Friday, December 31, 2010

Pocket God on Wired and Inside Social Games lists!

So we haven't even started the new year, and I'm already working on the update for Journey To Uranus which will involve adding some favorite Pocket God features but with a spacey twist, and soon after that the next Pocket God update (will it ever end?) which I think will go down in history as the weirdest update so far. And with Pocket God, that's saying something. The people at Frima are still hard at work getting ready for the next episode on the Facebook. Just want everyone to know we didn't take THAT much of a holiday case you were wondering!

But in the mean time, we were surprised to see our new games pop up on a couple lists! The Facebook one is a big surprise because it just came out and is in very good company! Congrats to Frima Studios for making that happen!

>> The 19 Most Wired iPhone and iPad Apps of 2010 <<

>> Inside Social Gaming best of 2010 List <<

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pocket Shop up and running!

Well, its a little late for Christmas but its going to be a brand new year, and we finally have our online store up and running! Turns out its kind of hard to set up to sell things (legally) on the internet, but we finally did it! The first major item is the Pygmy Figure, only 14.99! I personally designed the box! We will also are selling actual hard copies of the Pocket God comic. They will have extra stories not in the digital format (like the origin of the Laser Shark)...Soon we'll get the plushes up for sale, so either click on the link in the margin or the link below:


Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Okay, guys! 24 hours have passed and we've put the price back! You may have a couple minutes to get it before the price return takes, but basically, its over. Some people were pretty upset with us, but we were backed into a corner. If we didn't do something to improve ranking, it was going to drop out before Christmas. So it was a calculated risk on our part to compete with the likes of ...well, I won't say their name, but they tend to go by two vowels. We probably shouldn't be this transparent, but that's what happens at Christmas with sales and we were caught in the middle. And a game that has some awesome stuff and will only get awesomer cost you about the same as a happy meal. We invested tons of time and money into getting the space part right so it would feel great, and be flexible enough to add tons of stuff in the future. Plus there are THREE fun games in it (as opposed to the normal ONE)

Thank you for buying at either price! We are already planning our next update and will make it a priority for the new year. We're going to add some fun interactivity and have some really awesome ideas! And we're listening to the comments, but as usual, we tend to take a person's idea and add our own spin to it.

And incidentally, we are going to start talking about the big Facebook changes as well! There's a great forum on the facebook app page (link in the margin) where people are making their suggestions!

Take note! We are quietly opening up the Pocket Shop! Its still in infant stages but you can finally buy yerself a Pygmy figure!

Thanks guys!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Okay, so to compete with the big know who they are.... and the glut of apps on the store, we are offering a VERY LIMITED TIME SALE. If you haven't picked up Journey To Uranus yet because of the price, now's your chance! Please note: if it says 4.99, it hasn't activated yet...the sale should be active tonight some time! Believe me, even if you spent 4.99, this will be the app that keeps on giving...tons of free content is coming down the pike... so its important for everyone that we sell a LOT. Spread the word on Twitter and Facebook. And everyone who bought early, we thank you for your support!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Pocket God Fishmas Special!

Hey everyone, we're proud to present our "christmas card" to you, the Pocket God Fishmas Special! People keep saying "huh?" when we mention Fishmas...but its what the Pygmies celebrate. Its a lot like Christmas, but with fish! The piece is heavily inspired by the comic we've made with Ape Entertainment. We recruited Peach Nova Productions, who are fantastically talented and have worked on projects such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Larkmart, and they did an amazing job. This was especially fun for me, because I am a full grown adult who still gets up to watch Saturday Morning cartoons. Enjoy!

P.S. Konkey Dong will be released tomorrow, and Facebook Open Beta begins as well, so now you don't need a code to play! Woohoo! We HAD to wait on Konkey Dong because it contains a link to the Facebook Game, and we didn't want people to go to a game they couldn't yet play. Sorry about that!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Journey To Uranus out Tomorrow!

But we gave Kotaku a sneak peak.

>> See their demo of it here. <<

Go there, and do us a favor, sign up and comment, tweet it, or both! Help us spread the word! The better it sells, the faster we'll update!

The regular PG update, Episode 36: Konkey Dong, will be out tonight or tomorrow as well! Be sure to let us know what you think of both!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dave's State of the Island

So Dave and I spent a bit of last week recovering from an extremely grueling November (and part of December) finishing up Pocket God Journey To Uranus and Episode 36: Konkey Dong (see image above!). I don't want to make anyone feel bad or anything, but one day I literally worked around the clock. 8AM - 6Am (22 hours). I still shudder to think of it. It was these two projects in conjunction with the Facebook game and Android (which we are pitching in with ngmoco who ported Pocket God) that nailed us.

>> Read Dave's State of the Island Here <<

Which reminds me, we haven't made much of the port, which we partnered with ngmoco to create, which we were super excited about. The reason? There were some hiccups with some devices. Unlike the iPhone there's a bunch of different devices with slightly varying operating systems so it crashed on a few...and PG is a little large...20MB. There's a ton of stuff in there, so its kind of unavoidable. So ngmoco did some fixes and solved some of the issues, but it might take a couple iterations to be stable on every device. And we are getting creamed in the comments because of it! Despite that fact, its still selling because most people CAN play it and we are getting positive reviews on the sites.

The other thing we haven't made much of....and is coming soon: We decided to make a fun animated short as a holiday card and that is wrapping up in the next few days! The subject? Well, it would be Christmas, but since the pygmies technically live in prehistory, they never heard of it. But by coincidence they have their own peculiarly similar holiday called Fishmas, and that is what the short is about! They even have their own Fishmas carol! We also included the song in the update as part of a free custom Fishmas Pack! Look forward to both the animated short and Fishams Pack coming your way soon!

Oh, and there will be MUCH more on PG JTU coming, so stay tuned!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Issue 3 of Pocket God the Comic is on the app store!

Not sure what the hold up was, but Issue 3 is finally out. 5 of the 6 original pygmies are still alive (well, Booga is barely hanging on), and on the run from a host of dangers on the new island, including that pesky T-Rex. Will they ever find the temple to restore the Gem of Life? If so, how many of them will make it? If you don't know what I'm talking about, go check out the awesome digital comic brought to you by Ape Entertainment (with a little help from us).


In other news, this is going to be a busy month for all pygmy-lovers. Dave submitted Pocket God Journey To Uranus yesterday (which turned out amazing if I do say so myself), and we're wrapping up the last of the Ape-inspired trilogy, Episode 36: Konkey Dong! I'm sure you can guess what inspired this episode! And wait, of course, there's Pocket God Facebook. We're still contacting beta testers so if you haven't received an email, it may still be coming. There's more...but I'll hold off for another post!

Friday, November 26, 2010

I Wanna be a Beta Tester!

Okay guys! Wanna be a Pocket God Facebook beta tester? Click here to subscribe: Sign up form.

NOTE: We collected all the emails send to, so if you signed up that way already, you don't have to do it again!

Request a place for a beta tester and we will send you a code, and 5 other codes to give away to friends and family...or anyone you want (if you want to give them away on facebook or twitter, etc.)

First come first serve! So hurry and send before space fills up!

Anyone who participates will get some extra goodies in the game when it goes live!

Win A Pygmy Figure (or other stuff) at Appmodo!

Okay, so we finally have the first pass of a pygmy figure with the box, and though we aren't quite ready to sell it, we have a few to give away, and so we gave a couple to Appmodo for the holiday contest! We also provided some of our famous posters. And they have tons of other stuff so check it out!


Be the first on your block! Everyone will be jealous :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pocket God coming to Facebook!

The poor blog. Time to resurrect it like a zombie pygmy.... Well, its been tough because besides creating the next PG update and iPad game, Dave and I've been working closely with Frima Studios to put the pygmies on Facebook!

The third "Bolter" (kind of like the fifth Beatle), Jean Matthews, arranged a meeting last Spring at one of those game conferences to talk about a Facebook version. Dave and I had our eye on it, but knew we couldn't do it alone. We met Frima and they were great and their studio has mad skills when it comes to animation AND social gaming. We decided to go for it and took a short trip to their home base, Quebec, Canada, to kick it off and check out their facilities. We had a great time and were impressed by their staff.

Then, for the next 5 months I was forbidden to blog about it. I guess that is how it works in real-bizness-type world. Very frustrating!

Anyway, you can read about the details here on Mashable:

>> Pocket God is coming to Facebook <<

One thing the article doesn't mention is that the Facebook game will have....drumroll please....FEMALE PYGMIES!

The first phase we are just getting the game play and basically functionality together but it will have the episodes we've come to know and love, and soon to follow will be the ability to customize them. And if you think you're going to leave the iPhone version and just play Facebook, keep in mind the Facebook version will be MUCH different! Its a social game as well and will have similar elements but won't be identical.

In the first closed beta where we try to work out the most serious kinks will be coming soon and we will invite 500 fans to join. Let us know. are you interested?

And my holiday goal is get back focused on the blog with all the new stuff coming out. We've been hunkering down for a big holiday push, but we're almost there and more surprises are coming!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Slow News Month! Double Rainbow and the big Holiday Push

Really sorry guys! I was on vacation when the last state of the island came out so I didn't blog it.


So, as it you have already seen, we've done a take-off on the YouTube viral sensation "Double Rainbow". The truth is we meant to put in a rainbow at some point or other, but this was a good opportunity....and a stop-gap between the last bigger updates and the next big one we are cooking up for the holiday. We've also added text labels to the menu to guide people (you can turn it off in the settings menu).

Also included is a medieval skin pack, which will make the island look all medieval and stuff! And don't forget to check out the story in story mode. You can create your own double rainbow story, with all the catch phrases as well!

We are swamped getting together everything we want to have ready for the holidays, which includes the next FREE update to Pocket God, and the Ape Mountain conclusion, "Konkey Dong" mini-game! Journey to Uranus is in its final stages (as final as the first version of a Pocket Game can be, anyway). And we've been working with Ape Entertainment to have the fourth installment of the Pocket God comic, plus a Holiday extra! AND we will have more holiday surprises in store.

So, the third issue should be submitted this coming week, but here's a couple panels to tie you over.

There are also a couple of things we are getting ready to announce in the world of Pocket God so be on the look out....In the mean time check out this Double rainbow video!

I like how you can hear someone snickering in the background! Thanks tbdonberg!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Where Did We Go? And Heads Up For Some Sneak Previews!

Hey everyone. Sorry for the disappearance! But we've been working double time on the next PG update and the iPad game which is getting close! So here is the latest on our current projects...

Pocket God - will be submitted this week. This is sort of a mini-update to tie people over until the next mini-game update just before the holidays which I think will be very cool. This update is more for comedic value and is a parody of a viral video! The above image is a close up of a pygmy looking at ....something!

Journey To Uranus - We are working fast to submit at the end of November. It is taking a while because we have been trying to put out updates and deal with other top secret projects at the same time. But its getting close! Need more? Okay, here are a couple evil robots from another dimension!

Pocket God Comic - I notice people are upset about Klik dying in the second comic (whoops, spoiler!). Well, this is the part of the story where others will have to start stepping up and not letting Klik boss them around as much! Everything's for a reason! Also, we have submitted the second issue of the Pygmy Peril (free to anyone who has purchased the comic). So that should be up any time. Issue 3 will be submitted soon as well. Here is a sneak shot of some of the action....

Hopefully this has made up for our disappearance? No, you say? What? Where's the update? Sigh!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Issue 2 of the Comic out on the Store and number one in books!!

We tried to time it so that both came out at the same time (which is why we included the link in PG). But it came out just yesterday, and went to number one in books in a New York minute! In this issue, the Pygmies leave the island in search of a legendary temple to restore the Gem of Life (that enables their immortality). They set sail in an empty turtle shell, but of course, nothing is ever easy for the pygmies!

Also, at no extra charge, if you've purchased at least one issue of Pocket God, you should be able to read the supplementary magazine "The Pygmy Peril". This issue has exclusive art (a limited edition comic cover that I created) well as interviews and replies to "letters" (a.k.a. comments) from Ape Entertainment! But wait...there's MORE! Ape is including their own personal comic "Little Green Men" as bonus content! Its hilarious so even if you don't get issue 2, check this out!

I want to give props to Jason Burns, the fantastic writer of the series, Rolando Malada, the amazing artist, and Brent Erwin and Dave Hedgecock, the (enlarged) brains of Ape, for producing such a quality comic. If you don't believe me, just check out these reviews...
"I hadn't heard of this property until the first issue but in just two issues it has become a highlight of the year in any genre of comics. With two issues left I hope that doesn't mean that it is the end of Pocket God because it is a property with immense potential and hopefully one with legs on it." David O' Leary, Comic Related

>> Read the rest at <<

"There was a lot more meat to the story than I was expecting from a first look at the cutesy style of the book. I imagine if I was familiar with the game there would be nuances that I didn't catch on to, but independent from the game this was a genuinely fun book to read and also one I'd be quick to recommend to kids as well." Amanda McDonald, Newsarama
>> Read the rest at (scroll down) <<

And thanks to everyone who bought one or both issues! I notice some kids were surprised to be charged another 99cents for the second issue. We knew that was going to be a concern, so if you pay 1.99, you get the remaining 3 issues (which means one is free). Keep in mind, a physical comic is 3-4 dollars, and digital comics don't tend to give you every issue for a one time charge of 99cents! And hey, Ape has to pay their fantastic team! Don't forget, we will have four installments of the Pygmy Peril at no extra charge that includes issues of Ape's awesome "Little Green Men".

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Monkey See Monkey Chew is Out!

Took a bit longer than I expected, but the update was released today. As stated a few times already, this one features monkeys that are up to no good. Check out Dave's State of the Island for details on this update!

And thanks for everyone Tweeting and Facebooking (Fbooking? Fooking? Faking?) the Update Song Video...its racked up over 16,000 views so far and we're hoping to rack up more now that the update is out! Please help us push it more if you haven't Tweeted, commented or favorited. Dave's crazy idea of having a song written about our app is just another one of our attention-getting schemes to be the first at something (first episodic app, first comic book, first song, etc.) and see who follows suit :)

One of the favorite comments for the song is "why were they working on this video instead of the update?"....But guys, the video is just footage OF the update, particularly the dance pack too, since the song is included with guitar-playing pygmies! So there!

I made some screen shots, but this is the most difficult update to screen shot. The monkeys are unpredictable, its like taking a picture of a hyperactive child!

Plucking bananas from the banana tree attracts the monkeys. You can get up to 3 monkeys.

Monkeys like to ride the backs of the pygmy, but it always ends badly.

Drop a pygmy on a monkey and if there is another monkey on the island, they play catch. Then you can drop other pygmies into the game and see how many they can juggle!

The Dance Pack Too also includes the tasteful fart dance with lots of fun sound effects.

Lastly, we've done some menu rearranging. Here is the key:

Map - changes location

Island Menu - allows you to enable and disable island-specific features

Global Menu - allows you to enable and disable global features

God Power Menu - allows you to enable and disable god powers

Custom Menu - Gives you access and altar customizable elements, including the Custom Store, the Tribe Stat screen, Story Mode

Community Menu - Gives you access to community features such as Open Feint Achievements and Challenges

Settings Menu - here you can mute sounds, turn on and off gravity, turn on and off name lables, etc.

Hopefully this is cleaner than it was. There is a bit of debate if some features fit on the global menu and god power menu, but hopefully this makes it easier!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dave's State of the Island!!!!

Hey everyone. Dave did his latest recap on Touch Arcade. Lots of stuff going on, so it was a biggee. One of the more off the wall things we've had in the works was the above Update Song! We had planned a dance update and Dave got it in his head to get Jonathan Mann (, the perpetrator of the infamous i-Phone 4 Antenna Song, to write a song for us ...and to the fans who hound us about updates! And it was awesome. So my job was to animate the first pygmy boy band to perform it. Its part of the dance pack, but we decided to make a little video as you can see above. In the video, there's a sneak preview of Monkey See Monkey Chew and some of the other dances from the dance pack.

Anyway, Dave explains it all, so go check it out and the latest icon!

>> Read Dave's State of the Island on Touch Arcade! <<

P.S. If you turn on Closed Captioning, you can see the lyrics!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pocket God "Best God Game on iPhone"

Hey guys. So, this week has been rough. Dave and I were up until 4 am pushing through Monkey See Monkey Chew. There was some unexpected coolness that we discovered as we were playing with the monkeys. It was akin to how we discovered then when you bounced a coconut on Pygmy's heads you could attempt to keep the coconut in the air by lining the pygmies up and seeing how many times the coconut would off their skulls. However, this unexpected feature turned out to be difficult for Dave to work out the bugs, but we thought it was cool enough to integrate as part of the update, so we went back and forth on that trying to make it solid. Then around 4 am we had a somewhat heated discussion about marketing graphics. Then I went to bed and I think Dave kept working. So if it wasn't submitted some time around 5 am, then it will be today!

What kept me super busy over the last two weeks was a new dance pack...and it has a cool surprise, but I'll wait for Dave to post his state of the island to let everyone know.

During this, we've also been working on the iPad game as well. And I'm going to focus on that for the next week or two.

While PG has been flailing in the rankings, we are still lucky enough to have some new press....

>> Dave is interviewed on TheStreet (MainStreet) <<

Cnet's Tap That App named us best "God Game"....and the third game "Fingerzilla" in the list is interesting...I hadn't seen that yet!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

And the Winner is....

Louis Forie of Burnaby, British Columbia! He was our randomly chosen winner (we used to pick). He took the picture at Tazmanian Comic Connections! Congratulations Louis! And thanks to everyone who entered! Pictures have been posted on Flickr below..

The latest comic, by the way, has been submitted and is in approval. The next update will contain a free newsletter called "The Pygmy Peril" (even if you don't buy the latest issue), including answers to comments, an article about the T-Rex update, and some free comic content from Ape Entertainment. And going forward, we will try to add a free newsletter between the remaining issues of this series, which will also have Pocket God mini-stories. And in the works is a Pocket God comic with a story geared to the holidays....but of course with our own twist to it.

Again, thanks everyone! We are getting close to finishing the next episode "Monkey See, Monkey Chew"...and we are putting in a couple surprises that we think everyone will love.

By the way, we posted all pictures. Some took pictures at multiple comic shops and some sent duplicates...or ineligible entries, or photoshopped strangeness...But they are all posted here anyway!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Pygmies Land On Verizon!

A version of Pocket God is now available on Verizon BREW-based phones! This version of Pocket God has many of the features of Pocket God iPhone that you've come to know and love, but with a few new twists. As a vengeful god, you have control of an active volcano, lightning storms, hungry animals and much more. Or give gifts to the pygmies in the form of fish, coconuts, dancing, etc. This version uses different controls but requires the same exploration, and you must unlock god powers as you go. Hints guide the way as you discover all the god powers available!

The Verizon phones have different screen sizes and the resolution is a bit more limited than the iPhone, but we think Bight did a great job...

So, if you iPod Touch users happen to have a Verizon phone or know someone who does, be sure to check it out!

>> Get Pocket God on Verizon's Media Center! <<

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Comic Shop Contest Almost Closed! Plus random news!

Hey guys! Deadline for the GET POCKET GOD IN YOUR COMIC SHOP is August 30. In case you missed it in some of our posts. We've loosened up our requirements to include local book stores that hopefully carry comics! Get your picture taken next to the comics, or graphic novel section!

Also, I've been very busy this week. Working on marketing graphics and best of all, the Pocket God figure box! I'm crossing my fingers that everything goes well with the figure. We've seen the prototypes and moulds and examples of past work so we're hopeful we won't have another manufacturing blunder!

As for the comic, above is a sneak preview for issue 2. The Pygmies venture away from the island in an overturned turtle shell. If you read the comic, you'll know that a blunder caused damage to the "gem of life" which enables their perpetual resurrection, so they decide to travel to a legendary temple to fix it. But guess who's waiting for them in the water?

For everyone who purchased the digital comic, we have a surprise for you! Between the issues Ape is going to submit updates that will include a magazine called the Pygmy Peril. It will include replies to comments on iTunes, various articles, exclusive art and more. Be on the look out!

I haven't had a chance to recap the Wizard World conference. The guys at Wizard World were really awesome to us. And we were happily surprised at how many people stopped to talk to us, buy comics and get signed posters! Here are some images!

Blagojevich stopped by the booth!

Some fans dropped off art! This is a cool map created by Austin Stengel, explaining the location connections!

Adults, teens and kids stopped by the booth, but a few were too cute not to photograph

Buy the comic, get a free poster!

We gave out prizes for beating Dave at the Runs!

Dave gave a presentation with one of his clever titles. I made him a slide.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back From Wizard World Chicago!

Dave left from Chicago to visit with family, but I just came back tonight and have a bunch of things to post. We had a lot of fun at the Wizard World convention and were shocked to completely sell out of the Pocket God comic! We didn't have the plushes (we had a lot of 'splainin' to do) but because we felt so guilty, gave away a ton of posters, urns and figures until we ran out. I have a lot of photos and fan art to post soon...but I saw this on Twitter from and thought I'd post it. By the way, if you took a picture at the convention send a note to and we'll blog it!

And by the way, I was keeping up on signing comics for kids and had NO idea Dave was being interviewed on video which is why I look like a deer caught in the headlights :)

P.S. There have been a lot of kids writing in about the contest saying they don't have a comic store nearby. We are going to loosen up and let you take a picture in a book store with the flyer. Just be sure to leave the flyer with a worker at a cashier!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wizard World This Week! and uh oh, Pocket God Plush delay

Hey everyone, just a reminder for all who will be in Chicago and/or be at Wizard World, Dave and I will be there promoting the PG comic, giving out posters, and even holding a panel to talk about the whole Pocket God story....the panel is called "A-Hole in Time, Pocket God's Past Present And Future" or something like that!

Okay, there are a lot of twitters out there about the Plushes being available at Wizard World, but we've hit a manufacturing snag and it looks like we are showing up empty handed. We'll have the samples, but none to sell :( We are really bummed about this, but we are kind of new to this and are finding out the pitfalls of toy production.

We will definitely have free posters for signing and the Pocket God comic, which has content not on the digital version!

Oh yeah, and update on the next update, I think we're calling it "Monkey See, Monkey Chew"...I have been animating monkeys, monkeys, monkeys and they are doing all sorts of mischievous, and perhaps somewhat inappropriate things. Dave is hooking it up while I work on another custom pack....There won't be as much of a wait this time around! Also, we've seen all the art for the next Pocket God comic and it looks amazing. We've also seen some "thumbs" for issue 3 today when their adventures get really crazy....and I got really stoked on how awesome the whole mini-series is coming out. More later!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pygmies Invade the Trenches!

Its been a while since we've had a cross-over, so we've teamed up with Thunder Game Works to send the Pygmies to Western Europe in their hit Tower Defense Game, Trenches! Its totally hilarious, so if you haven't gotten this game yet, now you have an excuse. You can read more about it on Slide To Play.

>> Go get Trenches and start killing Zombie Pygmies! <<

Slide To Play Interview

Tim Rattray interviewed Dave and I and posted this great article on their site, talking about the comic, Journey to Uranus and regular ol' Pocket God!

>> Click Here to Read Article <<

And again, thanks to everyone who purchased the comic. It hasn't gone unnoticed. In fact, we're discussing adding free content between issues to tie people over, including artist sketches, concept art, interviews, and who knows what else! More on that later!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Early Comic Reviews

Thanks to everyone who bought a comic in the last week and brought it until the top 25! It was one of iVerse's fastest rising books and is currently number one in the book apps section.

And people are starting to send in their comic book shop pics, which is awesome. We'll catch up on that very soon. Someone will be collecting them every few days and we will start posting them on our flickr account.

In the mean time, here are a few reviews of the comic (either from a advance copy of the print, or digital) we've found so far!

App Advice: 4.5 out of 5
"The art style is amazing with such fine detail packed into every panel building so much upon the simplicity of the app. Every pygmy has its own style that fits their personality perfectly, and it’s great seeing them interact from panel to panel. "
>> Read full review here <<

Comixtreme: Surprisingly Good
"Jason M. Burns has taken this simple concept and woven it into a really funny comic book... Rolando Mallada totally sells the comedy in this issue through his artwork. "
>>Read full review here<<

Richard Vasseur: 5 out of 5
"These cute little guys and girl are wonderfully delightful characters. You will love following their adventures.
The adventures these little people have on their little Island are so much fun. And the lazer shark and octopus really give this a added punch."
>>Read full review here<<

ComicNews: check this one out!
"Jason M. Burns makes this a very interesting and funny comic book. The artwork of Rolando Mallada does a wonderful job of complimenting the story. Simply some very good art here!"
>> Read full review here <<

"Jason M. Burns has proven time and time again, that he has a knack for fun, all-ages type stories and this book continues that trend. While it may seem pretty brutal with the notion of killing these characters over and over, it's no more violent than a Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote cartoon (and who doesn't love those?).... Ronaldo Mallada has a great style and captured the essence of the game with his environments, and the pygmies themselves. He can also draw one mean laser-shark. "
>>Read full review here<<

So have you bought the comic yet? No? Click here to get it! Its only 99 cents!

A note on the contest. A few people say there are no comic shops near them. If that is the case, then a book store of some sort will be ok...hopefully with a comic section! And I'm not sure if its clear in the original instructions, but the code that is on the Pocket God comic poster will also be sent to anyone who emails a picture.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Episode 33 FINALLY Out

This is by far the biggest delay in an update, but in conjunction with the release of the comic, its out! This update includes a new area, Ape Mountain, where you can perform a terrible sacrifice ritual to bring out the giant ape...and then its feedin' time! We've also added another skin pack, where you can change various items to pay homage to old school video games.

But the big news is the PG comic is now up on us get it in the rankings. Its only 99cents (US) which is lower than we initially expected! Thanks guys.

>> Go Get the Pocket God Comic! <<

And check out the post below this (or click the margin graphic), to find out how you can enter a drawing to win a $1,000 Apple Gift certificate, and get the unlock code for the jet pack in Ooga Jump!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Get Pocket God in the Comic Shops! CONTEST CLOSED


Hey guys! The digital comic has been released, but now a print version is available for order to comic store owners. The print comics will have extra content and stories not found in the digital version! But we need to increase awareness, so we've come up with this promotion. If you participate, we'll give you a special code that unlocks a Jet Pack in Ooga Jump! Also, you'll get the chance to win a $1000 Apple gift certificate!

All it takes is a camera, a flyer, and a visit to your local comic book store! Here's what you do...
  • Print out this FLYER. If you don't have access to a printer, just draw your own version on paper.
  • Bring it and a camera to your local comic shop.
  • Take your picture holding the flyer somewhere in the shop where we can tell its a comic store. Near the comic racks, in the front, etc. they have the Pocket God promo poster up? Get that in the shot!
  • Leave the flyer with the cashier at the register. The flyer should say it all, but tell them you are fan of Pocket God!
  • While you are there, look for the Pocket God promotional poster. If it is up, the unlock code for the Ooga Jump jet pack is on it!
  • Send us your picture to this email....! Please include your name, the city and the name of the comic book shop. We will automatically send you the Jet Pack unlock code and enter you in a drawing to win a $1000 Apple Gift Certificate!
  • You may enter for every (different) comic book shop you submit! Don't know where a comic shop is near you? If you download the digital comic, a comic shop locator is included with the app!
  • Deadline for entries is Aug 30, 2010.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dave's State of the Island!

Dave talks about the delays, next update, skin pack and asks people's opinion on the next episode's title!

>> Dave's State of the Island on Touch Arcade <<

Monday, July 26, 2010

Back From Comic-Con

Hey guys. Dave and I came back to San Francisco from San Diego yesterday after spending four days at the ever-popular Comic-con trade show! This was my first time and it is truly and amazing event. CROWDED but amazing. Ape had two booths and we did our signing at their new off-shoot brand "Kizoic" every day for two hours. We brought posters as a give-away, and Ape had produced the first issue of Pocket God for us to sell! We gave posters to everyone who bought a comic and signed everything. We also previewed the Pocket God plush prototypes, created by Alix. We are in the process of producing the standard Pygmy, but decided the next one to produce HAS to be the Zombie Pygmy. We also showed people the initial version of Journey To Uranus, which still needs a lot of work, but got a lot of approval for it. It was a lot of fun for us and want to thank everyone who stopped by! It made our year!

As for the update....why is it taking so long? Well, to be honest, we were hoping to line up a bunch of promotions at the same time to get people to buy the comic, but some of it may or may not happen. I was actually a little confused myself and thought it was submitted a while back and we were holding it for the comic and promotions to go through..but again, everything is taking too long but it looks like the comic will be approved soon. So we decided to just submit it last week and release both, no matter what, on August 3, promotions or not. Sorry for the delay, but Dave took that time to optimize the game more and it runs MUCH faster even on slower devices. He also cut a bunch of time off the initial at least we used the time. I used the time to work on "Journey to Uranus" but now will go back designing the next update which will involve......more primates!

If anyone reads this blog and received the comic at the Con, feel free to give their review in the comments...We want to hear 'em good or bad!

If you are in Chicago in late August, be sure to come to the next convention "Wizard World". Dave and I will be doing more of the same there, but will also have more exclusive stuff to give away and will even have plushes for sale!

Here are some pics that were snapped at the booth...