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  1. i don't really know where to submit ideas but the islanders should definitely be a little more interactive when there just walking around, like make them sit or yawn. or if there's more than one they should talk or maybe fight...and possibly throw coconuts at each other...then fight...and one dies. that would be funny, especially if all 6 were fighting. lol

  2. but if anyone knows where to submit ideas let me know

  3. Hey Zach....those are really good points and we've been so busy fleshing out major features that we haven't taken the time to add the personalities to the islanders. so far all they do is freak out. I'm adding some new reaction flesh them out more, but all those ideas are awesome and had been thinking in that direction as well! Keep us posted if you have any more!

  4. have you seen my idea about the kill count

  5. I think that there should be a way to create a tsunami by shaking the iPod when it's cloudy... You should be able to make comets when it is night w/ a clear sky... Be able to make a trap...... And maybe a menu screen for when you want to toggle powers.... Just some ideas but I hope you consider them!

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  7. I like zach's and alex's idea. I especialy like the idea about islanders having personal minds. That could be your next update after you finish the one with winds.

    Now comes my idea :)

    Here it goes;
    It's if you would click and hold the water. The water will began to raise and flood the island. While it's doing that the islanders will begin to float like they will normaly do sort of. Now here's the twist, while they're desperatly trying to stay afloat, octupus legs will reach up and grab the islanders. It will than drag each of them to their tragic or funny death.

    Oh ya before I forget, you should be able to see through the water while it's flooding. Meaning you can see the octopus on the island grabing the islanders from the top of the water. I said this so that you can see everything.

  8. ckcot.. i think that is a great idea, but i have one thing to add... if the islanders are close to the tree or the easer egg island head they should try to climb onto it and stay dry... but other than that, great thinking =-)

  9. I think a good amount of things could be added to this game (Note: These ideas have been from other comments or originals by me)
    1.Bigger Island

    1.Werewolves to fight the vampires

    2.Boats that can fish OR be attacked by a giant octopus

    3.Rankings among islanders Ex.Leader,Authority,Rich,Poor,Sick etc.

    4.One or two story buildings

    5.Different foods

    6.More pacifistic options


    8.Decent natural disaster options

    9.More islands where the islanders can immigrate or explore

    10.Female islanders

    11.Dogs ONLY (NO CATS!!!!!!)

    12.Alien abductions and interactions
    (Such as:Tap the spaceship and it breaks down falling onto the island and perhaps islanders)

    13.Make fire appear to warm the islanders (Fire can also spread onto buildings if they're added already or later)

    14.Growing food

    15.Ability To climb things if flood
    (took that one from you guys)

  10. I think that there should be a seperate tab for ideas and ideal alone.

  11. My suggestion! be able to select an islander and make him box another islander :D and it would be good if the islanders could have a relationship (romance) with each other! :D

  12. Okay, my suggestions are!

    1. Being able to select a particular islander to box with another islander! :D

    2. Accesory shop!! being able to buy things for the islanders.

    3. Islanders having a relationship (romance) between each other!

    Yeah that's about it :D

  13. My suggestions are

    1. Costumizable Islander and Island

    2. Have them do activities.

    3. Have events on Holidays.

    4. Be able to cause plans

    5. Parrainas (sorry about the spelling, I'm talking about the flesh eating fish.)

    6. Have rain, snow, sleet, etc.

    7. Change temperature.

    8. When you grab an islander an put them near the sun, they burn up.

    9. Change In size from eating too much

    10. Wild animals like dogs, wolves, dear, etc.

    11. Wave current change.

    12. They can make wepons

    13. They get sick.

    14. More items on island.

  14. All the ideas are great and here are some that i thought of!!

    1.The islanders could turn into Werewolves when there's a full moon like Sam said they can fight the vampires or knock off the islanders.

    2.The islanders could turn into Zombies and turn other islanders into zombies as well.

    3.There should also be a giant dragon/serpent type sea monster thing that eats the islanders.

    4.There should be UFO's that suck up the islanders.

    yea thats all i got for now i hope you consider some of my ideas :D haha

  15. All the ideas are great and here are some that i thought of!!

    1.The islanders could turn into Werewolves when there's a full moon like Sam said they can fight the vampires or knock off the islanders.

    2.The islanders could turn into Zombies and turn other islanders into zombies as well.

    3.There should also be a giant dragon/serpent type sea monster thing that eats the islanders.

    4.There should be UFO's that suck up the islanders.

    yea thats all i got for now i hope you consider some of my ideas :D haha

  16. What do you think about the Idea to creat a table for the different languages, that makes this page maybe clearer and a russian know where to read to understand. =)

  17. I think there should be winter storms that freeze the ilanders into ice cubes and then you would ethier have to put them next to the sun or put them into the water to float around.

  18. ufo that picks ilanders up and you can destroy the ufo so it falls down and the ilanders can explore it

  19. My suggestions are

    1. Costumizable Islander and Island

    2. Have them do activities.

    3. Have events on Holidays.

    4. Be able to cause plans

    5. Parrainas (sorry about the spelling, I'm talking about the flesh eating fish.)

    6. Have rain, snow, sleet, etc.

    7. Change temperature.

    8. When you grab an islander an put them near the sun, they burn up.

    9. Change In size from eating too much

    10. Wild animals like dogs, wolves, dear, etc.

    11. Wave current change.

    12. They can make wepons

    13. They get sick.

    14. More items on island.

    15.It's if you would click and hold the water. The water will began to raise and flood the island. While it's doing that the islanders will begin to float like they will normaly do sort of. Now here's the twist, while they're desperatly trying to stay afloat, octupus legs will reach up and grab the islanders. It will than drag each of them to their tragic or funny death.

    Oh ya before I forget, you should be able to see through the water while it's flooding. Meaning you can see the octopus on the island grabing the islanders from the top of the water. I said this so that you can see everything.

    16.The islanders could turn into Werewolves when there's a full moon like Sam said they can fight the vampires or knock off the islanders.

    17.The islanders could turn into Zombies and turn other islanders into zombies as well.

    18.There should also be a giant dragon/serpent type sea monster thing that eats the islanders.

    19.There should be UFO's that suck up the islanders.

  20. great ideas
    my suggestions are as follows:
    online multiplayer (mini-games to face ppl in or tasks like killin x islanders in a certain way in y time)
    choices to be a good god with rewards like islanders buildin temples and stuff for you
    definetly a task system for islanders resulting in rewards and advancements of culture for the islanders
    multiple islands (accessible through a map)
    increased pop limit
    co-op over same wi-fi network
    online rankings if multiplayer is added (xp should be awarded based on your performance with a bonus on victory and a requirement of so much xp to get a higher rank with ranks like peon, just another person, recognized leader, great soverign fledgeling god, higher power, divine entity, worshipped idol, and all-powerful god)

  21. hey I was playing and noticed a couple of small, but somewhat noticable glitches in the gravity. if you pick up the boulder while you are tilting the iphone/ipod touch, it keeps rolling in mid air. the other thing i've noticed is that the shark doesn't seem to be affected by gravity anymore. I'm not sure if this was intended, but if it was can you please let me know?

  22. Oh yeah, and I've already put this idea in a previous post, it's called "From the Heavens Above". If you made a small bird about the size of the coconut, and had him flying over the island. When he flies over, every once and a while he'll poop on an islander (if you want to add that) and during storms if you hit it with lightning, it's cooked like a turkey and the pygmies eat it. Also if you drag the bird down onto a pygmie, it'll peck at them and chase them off the island into the water.
    Please, please respond to this idea! I know it would probably be a big update if you used it but you asked your fans for ideas and I worked hard to think of one that was within reason. Once, again, please respond to this post!

  23. Hi, my friend on youtube reviewed this app.
    here is the link :D

  24. I love the suggestions that have already been made but I have one minor complaint. When you have a vampire how come he just knocks the other islanders in the water? I'm not afraid of a vampire shoving me in the pool. I'm afraid of a vampire biting me and turning me into a vampire. That and the vampire is a little too spastic. He doesn't give the other islanders a chance to run, fight back, get wooden stakes, call an islander Van Helsing, anything. Just kind of a disappointing result to such a cool idea for an update.

  25. You should make Chuck Norris appear randomly, other wise it's great

  26. I'm guessing this would be the best place to put some ideas, so here I go... They can be turned into vampires, why not werewolves that change with the day and night. Also, i think it would be great to have the little islanders have something to hunt, would be great if they had little spears or something. Those are my ideas for now.

  27. great app but maybe they should also do something about the stone head

    and maybe some if some of the islanders die, they turn to ghosts and haunt the other islanders

    and also a werewolf islander so that the vampire and the werewolf will fight

  28. ok so i am thinking i have alot to write...(and sorry in advance if i spell alot or anything wrong)

    For starters the Discription makes the game sound like you can do good things for your islanders but, all you can really do is make them dance or feed them coco nuts (which still involves hurting them)

    Mix it up a bit plz~
    i know you have alot planned for the probobly next six-who knows what game themes but if you could sqeez these in that would be SO amazing


    2)give me a larger island... i stop playing the game six days a week until the next update comes out... mabey that would improve if you give me a LARGER ISLAND!!!!

    3)Ok so now wtih the nice stuff ideas~ how about being able to give the islanders food or somthing yah i know there are already coconuts but they are soooooo boring ~how about making the fruit or food in each tree vary eachtime you enter the game or on each dif. game.~ (and if u want they can sometimes choke)

    4) i like those ideas about letting the islanders have social lives and fight,become friendly ect.

    5) i like to rule out the smart islanders so can you make a DANG optional save system already or what? no one who loves the game enough will care if it takes up more space.

    6) i know you guys probobly dont want to seem to much like virtual villagers so dont add too many unlockables ,ok?

    7) but, then again.... some starfish atleast would be nice, you know?

    8) i think i like the fruit/food idea mabey you could figure out some other way to use it like instead of an islander in the volcano (unless that is already possible...idk)

    9) mabey buy-able island up-grades (as in mini game points or island currency or somthing.. i dont like the real money aproch)

    10) or different charictaristics for each islander can be inherited towards other islanders (if they could recreate)

    yah~ *yawn* im bored so yah..... thanks 4 reading if you did and if you take my ideas under consiteration i wil be


    siked... ttyl

  29. Hey to go along with the fishing idea, i think that you should be able to strike the tree with lightning. Then you could roast fish, villagers or even the shark on the flames. If you roast the shark, then the villagers could all do like a little dance, eat, and one of them could put on like a big shark head mask.



  31. ok if you cant get an update because of apple just tell us it took like three days to do it
    and i keep waiting for the next update!

  32. a space ship that you can touch and when it crashes adds a little alien buddy for the islanders that conspires and befrends them to his alien buddy who come and kill all the islanders LOL

  33. an airplane can come to the island so that other islanders can come or leave, then we can make the plane crash

  34. This is the best app ever.This app is so much fun.Sorrry for the reject.
    I am looking forward for "march of the ants"and "something fishey"

  35. Pocket god is the best app it is soooooooooo much fun.Sorry for the reject.I am looking forward for "something fishey" and "March of the fire ants"

  36. This app is so good that you should put it on the dsi [the new ds] shop

  37. I got an idea what if the little guys could start building and you give them wood, stone from the volcano, and other stuff like that. then after a while they start to form diffrent sides and get in fights. but i dont thing that they should get too advanced just like stone age or maybe roman times at the most. This would probly be a good update if you made the island bigger and added more people.

    And This is the best app ive ever bought Great job

  38. This is an okay game I am also still super mad at the loss of the 2 updates. Applehurry up you jerks.

    Future Updates:

    More islanders
    Fights(between the islanders)

    And this is my favorite one that I came up with.....

    They should have a little competition of like who can survive the longest (like on Survivor)

    ***** Stars

  39. I enjoy reading all the ideas, but one thing that bothers me is;

    The developers arn't replying to any of the ideas or suggestions. It would be good to see what the makers of the game thought about theese ideas to. I'm probably not the only one wanting to know what the makers think about these ideas.

  40. I'm still waiting on that update, but I've got a great suggestion.

    You should get to customize your own pygmy to play with that won't dissapear and to play with on feint.

  41. islanders should get in a war and start to attack each other. Also they should start a reliogon and sacrifice eachother for us that would be funny

  42. I love this game so much and the best part is you can imagin new ideas and talk about them to your friends. I have many ideas such as different types of islanders, more natural disaster, and animals on land to hunt with spears the islanders made. But my favorite idea that i thought of is religion were your islanders think of 3 or 4 different religion's and worship you the way they think of you with dances festivals and other events so please read this comment and consider it. And please email me if you think this is a good idea my email address is thanks

  43. I think that after we kill an islander, at night we can make their ghost come to the island and haunt everybody who is sleeping

  44. "Pocketgodfan121" and "goo" from the pocket god fient had a great idea that'll be a minigame update. Our episode name would be called: Monkey Business. So a monkey swings in from a vine when you touch the tree and the monkey throws bananas at you, and the object is to catch as many bananas as you can in a basket. Controls would be moving left and right by tilting ipod. Once you dont catch a banana, the monkey will come and attack you with its tail and run away.....tell us what you think Dave.

  45. I love this app and I have a few ideas

    1) Metor shower

    2) Seasons. Like make the tree become bare (winter) blossoms (spring) like it is (summer) and all different colors (autumn)

    3) A fire pit (so they can cook things)

    4) Create music with instruments or a band

    5) Having pets

    6) Make homes

    7) Make the dead islanders haunt the living ones at night

    8) Make shooting stars and make some fall on islanders

    9) Exploding

    10) Create technology

  46. Must fix so the clouds dosent move when u create a mighty wind and when u turn off the graviti tilt and turn it on the angle u hold your iphone will be the basic angle of the graviti tilt

  47. On the suggestion box you did, all the girls said was rubbish,I don't want stupid guns or nuclear bombs & pulling them apart is ok. But DO NOT! put in guns & nuclear bombs, it will make the game rubbish & I personally will delete it.

  48. You should put on all the things below!
    1. Have different genders & type of characters.
    2. Have 2 or more islands with different people on ( you can have a boy island & a girl or a jungle island with lions etc.and stuff like that & you can move them from one island to another)
    3. Give them spears so they can hunt.
    4. If you do put more then one island on, make each island have a tribe and they can battle each other & earn points if they win.
    5. Make an online thing where you can bring your characters into other peoples islands.
    6.Put on baby islanders.
    7.put a text box in.
    8.Put in aa dolphin you can ride.

  49. I don't even own an iPhone or touch but I played the game on my cousin's ipod and loved it, here are my suggestions:
    1. Quicksand

    2.I think some other people said this but maybe like a boxing ring or something or you could make one islander fight the other islander.

    3. Islander costumes- it would be a lot easier to program than a ton of little accessories, you could just make a costume button that maybe gets updated seasonally (like for Halloween or Christmas or Spring) because at Xmas time, who would you really rather kill, islanders or Santa's elfs?

  50. Oh and (sorry for double posting but you could also make them

    1. Disco dance, you know, like with lights and a disco ball coming down from the sky.

    2. And maybe putting some kind of horrible alien inside of an islander suit and have it kill off the islanders without them knowing- like invasion of the body snatchers!

  51. Since I do not own a website or anything like that, I am going to write my review here. :P

    I'm always searching for new apps throughout the App Store. I always seemed to come across Pocket God. Since I have a little dyslexia, I accidentally read it as Pocked Gold. This name reminded me of a horrible game I played before so I didn't bother looking at it.

    Then one day I didn't find many apps to my liking and looked at the name while I was a little more focused, and saw the name correctly. I checked it out and it looked really funny and a real time-killer.

    When I bought it, I thought it was great! It had so many features to it (Of course I bought it a little while after the release and had some updates to it) that for some reason just kept me busy for a while.

    The fact that you update it nearly every week is just incredible! The last update was really great! Naming your villagers was really fun and seeing their stats and feelings was incredible!

    This game is really unique and that's one of the reasons why it is such a great game! Even though it has no point, it is just fun! Pocket God is easily my favorite app of all time and deserves to be the number one app on the Top Paid Apps list on the App Store. I rate this app a 9.5 because nothing is truly perfect.

    I just have one little suggestion... Maybe be able to customize them a little or you guys can make them look different.

    Also, I found a bug that you may want to fix. When you turn the iPhone/iTouch upside-down while a villager is fishing, he continues to fish, while the pygmies and fish fly into the sky.

    P.S. I saw in your last update that you are looking for beta testers. I am always here if you need another. If I am chosen, I will test the update, give my thoughts about it, and look for every possible glitch that you may have missed. I will probably give one or two suggestions that may help.
    You can contact me at my e-mail address:

  52. Ooh ya i agree with boog, i love this game so much, i wouldn't mind at all being a beta tester, you wouldn't have to pay me (if i wasn't so low on money i might pay you to let me test) i would write "intellectual" reviews, that are always based on the truth. please please please think about it. -

  53. I dont know if this is in any other posts because i haven't really read them, but i think a new update should be
    -Wage war against other app users via wifi

    -a map where your island can be in different part of the world like antartica or in a bubble dome under the sea. each map would also have different powers

    -if the idea above takes place, have a ice island, have a huge mountain somewhat in the background and cause avalanches, and blizzards or hail storms.

    -another island could be a egypt one with a pyramid instead of a easter island head, and you could cause sandstorms, or have a mummy come to life.

    -be able to cause a drough and have no water, so when they get nocked off, you can here them screeming for about 5 seconds while they're falling to the bottom of the dried up ocean, but as each second passes it gets quieter and quieter.

    -have a little more modern stuff like have a ball on the island and a stick and have them try to play stick ball, but be really bad.

    -be able to make a black hole, that sucks up the people, coconuts and shark, but the people will try to hang on the the tree of tiki head, and make a kind of "people chain"

    -have a solor place hit and burn everything, then be able to plant a seed you another tree to grow in the old one's place

    -be able to switch the shark with a dolfin, and have beach balls and a hoops, and make it do tricks.

    i've got alot more ideas

  54. I think you should take off the fient thing on pocket god. Many people are taking weirdly and rudly. Some people are even having cyber sex. I think you should take it off. there are kids playing this game about the age of 4 or 5. BUt even though pocket god is awesome 5 stars

  55. most amazing app, im the envy of all my friends. patiently waiting on great updates
    here are some suggestions,
    islanders fight each other
    wars between islands
    10 star application

  56. Great, fun app. Mine occasionally crashes when I just start and pick up the 1st islander, but rarely. Some suggestions:

    The kraken taking the volcano's place behind the 2nd island. Every time you launch an islander into the distance the kraken gets closer until it reaches the island and starts eating the islanders.

    A meteor shower upon the island.

    Girl islanders.

    Every third night there is a full moon that you can tap. A random islander can turn into a werewolf. The islander is normal during the day, but at night he attacks the other islanders. If there is a vampire on the island with the werewolf, the two start struggling and one gets thrown into the water.

    Aliens abducting islanders and returning them as zombies.

    The ability to choose specific islanders to spawn, instead of all of them.

  57. This game is the best app on my iPod!! I have sum suggestions 4 u gyz. 1.aliens that zap the islanders 2.pets 3.weapons islands 5.huts 6.accesories shop 7.friendships between islanders and that's basicly it, hope u can make them real :-)

  58. this game is awesome!!!!! I have some suggestions for you.1.weapens such as guns and knives.2.being able to customize by using face paint masks clothing and controlling their size weight and their age.3.other meat eating sea creatures such as octopuses piranahas and snapping turtles.4.stores sports such as football basketball and soccer. thanks for reading i hope you use these ideas.

  59. Yo! Your Game Is Awesome! Check Out The Blog i work on with my friend(EricTheBlogger) called World Inside The Eye's Review of Pocket God! Also,Some Suggestions:

    1. Let Them Go Through Eras,Like From Pyg...Ooga-Super Modern
    I don't want to be to outrageous so that's it.

  60. i think that you should be able to treat good islanders more than coconuts and fish, like fire, freshwater, games, pets. the possibilities are endless.

  61. Im feeling Oogalishcuis. This might be MMOish, but got some idears.

    -Coins for buying things in a store that you get from different deaths.
    1 for drowning.
    2 for meteor, egg, or ants.
    5 for vampire.
    7 for exploding.
    10 for dino.
    List goes on... :)

    -Items such as:

    New statues.
    Balls and stuff.

    -A guitar on one island were the Oogs gather around and listen to one play.
    -A menu with mini games like sumbarine diving, coconut ball, etc.
    -A TV on one island the Oogs watch.
    -World map. Maybe even a moon base. (You wanted aliens.)
    -Lightsabers they hit each other with. (No kill.) Unless...)
    -More dance possibilities.
    -Underwater places.
    -A rock sort of place in the valcano.
    -Muddy place were they throw mud at one another.

    That's all I've got for now...


  62. hey PG here is my idea

    y dont you make anjother app that has feint and chat rooms so then pocket god wont crash and freeze up????
    tell me what you think and if it could work
    PG rox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. aww man this is happening again!! "bolt creative" don't make the same mistake. you people are only focusing on this app. what happens if this app suddenly loses interest? do you have a back-up? the other 2 apps that you made aren't going to help if this one plumits. take "pangea" for instance, they are being smart they have mutiple apps that way if one app fails they can still support themselves.but you guys only have 3 and the other 2 aren't doing so well. your depending on only one app. and thats a killer that put 3 of my favorite apps to rest:( i don't want you guys to be the 4th. but if you keep relying on this one app and it someday fails(i hope not)it wont be long before you are forgotten. my prediction if you keep relying on this app is 2011 maybe lower. i hope you take my advise if not well at least i warned you. i hope you guys keep making updates till 2040 even if you dont it would still be awsome

  64. I think should add many other things to the game.Also, sometimes takes forever to get a new update, it gets annoying waiting for the update and it takes so long.

    1.Acid Rain
    2.Metoer Shower
    4.Build a house or hut or somekind of shelter
    5.Grow food
    8.Change temperature
    9.Poison Ivy
    10.Pets or some animals that u can hunt for food
    12.Boats for fishing or traviling
    13.More Islands
    17.Lava Pits
    22.Rocks u can throw at each other islanders
    24.Changing apperance of islanders
    25.Flooding of the island
    26.The best for last nuclear missles

    Please add some of these ideas to your updates and also make updates come faster.
    Please add some o these ideas and updates faster. Please, please and please

  65. I understand that it's not Bolt Creatives' fault that it takes so long for the updates, it's apple's fault. I also have a long list of suggestions. I know some of these sound like they're stolen from other's suggestions, but I did not even know of this website when I came up with these. Here they are:

    Female islanders.
    Baby islanders (when islanders mate).
    Octopuses or squids.
    Wolly mammoths (peaceful until angered)
    Sabertooth tigers.
    Birds (create waste when tapped and build nests).
    Nests (hold eggs for food).
    Islanders fight (for reasons such as food or females or just because player tells them).
    Islanders can kill animals and eat animals such as T-Rexs, sharks, and other future animals.
    Start fires and cook food such as meat or eggs.
    Islanders can chop down trees to build huts or temples or weapons such as spears and arrows.
    Islanders can make and play instruments such as drums, flutes, and ukuleles and play instruments when other islanders dance.
    Tsunamis, tidal waves, or floods.
    Animals can be killed in different ways such as lightning, drowning, burned by lava, killed and eaten by islanders, or picked up by player.
    Islanders hold on to ground or trees during a hurricane.
    Insides of structures such as huts or temples can be seen inside on a different screen by tapping on the door and can return to the island by tapping on the door again from the inside.
    T-Rex can rip roof off of outhouse and devour islander inside.
    Sports with cocounuts.
    Bigger islands.
    Ability to zoom in and out of island.
    Each islander can be customized such as height or weight.
    Islanders have stats such as hunger and blader and die when any stat reaches it max.
    Different tribes for different islands.
    Islanders can make smoothies out of cocounuts.
    Snow and ice.
    Tribal masks.
    Switch between statues.

    These are just some of my ideas. If you like any of them please tell me at Please don't spam me or email me unless you are Bolt Creative. I love the app, it is without question my favorite app of all time.

  66. Ok, this might sound kinda crazy but i would love it, here we go...

    Islanders should have a boat where they can travel to different islands and explore, if they meet new tribes they can befriend them or attack, if your reputation with another tribe gets to low they start attacking you, islanders should have the ability to make weapons, spears bow and arrows, blow darts, etc, the island they live on should be extending out to the right side of the screen and you should be able to have islanders walk through the jungle and explore, the islanders should be able to hunt and farm food, there should be a village where you can sell fish you catch or meat from animals youhunt or crops you grow, also if an islander gets sick, there should be an alchemist islander that ventures out into the jungle and picks herbs to make medicines, you make money by selling food you grow and fish, and you can buy weapons and better boats with that money, this ones good, at night, your tribe (if at war with another tribe) should be able to go to the other tribes village and capture one of there islanders and eat them like cannibal :), heres something my friend sugested, there should be a UFO, and if you tap it it crashes into your island, if you tap it again an alien comes out and starts destrying your islanders, my opinion (changing the whole point of pocket GOD to pocket ADVENTURES) is that it should be an open world game giving the players the option of going to different island, going to war with other tribes, exploring dangerous jungles, and sailing the tropical seas...if you could even do that, i would definetley pay alot for that game, oh ya, and there should definetly be tribal masks or like bone necklaces for like the trbe leaders, and maybe eve throw in some huts and tikis, thatd be cool.

  67. Love the game! So here`s my idea for a new update. Since you are the god to the islanders why on earth would you need money, instead you can have the islanders develop their own society where they trade stuff i.e. fish for some weapons or a coconut to use the WC :) Keep up the great work!

  68. ok i dont mean money like 5$ i mean money like island currency, like shillings or resources

  69. i found a glitch but i don't know if anyone else has so im posting it. when the t-rex come out, you poke it off the island, turn the island upside down with gravity on, then back to normal, the t-rex pops back on the island but doesn't kill anyone... the just go about their normal business, then when you crack the egg open again, it goes back to normal

  70. i will soon be making a review for pocket god! check i will probably get it on tommarow

  71. I had an idea where there can be wild animals and the islanders can eat them r train them and keep them as pets ( ex. wolves, bears, deer etc. ) and also you should make it more realistic, like if they they don't eat enough food ( coconuts, fish and hopefully more, I was thinking apples and other fruits ) or drink enough water ( a new addition ) they die

    Let me know what you think

  72. A pygym is actually a type of marmoset(a species of monkey). You have named your islanders after monkeys.. Lol

  73. yea i lke the idea of them fighting and they should be more interactive with the enviroment instead of walking around, like for example when one of them is stuck under a bolder 2 of them should walk by and pull them out from under it. and also the whole gravity thing, when theyre in the water the shark should fall out if you tilt the iphone or ipod upside down. and another thing, when the vampire is stuck under a bolder or in the water he should explode from the sunight regardless. just thought i should add that.

  74. all great ideas,(esspecially the flood) but i would like to see Aliens ubduct them, pirates attack them, and the vampire and t-rex fight


  76. I got some ideas and i dont now were i shall write them, so...
    vampire can swim.
    cloth store.
    earn money.
    underwater dinosaur.
    camp fire.
    more food.
    a bow.
    a place for all the dead.

    i hope someone will see my ideas and use them :)

  77. alright here's a cool(pun) idea. I think we should be able to change the temperature of the island by changing the sun's size. As it gets farther away it gets colder and colder till they freeze, you could even have blizzards when you make the storm coulds appear. On the other hand as it gets closer it gets hotter till they burn, maybe even make it rain fire? who says you cant yer supposed to be their god anyway :P. This would really define an ability for all our sun gods out there. Maybe even create a new class of god for the cold temperatures. It would be a big update though if ye decide to do it but i would love watching my pygmies freeze xD

  78. Wow I've been looking for you guys! Amazing blog, can't wait to see more action. I will post some of my own ideas as well, where's th right place to do it?
    Found you at the iwikiphone site, thought you may know it because I didn't even know you held this blog!

  79. I might be the only one, but I would kind of like some ways to interact positively with the islanders. Just some kind of like sliding scale for how you're a nice or mean God, rather than solely killing them over and over again. Maybe you could like gain their trust and then get more "points" in some system when you sacrifice islanders who liked/belived in you more? I guess it'd need to be a little bit harder to kill them in that case, though.

  80. 1 vampires vs werewolves is a awesome idea

    2 pygmy fighting pygmy is so awesome too pygmy riot

    3 superhero pygmy now who doesnt want to see a flying superfast pygmy in tights(talk about a major wedgie)

    4 eclipses

    5 put pygmies up to sun and they burn

    6 give a wedgie on tree or just put them in tree

    7 floods and they pull on things to stay on shore

    8 time control one time you can be a caveman next in 2009 times and one day revolutionary war items cange according to time

    9 superhero can break up vampires and zombies

    10 sky dive from airplane to island

    11 build a raft to island(type of boat changes to according to time)

    12 elect a president

    13 cut down trees to make houses and rafts

    14 more clothes now i know that you would have to make new frames and that would take forever but its a suggestion

    15 they go hunt for food you tell them to get to eat for like spiritual ceremonies

    16 have babies and female pygmies

    17 dig up treasure

    18 have jobs so that the president can afford to build houses and buildings and transportation

    19 you fill in here with your ideas cause we have to keep this game going. and please consider these i think their awesome especially the superhero one and the wolves vs vampires

  81. Hey Bolt can you please respond and post this comment because i wrote it last time and it was not posted. Here is an idea for an alien update for the red star thing. The episode should be called "One small step for Oogs, and One giant leap for pygmies" First you press on Mars 3 times and then a saucer comes from mars and either aliens come out and fight the pygmies or they abduct the pygmies and either the new place is the space ship or mars. If it is mars then the aliens can get off with the pygmies and still fight them or it could be like the underwater area. The pygmies can float in air (gravity) and there could be a couple of dangers like an alien monster and a black whole where the pygmies get sucked in. I think this would be an awesome update so PLEASE CONSIDER OR AT LEAST REPLY EITHER HERE OR MY EMAIL WHICH IS

  82. Hey Bolt can you please respond and post this comment because i wrote it last time and it was not posted. Here is an idea for an alien update for the red star thing. The episode should be called "One small step for Oogs, and One giant leap for pygmies" First you press on Mars 3 times and then a saucer comes from mars and either aliens come out and fight the pygmies or they abduct the pygmies and either the new place is the space ship or mars. If it is mars then the aliens can get off with the pygmies and still fight them or it could be like the underwater area. The pygmies can float in air (gravity) and there could be a couple of dangers like an alien monster and a black whole where the pygmies get sucked in. I think this would be an awesome update so PLEASE CONSIDER OR AT LEAST REPLY EITHER HERE OR MY EMAIL WHICH IS

  83. Hey bolt i hav a question. Wut r Promo Codes? I saw a bunch of videos on youtube about promo codes. Is it like a code that will give u the next update or something? And also please respon on my alien update review if u have time. Oh yeah and on the update after flipping the bird i bet it is a response to doodle jump and that youtube video about the pygmy jumping on the clouds.

  84. Hey Bolt once again or anyone else. I got flipping the bird but the app store say stop my app is on fire. btw awesome update I LUV THIS GAME! Just one question .. wut is getting carried away because the bird carries the fish away but not the pygmies no matter how hard i tried. thanks for the update!

  85. I think that there should be girl pygmies, and huts (wink,wink) so ther can be little baby pymies. And also maybe some other wild animals, like monkeys, big cats, or whales/dolphins for underwater. The pygmies could befreind them or go to war with them. They could ride the whale/dolphin and raise little kats if they were friends. Just a thought.

  86. Ok I'm having a problem with the new award thing on feint, I had scewered and bowled all six islanders before the new update and after I got the update it doesn't register that I had done this. And whenever I bowl or scewer an islander feint doesn't award the points or give me an award for doing it. Please fix, you've guys have done a great job and I love the game just need to fix this though.

  87. Hey Bolt I Got Some Ideas For Pocket God

    1. More wepons

    2. They could get on boats and take over other islands by fightning other islanders with their wepons

    3. Toggle good god or bad god. good god volcanos would erupt chocolate sharks would be dophins and people could swim with them and the lightning cloud would be a rainbow. for bad god it would be normal

    4. Graveyard toggle if you put the lightning on the grave zombies would come to life and the pymges would fight them

    5. Underwater there would be a sunken ship and a shark

    6. More under water animals such a paranas, octopus, and a giant squid

    7. Islanders could climb the tree in the T-Rex place

    8. If you pick the Islander up to high they would sufficate in space or you could drop them and they would splat on the ground

    9. There is a red star and if you tap it a UFO would come and obduct an islander

    10. When you kill the pymges kill a T-Rex or give the islanders food you get money that can be used to buy huts and other structures and wepons ect.

    11. You can put two fingers on an islander mover your fingers oppisite ways to rip them in half

    12. Make traps like foot trap bear trap and a hole with leaves on top

    13. Hunting trips

    14. More food like bannas

    15. Rideable animals

    16. Custom island

    17. Drag finger across the ground to make quicksand

    18. Man eating bugs (giant bettles, giant spider, leaches that fall out of trees)

    19. Pymgee eating plant

    20. You could use wifi to go on other people's island

    21. Have the pymgees surf the tatial wave

    22. Cookable marshmallows


  88. This is my Ideas:
    1.An underwater update that's kind of like the t-rex. There's a boss underwater and it's a minigame. A dolphin is underwater and will swim by, pick up a pygmy and place it on the dolphin, a whale will come and eat the other pygmies and u enter the minigame with the whale following. A mean looking shark will appear, the boss, and it's health bar appears also. A spear will drop down in a bubble and the pygmy grabs it. The shark boss will move up and down but u can move ur pygmy sliding ur finger up and down and to throw the spear,u have to tap on the pygmy riding the dolphin. The boss shark will try to chomp u, if u get eaten...another dolphin will appear and get close to the whale's blowhole. The whale will then, blow out a pygmy and the pygmy will begin to ride on the dolphin. And again the spear will appear in a bubble and go to the pygmy. If the health is all gone, the shark will sink to the bottom of the sea.
    Sacrifice: Chomped by Jaws
    Achievement: Defeated Jaws for the pygmies
    3.different islands
    4.different pygmies or oogs including different genders.

  89. My friend and I both have Pocket God but, We do not hav Facbook or Twitter and we want to be friends on fient (or wats it called) but we can not so it stinks =(

  90. Hey Bolt,
    I dont know where to put in suggestions so i will just put one in here...
    I think that there should be a third island and that the islanders can go there but by boat!
    and while in the boat there can be a minigame where the pygmies get attacked by sea creatures and you as their god have to defend them until they get to the other island...

    you could also be able to turn this feature off by going into the menu...

    thats my suggestion and I really want you guys to tell me if its a good one or please reply!

  91. These are my suggestions:

    1- Instead of smiling at sunset it would be cooler if the pygmies started meditating or practising Thai-Chi

    2. If you tapped the red star thrice, a UFO came down, whilst eerie music or x files played and it got foggy.
    It came down and landed and opened a hatch and all the pygmies in a trance walked into the ship.

    Then they all appeared on Mars (a new "island") and instead of a volcano you could flick the pygmies into a black hole or the sun...
    You could maybe see other planets from there and if you tapped them thrice, the UFO would take you there...
    The update could be called "In space no-one can hear you scream" or "life on mars" or something....

    Please reply if you liked the idea....


    1.More wepons

    2.They could get on boats and take over other islands by fightning
    other islanders with their wepons

    3.Toggle good god or bad god. good god volcanos would erupt
    chocolate sharks would be dophins and people could swim with them and
    the lightning cloud would be a rainbow. for bad god it would be normal

    4.Graveyard toggle if you put the lightning on the grave zombies
    would come to life and the pymges would fight them

    5.Underwater there would be a sunken ship and a shark

    6.More under water animals such a paranas, octopus, and a giant squid

    7.Islanders could climb the tree in the T-Rex place

    8.If you pick the Islander up to high they would sufficate in space
    or you could drop them and they would splat on the ground

    9.There is a red star and if you tap it a UFO would come and obduct
    an islander

    10.When you kill the pymges kill a T-Rex or give the islanders food
    you get money that can be used to buy huts and other structures and
    wepons ect.

    11.You can put two fingers on an islander mover your fingers
    oppisite ways to rip them in half

    12.Make traps like foot trap bear trap and a hole with leaves on
    13.Hunting trips

    14.More food like bannas

    15.Rideable animals

    +1 Custom island

    16.Drag finger across the ground to make quicksand
    17.Man eating bugs (giant bettles, giant spider, leaches that fall
    out of trees)
    18. Pymgee eating plant

    19. You could use wifi to go on other people's island

    20. Have the pymgees surf the tatial
    21. Cookable marshmallows, shark and
    22. Swarm of bees

    23. Pymgees can sacerfice one of them if you hold your finger on it,
    they will tie the islander to a palm tree and let it go to fling the
    islander, or they will burn the pymgee, or you can do it manually

    24. A new island made up of smaller islands with thin palm trees that
    pymgees can climb, you can make one of the pymgees the ruler of the
    others. There is a pirate ship that they get on and you can select
    which island they Sail to, to sail, you put ou finger on a boat and
    drag a line when you get close to an island, a button pops up so you
    can go on the island

    25. On the new island you can play on it with your friends, his
    mean your pymgees can fight your friends by boarding their pirate
    ship, flinging other pymgees out of palm trees at their island or
    ship. You and your frien can try to take over eachothers island your
    pymgees can climb the palm trees and throw coconuts and spears at
    enemys. Pymgees can fight with a viraty of wepons. They can cut down
    the palm trees and make houses with the wood (and wepons) the can also
    make fire on selected islands.

    26. Ever small island is different somehow, there are about 4 or
    5, all of these controlls are olny for this new collection of small

  93. i hate this game..
    they are SO cute but why is this game so SADIST???
    anyway to stop them from bursting from not peeing?
    its damn sad
    cant u make this game more humanitarian??? give them more happiness for gods sake!! improve their lives!!! invent some entertainment!!!

  94. my suggestions are

    1. you should have a multiplayer thing with wifi or something like that. with 1-3 players and 1-18 pygmies. and you and your 2 friends can do something at the same time. like ooga can get eaten by a piranha and booga can get zapped by a shark and kilk and klak can get hit by the spear thing at the same time. but then theres too much pygmies on one small island. you could make the pygmies smaller and the island longer.

    2. have a power to make ipods and tvs and other electrical things appear and you can make the pygmies watch tv and listen to ipods and you can throw the electronics at them and make a shark jump and eat a electronic device then the place blows up and all pygmies die

    3. a endless pit like the one in that movie where that guy says THIS IS SPARTA then he kicks someone in the endless pit

    4. get more food like apples, bananas, grapes, pears, chocolate, cake, ice cream, turkey,coca cola, mountain dew, demon energy and lift plus

    5. lastly have another island with a house for each of them or instead of an island go to the part where you can change there names and descriptions and add a feature where you click a pygmie then theres a button that lets you go to their house then at the house you can do normal things like sleep watch tv eat...

  95. i love pocket god but i think for there should be a fruit that turns a pygmy into a were wolf. And you can have the werewolf, the vampire, and the zombie all fight. zombie beats vampire, vampire beats werewolf, and werewolf beats zombie.


    In graveyard:

    1: put shark or bird in grave to make zombie animals. The bird could have deadly bird-bombs or something.

    2: A spooky outhouse with a lightning pole on it. Put a combination of ZOMBIES in it to make something else. eg. zombie dodo + zombie pygmy = flying zombie or zombie shark, pygmy and dodo makes a boss to fight.
    To make it, put zombies in then strike with lightning.

    3: An axe so that your pygmies defend themselves against zombies or vampires. And vampires that attack zombies.

    4:Tree grows vines that your pygmies can cut with axe and put in grave to make a colorful BONE-fire. Also, if you dont trim the vines it can grab pygmies.

    Also, if you want to make us pay for expansions I would pay for things like:

    5: An island where you can change the temperature, making it colder so it snows or so cold you make an ice age where all the water freezes and glaciers come instead of tidal - waves. And make it hot so the screen goes blurry and all the water evaporates.

    6: One huge island where you control two different tribes. Make them fight or make peace. (they raiese a flag if they have peace)There would have to be more on the island but I cant think of anything.

    7: cook islands- where the pygmies enjoy some peacefulness and luxuary,cooking swordfish and giant crabs. Same thing, more would be needed, like huts or ability to make male/female/old/young pygmies.

  97. This is what should b on pocket god:
    Title: Dawn of the Wolves
    Description: In the graveyard you make it night, then you'll start hearing howlings in the background..there is a bush with bright eyes staring at you, a wolf will b hiding in those bushes, take a Pygmy close to the bush then the Pygmy will b takin into the bushes and come out as a werewolf. It will
    attack the pygmys by biting them and they will
    also turn into werewolves. If u put the sun bck on they will turn bck into normal pygmies, turn it bck to night..then they revert back to werewolves. Also u can make one Pygmy into a vampire, another into zombie, and then the other, werewolf. They will start bAttling each other and any of them wins randomly.

  98. The latest update is the best it reminds me of my favourite movies, "Evil Dead"
    "Evil Dead 2" and "Army of Darkness" you should make an update that involves the Necronomicon or give the pygmies a chainsaw hand and a Boomstick to kill the ZOMBIES!!!

  99. hey Bolt i got a feew new ideas so here they are.

    Dance off's between the zombies and pymgees

    Hail and rain

    not much but i think they are good improvments and i also like craig's ideas
    so please make some of my ideas and thanks for reading this

  100. as you can see, i never run out of ideas

    Unleash a deadly swarm of insects on the islanders. Use the touch
    screen to control where the storm flies, and when the flies touch the
    islanders, they get eaten alive and all that is left is a tiny
    islander skeleton!
    Black Hole
    Create a black hole anywhere on the screen that sucks the islanders
    in. Have them cling onto the island and each other before being sucked
    God Fist
    Smack and punch your islanders around when in this mode. (Check out
    Interactive Buddy, a flash game, for reference on how this would
    work.) Punch them into each other, out into the sea, into a black
    hole, whatever.
    Death by Finger
    Okay so the title sounds kind of wrong. Anyways, touch an islander and
    it will instantly die, leaving a little islander ragdoll on the map
    (complete with X eyes) for you to throw around, use the accelerometer
    to fling it around and etc.
    Wherever you touch explodes. BIG FUN. If you touch near an islander,
    they will be sent flying. If you touch ON an islander, they will be
    blown to bits! If you touch under an islander, they will be blown up
    into the sky.
    Touch a islander to turn it into a ravaging zombie islander, who will
    then attack the other islanders and attempt to bite them. If they are
    bitten, they too will turn into a zombie! Watch the chaos unfold.
    Touch somewhere and there will be a slight delay. The island will
    start to shake slightly and suddenly a comet will come flying from
    outer space and land where you touched, crushing any islanders below.
    Drop Damage
    Have it so that when you drag and islander to the very top and let him
    fall, he hits the ground in a more satisfying way. Preferably, he gets
    blown to pieces by the fall. This could be done in a cartoony, not too
    violent way, like Team Fortress 2. This shouldn't be a tool, just a
    Add a shark to the water that will eat any islanders unlucky enough to
    find themselves taking a dip. Have the shark pull them under and a
    little bit of red rise in the water.

  101. got some more ideas =)

    1. birds nest on t-rex island. If bird sees it, it will go and lay eggs in it. You can then cook them, drop them on islanders or let the bird hatch them. If it does, it will go about as normal but feed the babys fish it steals (and islanders!)You can also drop pygmies in the nest, where they will get stuck. Tap the nest to make it fall to the ground.

    2. someone said there should be a hoopstick thing. A branch should fall out of the tree. The pygmies could then tie it into a hoop and play hoopstick. You could move the hoop about to make them chase after it(and fall in the water) or tap it to make it spring back into a pole and fly in a random direction, spearing pygmies. They should also have more games, like a target on the t-rex island. If t-rex isnt there then they throw the spear at the target. they could even have competitions.

    3. Avalanches at underwater place. rocks and coconuts fall in from above.

    4. A half-underwater ruin(half screen above water, half below). Islanders dont drown in water. Tap certain ruins for a brick to fall.

    4.1 2 statues. One above water that shows if you are a good or bad god. If you tap it, it will do good things to islanders if you are a good god and vice versa. There is also one that is underwater that, when tapped makes underwater islanders dance.

    4.2 Olympic torch under water. If you turn it on, pygmies will do running, swimming and javelan events. i dont know how this would work.

    4.3 A cage. It is above water but can be lowered by a pygmie at the pulley. You can put pygmies in it and then put them under so they can get close to sharks or drown them. You can also use it to catch fish.

    6. Giant oyster. Tap it to open and islander could try to get the pearl. If islander disturbes oyster, it will snap shut on pygmie.

    7. New minigame. Strandsd of seaweed float up from bottom. Malevolent gods can use pygmies as bait, benevolent gods can use fish.(they tangle the bait in the seaweed) Either way, the bait attracts piranhas and sharks to the bait. When they are hooked, reel in to get points.(1 for piranha, 2 for shark)

    8. for loco cocos last suggestion, the pygmies could dive out of the tree when they go swimming(if thats what you meant)

    phew. finished

  102. Ok I'll try to make this short I have a lot of cool ideas. know that red star maybe if you click on it you can send ailens to the island and then they go to the ship and the ailiens could disect them there could be laser guns on the wall or ceiling and it shoots the pygmys and from the ship they go to mars they could be sucked up by a black hole get distroyed by acid or inhale space dust and choke to death. 2. You could add a bee hive and the bees could sting the pygmys. 3 add some girl pygmys. about different personallitys for each Pygmy 5.add a dog that sticks by the pygmys and each Pygmy has a different kind of dog. 6 how about you add werewolves it would be so cool could put a iceburg island where the pygmys were Eskimo clothing and you can drop them in the water and they freeze. Ok I'm done with my ideas hope you could add them that would be freaking awesome. Thanks

  103. Usin peer to peer gaming or single player do a zombies vs vampire vs ghost battle this could possibly be like a wii fenceing game. Please reply bolt creative when you get this message and plz use my idea lol

  104. hey you guys should add mermaids that sing. like you know that tell about the mermaids that sang and the ships always crashed into some rock or something well yea. lol you should have a big cliff that the lil guys could walk up on and then the mermaids start to sing which will make them jump off the cliff or something like that. or make lil ships that the lil guys can get on and travel to the other islands on and then make the mermaids sing and make them crash or something ^_^ itd be a awesome update! please email me at
    i have a whole bunch of ideas im very imaginative and i love this app xD

  105. Amazing app, my favourite so far. =]

    These are a few suggestions I would really like to see added.

    1. Pets for the Pygmies. There could be a new island filled with animals, and the Pygmies could befriend one to be their pet.
    2. Girl islanders please. =]
    3. Relationships between islanders, and the ability to create babies.
    4. Customizable islanders would be great.

    Thanks for reading, please consider adding some of these.

  106. hey bolt creative a few suggestions
    1.different reaction when zombie bited vampire
    2.different reaction between vampire and monsters(t rex and spider)
    3. other reactions beteen a vampire and other things

  107. I kave no idea when this was released, but i guess pg's first birthday must be coming up...

    A great update for it would be aging pygmies.
    You should be able to turn ageing on/off.
    When it's on, a birthday cake drops from the sky. When its eaten nothing happens, UNLESS you give it birthday candles. Drag a twig from the tree and hold it up to the sun to light it and then place it on the cake.
    Now, when the pygmie eats it it changes age.
    If the it 1 candle it goes young
    2 candles is normal
    3 make it old
    4 is too old.
    The in app purchase should be custom beards,hair,clothing,etc.

    Oh, and you should have called the zombie update 'another one bites the dust'

  108. Ok...this is really weird. when i got the pyg chill update, it worked fine...then 2 days later i got the same update and it wont go away. any suggestions???

  109. Pocket god is the greatest!

    I have one suggestion though:


  110. Houses should be added and female pygmies!!!!!!! oh yeah and can you make on before new years plz!!!! there should be a time machine where you put one pygmie in and it goes to the future were other pygmies are old.( thnx for idea other person!) and make a maze island where there are different rooms and scary monsters. and put a dragon!!

  111. I think that there should be a a main antagonist.(Other than yourself of course) He should be like another god like you. With his own pygmies and powers. He should sort of be like the dark version of you.

  112. I personaly think you should add girl pygmies (3 guys and 3 girls) and also a way to change the age of the islanders.

    PS. Im trying to start a blog where people can post their ideas so if you guys at bolt creative can spread the word to leave their ideas at http// or email me at

  113. First Of All I LOVE THIS GAME! It's the only one ive paid for in the app store and its awesome!

    But if you want to take it to the next level What you need to do is...

    Incorporate some MMORPG feel...

    Like players can customize a single island with a bunch of cool stuff ( Which will add unlimited updates and help you monetize ) You could even charge for premium items that can be placed on an island! MONETIZATION is always a plus huh? Then I want to be able to visit random strangers islands or like MMORPG stuff ya know? Thanks for the wonderful game!

    P.S. I'm One of the meanest people on this planet and I'm being nice. Thats how much I love your game.

  114. Hey guys Pocket Gods is the best app ever. It is awesome! I have just started a site called Its a place where people can submit their ideas for the app.

  115. Hey this is a great app. I just wanted to let people know i made a blog for ideas for new pocket god updates. its called

  116. Hey Bolt could u please add girl pygmies for the next update?
    And also make more island. And can u also make the pygmes
    interact more with each other? Cause it's like they don't even know
    they're there when there's more than one

    Thanks for making the greatest app of ALL TIME!!!!!

  117. The dancing is sort of glitchy, I don't know where to put this but I still say awesome job in making this thing it's full of win. I also suggest more pygmies.

    Otherwise? Best game EVER for iPod n stuff

  118. Hey, I know this is a little video, but it actually took a while to edit, probably 'cause I don't do this much, or even ever. The only reason I did it is because Pocket God is AMAZING :D
    Check it out? Maybe give you an idea or two?

  119. This comment has been removed by the author.

  120. This comment has been removed by the author.

  121. Hey, it's me again. I have another idea, again, I'm new at editing, so I kinda suck. Anyways, here is my second suggestion for pocket god:
    I just made it, hope it gives you and your team some ideas.

  122. when you throw the pygmy is to be thrown at/into the mountain or ice monster its is difficult because you cants always get your pygmy there !

  123. I think there should be a female pgmy

  124. My app hasn't updated since Dec... what do I do?

  125. Female pgmy(s) are a great idea. They can have pgmy babies! Self-populating island~ The boys can fight to the death to win the females (or the can just drag the girls off caveman style hahaha)

  126. There should be a way to record movements on the environment such as earthquakes, thunders, tsunamis; on the latest episode?

    If there is a way to do it on the latest episode... Can you send me an e-mail?



  127. hello me & my little sister love the game so i was hoping if u add some more features.

    maybe like can cook the shark and saw fish
    (and dinosaur after u kill it.

    2.different Birds and fish.

    3.A snake jumps out the tree and eats the bird when cooked.

    4.fruit tree's with crazy fruit growing on it.
    (HOT Chilli's that burn there tongue's lol).

    5.female people.

    6.climb up the tree's to hunt birds.

    7.bird makes a nest in the tree.

    i hop you like my ideas
    Thanks Damien

  128. Hi my name is Jacqueline I'm 10 years young and my brother and I love the game so I was just wondering if I could give you some ideas to improve it

    1.A hut with a bone on top for them to sleep in.

    2. maybe a Bowen arrow they use rocks to shoot at things.

    3.when you light the fire the tree can possibly catch on fire. can cook the bat that fly's down at night.

    5.they come out the toilet with toilet paper stuck to there feet can cook the spider.

    7.there's a water fall.

    9.more coconuts on the trees

    that's all I've got thanks
    I hope you like my ideas from Jacqueline

  129. I think you should make a seperet ap where the pygmies are in"the runs"
    only you ad better stuff like , cave ins, lava bursts... And other places, like space, where you jump over metores, or a river place, where you jump on rocks and get eaten by crockidials if u fall, pls consider my ideas!

  130. where is the update you said a day ago it would be out any minute i xant belive it im very disapointed. again where is the update

  131. Why not visit the Appreneur
    for detailed reviews for Pocket God and many more applications for the iPod Touch and the iPhone!

  132. I wrote a review on my blog! Half is Pocket God the other is Doodle Jump. Check 'em out!

  133. hey i used to have an iPhone but now i have the Droid for Verizon. pocket god was my favorite game when i was on iPhone. Have you thought of making an android version?

  134. I would really like coins like to buy the skin packs and you earn them from doing things and make an accesories shop for the pygmies and add the flood thing tht they want up there and I really want werewolves aliens and the pygmies to have personalities and customizable islands or customizable dances or clothes stuff like this because the double rainbow isn't fillin me up

  135. I think you should upgrade the dance thing because when i click on the screen they put on the clothes and then they take them right off without singing the song P.s I have the new ipod touch i got it for christmas so it should work, other then that five stars...

  136. How come you're not making any updates for I-pod anymore?
    Now you expanded, it seems like you'rer letting down on the original a bit....

  137. I bought it for the android and it wont download..... >:I when I had my iPod touch nothing like that ever happened.
    Needless to say I'm disappointed this app was #1 in my "book" now... more like #3.

  138. Would a pygmy named McChange that can transform be a cool update

  139. How about more updates for the windows Phone, My boyfriend had this on his Ipod and I fell in love with it. I would like to have at least a fair share of the updates on my Windows phone before I pay three dollars for the game instead of one. I understand this came out for the Iphone and Ipod products but Seriously your charging us three times more for Far less. Not right.

  140. Great job for journey to Uranus. You guys are doing amazing for the third episode. Some suggestions would be: Pluto which should be small and cold and Jupiter which should be big and windy. Neptune is also windy but it's colder so maybe a blizzard would be awesome. And you can go to the sun on like a giant rock or something. And why not add a full Charlie colony or a Neebo colony with like hundreds of them and I think adding meteors and comets would be awesome

  141. Hey great job I can't wait for future updates (journey to Uranus)
    But I have some ideas like: Pluto which should be really cold and small and Jupiter which should be really big and windy. Neptune is also windy but it's cold to so maybe a blizzard would be cool and there should like a giant rock on the sun so pygme could go there also if you run out of planets why not add a new solar system. And you should add meteors and comets also my idea was that you should have a whole colony of Neebo's

  142. Um... There's a glitch...
    I was leveling up my spider idol by feeding the spider and making/breaking cocoons. I accidentally put two pigmies on the web, and suddenly, I couldn't move the pigmy on top. I moved to another island, and yet the pigmy was still suspended in space. Can you guys fix this in the next update?
    It doesn't let me try to move the pigmy or save it from the suspended state.
    I'll probably send an email later


  144. hi. my idea is to have a pygmy like charlie, but a mad scientist who randomly turns other pygmys into frogs. Also, if he turns charlie into a frog, charlie will jump on other people and eat their brains out, so he can control them.

  145. just a few ideas:
    on regular pocket god, you can flick pygmies into a pipe behind any island, and it brings them to an underground island.

    on journey to uranus, make more toggle menus.

    also, you should be able to flick the pygmies onto the island in the distance on uranus. it would be the same except it has different powers

  146. Hey darkittengal just want to tell u that 15MB is really small if u want that space delete some of your old free apps or paid cause alwas can get them free again

    Also I was wondering the journey to Uranus updates take awile
    And the plants on facebook I had a really good idea with one of them you be on mars and the catapult tree should be used to get into a valcano and in there lava is rising and there are ladder to climb on and a jump button cause maybe as you go up levels there's lava rock and lava spewing from the sides and from under

    I also wanted the plants cause I can't get facebook in another 3 years and I can't wait that long and the plants are catapult tree Venus fly/pygme trap the cati bomb and the grow shrooms and the giant pygme would look good like that on iPad and you should some alien or something that goes everywhere with u (to the island) and can kill pygmes somehow and you should make the Uranus flower do something cause from your imagination it whould probably be awesome

    Pocket god is AAAWESOME

  147. After the infestation series make a journey rpto Uranus series

  148. Can you email me about a day or two before the update is supposed to come out. Can you do that?

  149. My ideas for Venus on pocket god journey to Uranus The island is a rock floating in lava with many craters ,drag lava up to create a lava geyser that you can drag to a Pygmy to catch it on fire ,clouds = gas , background -ground-lava/volcanos/gas bubbles air -red yellow and orange with heat waves.
    Below island lava.  minigame starts when you put pygmy in gas bubble (on side of island) -in the mini game your Pygmy is in a bubble which you must tilt your device to move And tap to jump the mazes would have spikes on each side and balls of lava hurtling at you which you can jump over the goal is to get as far as you can with out your bubble being popped you have 3 lives/bubbles and can earn extras by beating  5 mazes in a row with out your bubble being popped.

    If you turn off the minigame then the gas bubbles could suffocate  the Pygmy

  150. I also have two ideas for mars on journey to uranus
    1. The ability to spawn dust devils
    2. The mini game could be playing a game similar to guitar hero that you play against Charlie (he's a total freaking rockstar from mars)

    And I have one that is for every planet it is a UFO that flies across the screen like the dodo bird in the original and when you tap on it it abducts the Pygmy the Pygmy then hijacks the UFO and throws out the alien which ticks of the other aliens and starts a game similar to asteroids wher your Pygmy has to fight off the alien armada
    My last to ideas are for Pluto
    1.a cave on the surface which has icicles on the celing which you can tap and they will fall and impale the pygmys
    2. The lightning on Pluto should look like it does on earth accept it will freeze if it hits the ground and will collapse and zap pygmys if they walk into it

  151. Here are my suggestions:

    1-Of course you heard this one,female pygmies,or mermaids,for the comics.On the I-Pod and (I hope) in the comics :D
    Possible romances?

    2-A fruit tree on any island,but when it is eaten,they breathe fire and they spew that fire all over the other pygmies near by.They jump into the water and drown or just burn to crisps.The fruit should look spiky and reddish orange.

    3-How about the pygmies have personalities like in the comics?And that's another thing,
    pygmies react to each other(high fives,kill one another,etc....)Like Ooga plays pranks on Nooby,Klik can yell at Ooga,and can make inventions like the sorta helicopter in X-mas Marks the Spot issue,stuff like that.

    4-Live plants!There should be a button that you can press that plants a seed.Then you slide the weather to rain,that'll make the seed grow to a rose.Once a pygmy walks to the flower,he'll sniff it,only to be dragged underground from the pretty rose.Leaving only a hole,that,after being eating the pygmy,spits a bone.

    5-A magic apple tree.(Another fruit thing,I know...)You tap the tree three times,and all the apples fall off.Drop a pygmy on the apples,he'll eat one,then his pupils grow bigger and you hear this "magic wand" sound.Then he eats all the apples in a rush,then BAM! He explodes from eating too much.

    Consider it please!
    And I wish you all the luck in the world!You guys are considered the coolest guys in the world for making Pocket God and the comics!
    Keep it up! :D


  152. Nathan ChampagneJuly 14, 2011 at 5:30 AM

    Please update before it is to late

  153. i have an idea so it like this

    make the air touchable and have some stuff floating around if pygmies touch it they will get sick and after a certain amount of time the pygmy will die and if it touch some body before it dies it will spread the germs and other pygmies will get sick I would love it if you could do that pleaseadd this to the game if it is possible also I would love to play Pocket Gods on PC do you have it on PC??if so where(Except Facebook I mean like the version the that includes the updates like Journey to Uranus and the eposodes)

  154. Love the Game, but why haven't you fixed the issues with the Android Version? It won't even boot up on my phone. I paid for it, and can't even play it.

  155. when is the IPod update coming???????? P.S The game is so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  156. it would be cool if there was an arrow at bottom of map and it was more space to put islands like 2 maps. please!

  157. Why aren't you posting my posts??¿

  158. i hate how in ooga jump you die if you touch the doodler but sometimes the only platforms that get you higher is next to the doodler, so you pretty much gotta take a death


    Hi did you see that coming, I mean Sun wow. I was wonderinng if it was Newbie or some other girl not with these intentions. I guess it was newbie and a girl.

  160. U should be able to buy skin packs on journey to Uranus. And add comets and asteroids and comets one should crash on planets and the other should float in space. U should also make another mini game in space. War between planets

  161. You should make a tropical island with bananas and coconuts and the should be able to swim and surf there

  162. I know it might be much but if you could make another app make one that travels trough time so u could kill him with modern stuff and I really want to hang a pygme

  163. I'm Having Trouble getting the Jet Pack Bonus Please Help:(

  164. U should make a way to break pygmes bones

  165. In journey to Uranus u should be able just to launch pygmes Into the volcano when the title screen for volcano blast pops up then there should
    Be a do not play button so you can just launch pygmes into the volcano

  166. Where is the update give us the update we want the update now

  167. Where is the update give us the update we want the update now

  168. I think in journey to uranus, mars should be a planet, and should be inhabited with Charlies. Also, here are some other ideas:

    1. Make more god powers such as, tornado, vampire bats, double rainbow, and all the basics from the original

    2. Put more islands on each planet, and add more planets, like I said with Charlie.

    3. Instead of pygmies, some of the characters you mess with should be aliens, such as Charlie, The kind of people you see when you are doing the mercury mini game, and Neeboo's

    4. Being able to turn god powers on and off

    5. Player packs like the laser shark

    6. make a lot of star wars references, like light sabers, the death star, earth fader, and ESPECIALLY Ewoks and wookies, but they would be like pygmies, and the god powers might affect them differently.

    7. I also like the former idea about how there should be more solar systems and galaxies.

    These are all things I would like to see on pocket god Uranus.

  169. There should be an island on earth where it is like an area 51, and it is filled with weird alien technology, and aliens in cells, and pygmies could be dressed up like secret service guys. Also,mi think there should be a space station which is like a jail for alien criminals. There should also be a comet floating aimlessly through space, and it is like the 40th episode of the original pocket god, battle of the gods, so that what it looks like when you go on it is the same with the four pedestals, and when you put an idol on each pedestal, one crater that has had a cover over it, that crater will open up and you will throw the pygmy of your choice into the now opened crater, and you will choose the god you would like to battle and use the idols you chose to battle, and you unlock more gods to battle the more gods you beat. The way you would unlock idols would be the same, completing missions that go with each episode, but the idols you unlock wouldn't be all the same, because the episodes in Pocket God: Journey to Uranus are different, some of the idols should be different too.

  170. A new minigame similar to the battle in Battle of the Gods. A rip in space and time appears and sucks up the entire island and any pygmies that happen to be on it. One pygmy will have to fight the evil time-travelling imp who stole stuff from the island. You must use your reflexes on this one because the imp is very fast. Every time you hit him your health goes up and you evolve while the imp de-evolves, and vice versa. For example, your pygmy could turn into a Stone Age person while imp becomes an ape-like creature, and it keeps going on and on until one of them evolves into an energy entity (winner) and the other is bacteria (loser). If the pygmy wins, he earns an item from the island that was sucked up, such as the palm tree. Keep doing battles to win back the whole island but beware, as each battle gets harder and harder.

  171. I havent really read the comments but i had a few good ideas.

    bee hives
    more animals (e.g lost dogs)
    and the best... PIRATES!!! like pirates of the carribean (sorry if i spelt wrong)

  172. an idea for pocket god(journey to uranus),add fry from futurama ( like how you did with the original pocket god with charlie.)and when you leave fry for a bit he should sing a bit of "walking on sun-shine".

  173. an idea for pocket god (journey to uranus), add fry from futurama (like how you did it in the original pocket god with charlie). and when you leave fry for a bit he should start singing "walking on sun-shine". p.s great work keep it up!

  174. Ok so I got a few things but first of all great job on journey to urnaus decapithon it is epic and to face book too(which I don't have) and pocket god original for jellyfish. Ok now for update ideas. It says that in journey to Uranus about decapithon being in another dimension so maybe not only adding a new dimension to it and that would be cool and also that would make quantum entanglement a lot better and also add a parrelell universe so either pygmes sacrifice the god or the god be nice to pygmes. Also for face book even though I don't have it it would be a cool idea to add a knife and drop a pumpkin when the pygme sees the pumpkin with the knife he'll carve a jack o lantern that eats pygmes and adding to the fridge kitchen idea add a oven. For pocket god add a cool beach island with a surfing hut and surf boards that pygmes can surf on and if you tap them they'll fall and drown if you tap the tital wave it will come swallow the pygmes also it should be an island with swimming and cocoanuts and bananas also add to the dream island

  175. By the way I love the pirate idea in fact there should be a dock on the surfing island

  176. Ok I have a lot to say but first great job on decapithon and I agree with Dave it sound like it should be It's own app but it's better on JTU also Facebook did and awesome job with the pumpkins even though I don't have Facebook I also realized it was kinda like those long awesome updates that happen from decapithon just like battle of the gods for pocket god and for the comics maybe the quest tribe and I wonder when it's gonna happen for Facebook . And now for suggestions. For JTU a parallel universe and all the planets including mars Jupiter Pluto Saturn Venus and ya also the moon would be a cool idea and on a sandy planet (or earth) there should be a giant lizard that just sits there unless you do something to it like I think you should drop pygmes in different areas and it'll do different things like sharp scale and tail slap and claws and the gods can make it a he or she and name it and it'll be cool if you could customize it (I didn't suggest this for pocket god original because the trex). For pocket god there should be a beach island with cocoanuts and bananas and pygmes should be able to swin there within a certain area and there should be a hut and srf boards and pygmes can surf and if you tap them theyll fall and drown if you tap the tital wave it should swallow the pygmes and wash up on land and surf boards should be customizable. For facebook there should be a knife and to add to the pumpkin fever if you drop it in front of the pygmes they'll carve it into a jack o latern and then it comes alive and eats pygmes. P.s. I agree with the pirate idea

  177. Ok Still loving the decapithon but for a bit I've been really addicted to the fire dragon so I eventually realized that animal updates I think are better than others like no joke I actually like (in pocket god original) jellyfish rather than battle of the gods

  178. Here's an awesome idea ok so there should be an animal that fallows you everywhere which should be considered your pet and you can make it a bird a cat or a giant lizard they should be customizable different ways of killing pygmes also maybe you could buy skin packs for them also you should be able to sacrifice it and it should have it's own status

  179. I'm not sure but I think this is suppose to go to bolt creatives email so first I think there should be a pet that could be a cougar giant hawk or a giant lizard and each one has different ways of killing pygmes and they should have there own status and they should be able to die so way or another and the pet follows you everywhere also they should be customizable and have there own skin packs please take this under consideration

  180. Alright so I know I've been sending in a lot of comments but that shows I'm your biggest fan ever and I even have all the apps on the iPad (journey to Uranus pocket god original and comics) and my mom said I might be getting facebook soon YAY! So ya just telling you why I was sending all the comments

  181. Wow! Never thaught that decapithon would get that many reviews the funny thing is it was an update they need to play the whole game but please remember that it's about killing not all about games I think you should leave the games aside and find more ways to kill cause we already have all these games I bet they'll keep people busy for a while. And by the way i like those updates that have some little things like eps 2 Electric Boogaloo instead of one big thing like decapithon but just keep up the good work and... Where is the update give us the update we want the update now where is the update give us the update we want the update now where is the update give us the update we want the update now

  182. I think there should be a cloud island where a sun god lives and if the pygmys don't fall to there knees and start worshipping the god the god would make a ultra violent ray of sunlight shine on the pygmys face making the Pygmy disintegrate. Instead of sharks there should be a giant hawk that would eat the Pygmy if it fell off the cloud.

  183. Noweone really reads these anymore do they well if you could just anwer this question how do you submit comments for the pygme peril

  184. Is the runs game going to slow down the process of updates

  185. Also will the runs go on the side of the blog like the others

  186. First will you be making a Christmas update for JTU and how do you remember the combos for the symbols

  187. Brodie: The Runs will not slow down the updates. JTU will have an update sometime early next year; they're working on it! For the Pygmy Peril newsletter, I would write to APE Entertainment about it... visit their website at

  188. I have an idea or a story arc for the comic: it's about our main characters meeting the pygmys from the Facebook version of Pocket God, each with their own appearances and personalities

  189. I have an idea for pocket god journy to uranis, there should be mars, maby you woukd meet charlie there cause he sais hes on mars, maby there should even be a statue of charlie there doing the warlock assasian