Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Crazy Mike is crazy

Hey, kids! It's a bit of a slow news month. Our heads are down, and we've been working 24/7 (and sometimes 25/8) on the next updates for Pocket God and Pocket God Uranus on the iOS. Meanwhile, ngmoco has been working on updating the Android app. They are lumping several updates together (these updates are already on the iOS) so it's going to be a big one! We'll let you know when it's out.

In the meantime, we thought we'd post this review from Crazy Mike's Apps. He has this to say about the Android version of PG:

This Android app allows the user the opportunity to torture, torment, and yes at times be nice to their very own race of pygmy peoples in various environments (island, underwater Atlantis, and north or south pole you figure out). Pocket God is the ingenius idea of the “crazy” guys over at Bolt Creative and this classic iOS game is just as fun on the Android platform.
>> Watch the video review here! <<

Thanks, Mike!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Battle of the Gods video tutorial!

Hey folks! For those who are visually-oriented, there's a brand new video tutorial by JKDabomb for our latest update:

As much as we appreciate the compliments, we appreciate more how well it shows the workings of the game! Check it out! And thanks, JK!

In other WITU news, we're still working hard on Pocket God's next updates. Pocket God's next update in particular promises to have some sting to it. And we could say that Pocket God Uranus will show you how to cut your problems in half. We could say that, but we won't.

As for the comic, the next story arc is called "A Quest Called Tribe." On this journey, the pygmies find out more about Sun's background. Hint: it's full of secrets.

That's all for now. Keep reading the blog, there's bound to be more news happening.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Episode 40 - Battle of the Gods is out!

"Battle of the Gods" finally out! I was a bit taken aback how much anticipation there has been, but the wait is over.

Now, on God Island, you can enter the battle arena. All you have to do is earn at least four god idols and set them on the four pedestals to open the temple. Drop a pygmy into the temple to enter the game.

Here you have a chance to go up against every episode's god; there are forty so far. In the battle, both sides get four idols that have certain attributes and powers. Choose the right idols at each turn to win the battle. It plays like a two-tiered rock-paper-scissors, and each idol has a chance of damaging the opponent's health.

At each turn, both sides picks an idol which has two attributes, Realm and Attack Type.


There are 5 Realms: Oceanus, Aeris, Animus, Infernus and Pax. If you win the realm, you will activate the idol's special power. Each Realm's idol has a special power which might include protecting you, damaging the opponent, inhibiting the opponent's powers, or some other helpful ability. Then, the attack happens.

Attack Type:

There are 3 Attack Types: Strong, Fast and Counter. If you win the attack type, your pygmy makes the successful attack that will inflict damage upon the opponent. But the special powers can affect the amount of damage, so this doesn't always mean you're the most successful in this turn. Choosing the right idol will make a lot of difference.

Dave describes the update in his "State of the Island" on Touch Arcade.

If this sounds complicated, just begin the game with any four idols, but make sure there is one Strong, one Fast and one Counter idol in the four. This way you can play the game while pretty much choosing at random. The first few levels are fairly easy and it's only later battles that require some strategy!

Thanks, guys, and enjoy!

Also included in this update is the Mafia Pack. Change the island statue into a pygmy with cement shoes, the igloo into a casino, the doodler into Scarface and more! It's an offer you can't refuse at 99 cents.

Finally, the awesome "Battle of the Gods" poster at the top was created by the fantastic Josh Ellingson! Check out his site!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Issue #8 is here!

Hey again!

At last, the final chapter of the "Tale of Two Pygmies" storyline arrives at the app store, and it's got some major stuff going on. The tribe is divided against itself, and accusations, rocks and spikes are flying. However, things aren't what they appear to be. If you thought you knew who took the Gem of Life, you were probably wrong, unless you had psychic powers. And like the pygmies themselves, mysteries die... only to regenerate once again.

Ape Entertainment has done an excellent job yet again. Check it out, why don't ya.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Episode 40 FINALLY Submitted!

Hey guys. Really sorry for the delay. Dave pointed out that it is getting kind of cliche for us to say this is "the most complicated update so far." But we did get a bit ambitious! We really hope everyone likes it because this is nearly a whole new game added to the game. It really is a fitting 40th update celebration, because it expands on the Challenge of the Gods and adds what kids have been requesting for a while...pygmy fighting! AND this game is right up Dave's alley. He loves strategy and RPG elements in games. He really worked hard on the rules and we went back and forth on how to present it. And yes, while it is very strategy-based, but you CAN play it just by guessing at first until you pick up on the rules...then in later battles that get harder, you have to strategize and pick idols with purpose. The mechanic is basically a two tiered Rock-Paper-Scissors but each idol also gets a special ability that keeps things interesting. Dave will probably explain it better in his state of the island. But part of the delay is that we wanted to make sure that with more complexity in game play, we made it flow nicely and I think we did. And of course we kept it funny too. I had fun doing different pygmy fighting animations. We decided that sometimes it would be with weapons, and others, something more like anime Dragon Ball Z powers. Then of course we had to have a very Pocket God final death at the end of each battle.

We've decided the next update is going to much more of a traditional PG update closer to Monkey See Monkey Chew or March of the Fire Ants. I'm a little behind on the blog. We've decided to recruit help because we just have too much on our plate to be consistent about communication... Besides working on PG and PG Uranus, Dave and I monitor and approve all PG projects including the comic and it's getting too hairy to handle everything ourselves, so we've been finding new people to help us. I will still add entries, but will have someone else fill people in in between.

BTW, I'm not sure why I'm still having to approve some of the comments. I'm not supposed to have to any more. If your comment doesn't come up right away, I apologize. Again, hopefully I can get the blog running smoother with help!