Thursday, September 29, 2011

Issue Ten - A Quest Called Tribe debuts

The new issue of the Pocket God comic is here, launching the new story arc, "A Quest Called Tribe." The mysterious new female pygmy Sun convinces the tribe to help her on her quest to find the rest of her missing tribe mates. Although Ooga doesn't trust her, Klik has his reasons for wanting to help, relating to the shadowy figure who has possessed his dreams. This adventure whisks the pygmies off to an exotic, mysterious place outside their comfort zone, and Ooga doesn't like it one bit. Is he right? Is he wrong? Will Nooby ever get a clue about anything?

I hope you can tell by the images above how APE Entertainment has really outdone itself with the artwork! Plus, the comic includes the usual extras, including the Pygmy Peril newsletter and an exclusive re-mastered version of the first Pocket God animated short.

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Closing things off, we're flattered to discovered that the Facebook Apple App store has named "Pocket God" as one of its "Addictive Games"!

>> See it here! <<

Thanks, Apple!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Bleeding Cool talks about Pocket God sales!

Here we are again, letting you know we're still alive (more or less) and continuing to expand the PG madness behind the scenes!

Some good news.. the new iOS Pocket God update is nearly finished! Allan and Dave have furiously been laboring to bring our shiny new addition to life. It's going to be interesting, it's going to be fun, and it's probably going to be messy. Watch out!

Also, the "Decapithon" game is still in progress for Pocket God Uranus. We've been working so hard over this we're starting to feel like we're ON Zombie Island. Though we're glad that Big Booga already seems to be a hit with people! Wait 'til you see him in action.

As to the Pocket God comic, issue 10 has been at last submitted, containing the first part of the "A Quest Called Tribe" story arc. And speaking of the comic, Bleeding Cool has noticed that the digital comic has hit a milestone:

>> Read it here! <<

Just for perspective: Pocket God comic readers outnumber the entire population of Casper, Wyoming. Not that we have anything against the town of Casper, Wyoming; it's just a town we picked at random. But it makes ya think, doesn't it?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fix available for the recent "Two and a Half Pygmies" Android update!

Hey, folks! Apparently some people have had crashing and/or sound trouble with the new Android four-in-one update so ngmoco now has a fix available (Version 1.3.1) that should clear that up.

>> Click here to get the fix! <<

If you still continue to have problems with Pocket God for the Android, contact ngmoco at with your device information so they can assist you.

As always, thanks for being patient and understanding!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Slow News Week: What's going on?

So, once again we've hit a lull in Pocket God world. That is not to say we aren't extremely busy behind the curtain with updates. We hope to get one out in the next two weeks and then the other soon after. We're not sure which update will come first, PG Uranus or PG proper, but here's a quick blurb on each project.

Pocket God: We are adding yet another new area to the map! However, it might not be what you expect and it will have a new creature. I am still actually animating the creature, but this part should be done pretty soon. Dave's been upgrading Pocket God code (again) and we will be using some new technology, so a bonus feature will soon be added to Battle of the Gods. What is it? Well, I'm told not to reveal it but it's gonna be cool!

Pocket God Uranus: The second part of our Zombie Island addition is taking a bit more time. It actually has THREE new characters in a brand new game (above is a sneak peek of Big Booga)! And I'm going to go ahead and clue you in, it will involve zombies and is called "Decapithon". Use your imagination on that one!

Pocket God Comic: Well, we caught some heat for our cross-over. While we made an attempt to write a story that will be important to the Pocket God world, it is, admittedly, an odd issue. However, the next story arc "A Tribe Called Quest" is on its way and is more in line with the first two arcs... except (we hope) BETTER! The adventure is bolder, the stakes are higher and the cast of characters continues to grow. As the tribe gets to know Sun, they resolve to help her. This takes the pygmies on a new journey that hints at their mysterious past and alludes to future conflicts with mysterious forces. And as we learned at the end of Tale of Two Pygmies, Newbie (Nooby's allegedly evil clone) is somehow involved! Check out this sneak peek of Issue 10!

Pocket God Facebook: As some of you may be aware, we had some growing pains starting in the spring. As the community grew, it strained the servers and technology behind it, so we've gone back to the drawing board a bit. Frima has been working hard all summer to stabilize PG Facebook and we're gearing up to make a big push for new players again! Meanwhile, it has been chugging along and there have been some new additions. This deserves its own blog entry so more on this later.

Top Secret Pocket God Project: Still top secret! Hence the name! Of course you could point out how ridiculous it is to call it top secret when it can't be THAT secret if I'm writing about it. But let's just say it's Top Secret and not Top Top Secret. Or we could just forget about it for now and move on to the next item...

Pocket God Merchandise! Items we've been promising all year (turns out merchandising is HARD!) are on their way and we will definitely have new stuff to sell before Christmas! More on THIS later!

Speaking of merchandise, the above pygmy plushes are fan-made by MJDIllusion!

>> Check out MGDIllusion's Deviant Art page! <<

So that's quite a bit of news for a slow news week! I hope it whets your appetite. Since it's probably not practical to invite everyone into our homes to watch us work, you'll have to take our word for it that everything we've mentioned is on the fast track to becoming a reality. Stick around!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Two and a Half Pygmies for the Android... four updates in one!

At long, long, long last, your patience is finally rewarded! ngmoco has finally completed the latest update for the Android, "Two and a Half Pygmies"! Despite the title, this actually combines four of the iOS updates in one fell swoop:

Episode 32: Crack is Wack

Drag your finger along the island to create a crack in the Earth. Cracks formed under pygmies will send them plummeting to the Earth's core, and initiate the new mini-game "The Runs" (an homage to the awesome app store game, "Canabalt").

Episode 36: Konkey Dong

Place a pygmy in the grip of the gorilla idol on Ape Mountain (be sure to have the banana tree turned on) and the mini-game will begin. When the game starts, tilt the device to go left and right, tap the right to jump, tap upper left to climb up a ladder and lower left to climb down a ladder.

Episode 37: The Moron Pests

The pygmies, through their dreams, access the "Island of Misfit Crossovers", a surreal dreamscape where anything can happen. In this particular case, it's a misfit crossover with the Moron Test! Drop the snake on the Pygmy, and the snake will swallow him whole, taking you to the mini-game "The Moron Pests." Like the Moron Test, you are forced to answer seemingly easy questions, but in this, correct answers help the Pygmy run faster as an angry turtle chases him! See how far you can get!

Episode 38: TWO and a half PYGMIES

The first ever guest-pygmy visits Oog Island. He's a mysterious stranger who babbles about winning, and does weird things like turn into a tiger and slice other pygmies in half. Who is he? He's a total freaking rock star from Mars, that's who he is! Oh, and he calls himself Charlie.

>> Click here to receive the latest update, TWO AND A HALF PYGMIES, on the Android! <<

Thanks for being so patient. We know it's been a long time, but we hope you'll find it was worth the wait!

Monday, September 5, 2011

A comic review, an article, and Legos

Hey again, folks. Hope you all had a great three-day weekend! As for us, we've spent Labor Day... laboring on updates. We're dedicated, what can we say?

We've come across a review of the first four issues of the Pocket God comic. It's a pretty positive review, adding some nice things about Jason, Rolo and Paul, the diehard team at APE Entertainment who help to put the comic together!

>> Read the Comickazee review here!<<

Speaking of APE, Dave Hedgecock describes his involvement with the comic in this article from July. It's pretty interesting seeing how the comic came to be from his point of view!

>> Check out the article at Pipe Dream Comics!<<

And lastly, on the lighter side of things, here's a homemade Lego pygmy. Don't you wish you had one of your own?