Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Moron Pests is Out!

Yup! Its up! Go get it and see how many oogles you can run! Remember, you can only get to the Island of Misfit Crossovers in the Pygmy's dreams!

And don't forget our custom packs! If you appreciate all the free content, show your support and buy a pack today! This time around, you can make your barking spider, an actual barking spider-dog, among others!

Dave and I are currently busy working on the next update for Journey To Uranus....we're adding the planet Mercury, which will include its own interactivity AND a brand new mini-game! We've enlisted the help of new artists to help us get everything done, and so far it looks awesome!

And hey, guys. If you want the updates to keep coming, please tweet and post on Facebook how much you love this update and want them to keep coming! Click one of the buttons at the bottom of this post. Who knew it was going to last this long, but if sales dry up, we may have to work on a new app, and then our episode days are numbered. Let's try to get to episode 50!

Also, the above Moron Pests promo image was created by Chris Kennet!

Dave Talks Pocket God on Electric Playground

Hey, why's Dave standing around doing interviews when he could be updating Pocket God? Just kidding. Kids, we all need to mix it up now and then. Our butts get sore. But check out this slick interview on Electric Playground!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Dave's State of the Island

Last week we submitted the latest update "The Moron Pests", the long-promised crossover with the Moron Test! We weren't sure how it was going to turn out but we think it came out great! It also involves a new island!

>> Read Dave's State of the Island Here <<

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine Pygmy Killing!

What better way to send Valentine love than to kill your friends (at least their pygmy versions) on Pocket God Facebook! So Pocket God Facebook (Beta) is coming along, and has 160,000 Monthly Active Users to date. We're not Citiville yet, but its a great start! Frima is working really hard to evolve it in our usual way, one episode at a time! Currently up is Episode 3: The Birds, which of course, has added the dodo. As with most Facebook games, you gotta keep playing to get all the cool stuff, so you better get on it!

As extra motivation, we are currently holding a Valentine challenge to gain points. Join in and kill your Pocket God friends to add to the Valentine's Day slaughter and you can win extra experience points and pocket change (the currency you use to buy cool Pocket God powers and idols). You can also send and receive LOVE to and from your friends to bestow devotion bonuses, which increases the amount of pygmy sacrifices you can make to earn even more points. So show your sadistic love, quick, before time runs out!


And by the way, you can now name your Pygmies, and select their gender, click my screen shot below to see who I most like to smite.

Next up will be Pygmy customizations!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

First Update for JTU Approved!

We were just notified the update for Journey To Uranus was approved and should be up soon! The graphic says it all, but Dave also describes the update in his Touch Arcade Post:

>> Read Dave's State of the Island Here <<

He explains the update and reveals the next planned Uranus update!

P.S., the above awesome graphic was created by Chris Kennet!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Christopher Tin makes our loops, and is a Grammy Nominee!

So, the first few loops (background music) on Pocket God were cobbled from stock music and were lucky finds. But by the Ice Island, we realized we weren't going to be able to rely on stock music. Plus there was the fact that now we had a budget! So I went to a guy I'd worked with in the past, and knew was awesome, Chris Tin ( or And he's been banging out our loops in between his bigger gigs ever since. He's worked on compositions and recordings for major movies and games, but still makes time for us! And now, he was just nominated for, not one, but TWO Grammies! Obviously its not for Pocket God. But we are really happy for him!

He stepped it up for Journey To Uranus. Click these to hear a couple examples:

Pygmies in Space
Dragons On Uranus

I thought I'd try something new and post an Q&A with Chris! Read on...

How did you get started in music? Did you go to school for it?

It was something that I'd always done from an early age... piano lessons, followed by learning trumpet, guitar, joining choir, joining jazz combos, etc. I didn't go to school specifically for music initially, even though I eventually wound up majoring in Music. However, when I got accepted to a Master's in Composition program at the Royal College of Music in London after college, I finally decided that I would make a run at a career in music.

Do you play instruments?

Play some piano and some guitar.

What kind of projects have you made music for? Which ones got you a nomination for TWO grammys?

I've done almost everything. I've scored feature films, commercials, video games. I made a demo song for Apple's 'Garage Band' software. I also co-created a startup song for Microsoft's 'Surface' operating system. I also release my own albums... in fact my debut album 'Calling All Dawns' has been nominated for two Grammys: 'Best Classical Crossover Album' and 'Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalists' for the opening song, 'Baba Yetu'. Getting nominated is a thrill, but to win I have to get past Herbie Hancock and Bobby McFerrin. A tall order.

How do you compose your music? What software do you use?

Generally a combination of writing it out by hand, and using Apple's Logic sequencing platform. I usually use Pro Tools to record and edit audio, and Sibelius to notate scores.

Do you play video games? If so, what kind? Any favorites?

Much more of a casual gamer than anything else, so it tends to be various Wii games with my girlfriend: Super Mario Wii, Rock Band Beatles, NHL 2K10, etc. The game I turn on the most, however, is definitely Pocket God. I play it all the time (mostly Ooga Jump... highest score 4400 Oogles.)

Do you have any personal pet projects we should know about?

I'm co-producing an electronica album right now, called Stereo Alchemy ( We've taken a bunch of Renaissance and Romantic Era poetry and turned it into gothic, trip-hoppy electronica. We're very excited about our album release, which will hopefully be in the next couple months.

Thanks Chris for all your great work and good luck!

And by the way, Journey To Uranus, episode 2: Electric Booga-Loo was submitted lat week and hopefully will be approved soon. Dave and I are currently working on PG Episode 37: Moron will contain a whole new island, and mini-game! Oh, yeah, and its also a cross-over...but you probably already figured that out.