Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Where Did We Go? And Heads Up For Some Sneak Previews!

Hey everyone. Sorry for the disappearance! But we've been working double time on the next PG update and the iPad game which is getting close! So here is the latest on our current projects...

Pocket God - will be submitted this week. This is sort of a mini-update to tie people over until the next mini-game update just before the holidays which I think will be very cool. This update is more for comedic value and is a parody of a viral video! The above image is a close up of a pygmy looking at ....something!

Journey To Uranus - We are working fast to submit at the end of November. It is taking a while because we have been trying to put out updates and deal with other top secret projects at the same time. But its getting close! Need more? Okay, here are a couple evil robots from another dimension!

Pocket God Comic - I notice people are upset about Klik dying in the second comic (whoops, spoiler!). Well, this is the part of the story where others will have to start stepping up and not letting Klik boss them around as much! Everything's for a reason! Also, we have submitted the second issue of the Pygmy Peril (free to anyone who has purchased the comic). So that should be up any time. Issue 3 will be submitted soon as well. Here is a sneak shot of some of the action....

Hopefully this has made up for our disappearance? No, you say? What? Where's the update? Sigh!