Wednesday, April 6, 2011

State of the Island! Pocket God AND Journey To Uranus!

Hey guys! So it was a big day...Pocket God Ep 38, Two and a half Pygmies came out this morning and Journey To Uranus, Ep 3 Mercury Rising was just released as well! Two and a Half Pygmies is somewhat like the Double Rainbow update and is more of a mini-update while we work on a really big update. Mercury Rising adds a whole new planet and mini-game to Uranus! But why describe it here, when you can read Dave's Touch Arcade posts...

>> Read Dave's Pocket God State of the Island here <<

>> Read Dave's Journey To Uranus SOTI here <<

Oh, and on each entry there is a demo video!

Again, the great graphic at the top was done by the awesome Chris Kennett!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kotaku Carrying PG Preview

The next mini-update is called "Two and a half Pygmies"... plus there is a Pimp Skin Pack! and you can see a sneak preview!

>> PG Episode 38 preview on Kotaku <<

It should be approved tomorrow!