Thursday, December 31, 2009

Indie Developers Lead the Pack according to the Appera

The holidays are drawing to a close with the new year countdown. 2009 will go down in my history as the craziest year ever.

And, continuing the year-end wrap-ups, Drew Lacrois at the Appera wrote about 2009 and big developers. Now, in a follow up, talks about indie developers on the app store and mentions us as one example.

>> Read Appera Article Here <<

The above image was one of our twitter contest entries by LordSam...and what is that big red thing he's in? I have a vague memory of them but am drawing a blank. Although it reminds me of the "TARDIS" from Dr. Who!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Nerdism Comics makes a Pocket God Comic

Hope everyone had a great Christmas. I spent a bunch of time with family who I ignored all year, but am returning tomorrow to resume the next update which we will get on pronto (and perhaps picking back up on PG II even!). After all, Pocket God got the gift of returning to the top ten! Even temporarily, this was completely unexpected but awesome!

On another note, Chris Atkins of ( a site run by himself and Mike Lee) made this awesome Pocket God comic.

Click on the art to see their write up. The art is amazing and the humor is totally perfect. Being somewhat nerdy (or are we geeky? or maybe even spazzy?) ourselves, we are completely happy to be welcomed into the nerdism universe. Hopefully Chris Atkins make some more, but go to and check out his other stuff! And Mike Lee's blog, "the Daily Nerdgasm". Oh, and if you want more PG Comics be sure and tell them! Thanks, Chris and Mike!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Video Potpourri

I don't know about Dave but I am getting my last minute shopping in for Christmas. My nephews (7 and 9) are easy....iTunes cards. The more room the better. Lately they're addicted to Epic Pet Wars. And WOW. We have GOT to get in on that racket. I think they've spent 20 bucks each for EPW alone. When the 7 year old asked me if it was ok if he buys a 10 dollar EPW add-on, I fell out of my chair. Because really? 10 bucks? Good job coming up with that Miraphonic!

Anyway, with production for the next update impeded by holiday family obligations, we've found some holiday videos inspired by Pocket God!

A 17 month old named Kaya can't speak yet, but can work an iPhone! And is clearly a Pocket God fan! Thanks Kaya!

5Jusername Wishes You a Pocket God Christmas! Thanks 5J!

And Now For Something Completely Different: "Dave, Allan and Friends", A fan from the Forums is creating a series of animations somehow inspired by Pocket God. If you ask me exactly how it is inspired by Pocket God, I'm not totally sure. Except that the two fuzzy main characters are supposed to be Dave and I. And I've never been a fuzzy cartoon character beforel, So hey, we're flattered and am intrigued to see where its going!

Part 2

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pocket God and Doodle Jump Team Up Again!

Firstly, in case you've forgotten, Pocket God and Doodle Jump collaborated a few months ago. There is an easter egg in Doodle Jump to change the Doodler to a pygmy and Pocket God has a Doodle Jump-like minigame with the Doodler making a cameo in the clouds. Secondly, I'm sure everyone knows about how big Christmas day was last year for app sales. Everyone receiving iPhones and iPods and iTunes cards for Christmas flooded the app store with new sales, so we're trying to gear up to take advantage of that.

We've decided to team up with the guys of Doodle Jump fame to run a campaign that will hopefully raise our ranking and position both our apps to take advantage of the rush. We're running an advertising article in and, starting the 22 & 23 (respectively) of this month! This is the first time we've actually paid for advertisement (we went halvsies), so this is a new experiment for us!

So, thanks to everyone who has basically helped us advertise for free on their twitter accounts, blogs, YouTube and the forums over the last year! And why stop now? Be sure to tweet/blog/etc. when this article comes out, or whenever. Hopefully this will be our last push for 2009 so we can get on with creating new 2010 content!

Pocket god

Doodle Jump

Friday, December 18, 2009

Getting greedy!

NEW NOTE: Dave just let me know that I completely misinterpreted how the contest worked. I must have come across someone else's nomination! At, you can nominate pocket God for any category you want. So it looks like I've managed to lock us for a Kids app. But, if feel like it, you might as well nominate us for a little more prestigious category! How about Most Innovative?

>> Now Pick the Category Here! <<

I know, I know. Santa doesn't like greed. But we might as well grab for all the accolades we can as this year wraps up. 148 apps is sponsoring a "2009 Best App Ever Awards" and put us under "Best Just For Fun Kids App" category. I love this category title since they probably considered calling it "Best Not Really A Game and Makes People Mad When You Call It One" but reconsidered because it was too long. Regardless, we want in!

>> Nominate us here <<

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Number 3 on XPlay Top 5 List!

I was working last night and had the G4 network in the background, and suddenly I think I hear "Pocket God" and turn around to see our game part of XPlay's list!

Needless to say, I was very surprised! Thanks XPlay!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tell us about you!

So, we're always getting asked, what's Pocket God's demographic? Who are the Pocket God fans? Well, we actually have a pretty good idea, but on the other hand...maybe we don't! So, we've put together this survey so we can start answering that question. And if you happen to frequent, or run a Pocket God fan site, pass this link on!

>> Take survey here <<

Quick Update

Hey guys, I (Allan) am back in SF. I had to run out of town for a family emergency and Dave has been holding the fort. But I am back and we're trying to get back to it.

While I was gone a few cool things happened! The first is we made it on the Apps Best Seller List on the 2009 Rewind Page on iTunes. And currently we are at 1.7 million downloads!

The other is that we are one of's Reader's Favorite iPhone Apps of 2009! Thanks to everyone for voting.

My personal issues got in the way of us beginning our next update, tentatively titled "Great Job, Ice Hole!"....and I say tentatively because of the latest delays might get us to rethink our strategy. But i will leave you to ponder what the title means.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Vote for us on Wired best apps of 2009!

Hey Guys, just stopping in for a sec. Allan is out of commision for a bit and I wanted to get this announcement out there. I will let him share with everyone when the time is right but please send all your best wishes to him in the meantime.

About the annoucement, Wired is runnng a best app of 2009 poll and it would be awesome if you can help support us by going over there and voting. It seems like the Words with Friends people are playing games with the voting by submitting multiple copies of their app so that people can vote on it more than once but hopefully we can beat them anyway.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pocket God World Overview

Hey guys, Allan here. The blog is in need of updating. I had to run out of town for family reason...the second time this year... and Dave is manning the fort while I am gone.

I just approved a bunch of comments and saw "update the blog!". So I did a quick google search and found this super cool overview of the Pocket God world by swigo8 on the PocketGodsBlog. Sometimes I get the originators of this stuff wrong, so please feel free to correct me!

>>You can see more info on it here <<

Thanks swigo8!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tips for Bringing Down Ice Monster from PocketGodsBlog

I have received so much feedback that the monster is hard to bring down (wouldn't it be lame if it were too easy?), so I was considering posting tips. Luckily Malcom Judd (also a Twitter Yer Picture winner) at Pocket Gods Blog beat me to it. He has a lot of tips even I didn't think of. One I would like to add to his list is that the snowballs cause you to lose pygmies (every pygmy squashed gets added to the pygmy count). So be careful to not have the island overloaded when he goes into "offensive mode"...which usually involves him power walking back and forth across the screen, and stopping to throw snow balls. I like to keep one pygmy and protect him from snow balls in case the monster opens his mouth during these parts.

>> Read the PocketGodsBlog tips here!<<

My best score is 10...Dave's is 9.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Big holiday shout out to

James and his great site is always on top of the Pocket God updates, and I wanted to thank him for quickly writing the Pyg Chill up! We are always grateful for the publicity. Thanks James!

>> Visit the article here <<

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Pyg Chill Approved Early!

When it comes to the App Store I guess it pays to expect the unexpected. Turns out the 4-week approval time we were warned about didn't happen!

The Dave's state of the island linked in the last post went over the newest functionality so I won't go into a huge amount of detail here. But just in case you didn't know, the newest update has a new wintery location, the ice island. There, we will create several winter-based scenarios. The first major piece is the ice monster battle. All you need to do to kick it off is to flick a pygmy at the iceberg in the background. This game revamps the flicking function quite a bit and now you must figure out how to flick the pygmies in a controlled manner, and then beat the monster in as few flicks as possible. But watch out for falling snow balls!

There's a new structure for the pygmies to hang out in and it is the igloo. If a fish is dropped inside, a pygmy will enter (or you can just drop one in) and the pygmy will cook the fish inside. Only one pygmy can fit in at a time, but you can use it to your advantage in the battle as well! Try dropping a pygmy in when another pygmy is cooking a fish.

You'll also notice we've added a location map! Why? Well, there were a few reasons...but we think its a great way for you to get your bearings in the growing world. Also we were going to run out of room in the menu eventually anyway.

Finally, there's a new optional Christmas Pack for purchase. This will allow you to decorate the islands and change different things in the Pocket God world to a cheerful holiday version! The outhouse becomes the gingerbread outhouse...the dodo a toy bird, and the sand island statue, a nutcracker!

So, as usual, the update might take a while to show up on the app store, but it should be available tonight! Thanks for waiting everyone!