprise seeing my name there! :D Thank you for the mention!
    Loving the idea of the official PG comic! Can't wait to see it!
    I'm sure your brains combined with their artistic skills will create nothing less than a masterpiece :)
    Bravo Allan and Dave :D it's going to be brilliant.