Monday, June 28, 2010

Slow News Week - Random Videos!

As I get my head into the next PG update...waiting to be able to submit the current one "A Pygmy A Day Keeps the Ape Away". Why? Well, we're trying to make an event out of the release of the comic. And so we have to line up the comic app, and some publicity at the same time. I know, its annoying! But Dave is taking advantage of the time to see if he can get PG to run faster on older devices. Not sure if he'll get that portion in before the release, but its a step in the right direction!

Additionally, there is some new exciting stuff that is starting to come together. Some I can't mention, but as we already posted, we are having PG plushes manufactured and I saw the most recent prototype, based on Alix's design and am stoked.

I realize there are people waiting so I thought I'd post some fun videos I found on YouTube.


Okay, since this was posted, I noticed the video was the breach of copyright use of Beyonce's All the Single Ladies got "All the Single Pygmies" pulled from YouTube for violation. I guess 2 minutes and 5,000 views of pygmies dancing to Beyonce's song is more offensive to the record company than almost 4 million views of this...

Just sayin'


Nice overview of Pocket God updates! Good work, berndbousard!


ilikecheese111 starts playing doodle jump but then does a nice run through of pocket god stuff!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pocket God at Wizard World!

As we've mentioned in this blog, Dave and I are attending San Diego Comic-con and joining Ape Entertainment to promote the PG comic. But now, Wizard World, the publishers of the famous Wizard Magazine, and the hosts for Wizard World Comic and Pop Culture conventions across the country, have asked us to join them at Chicago Wizard World. Of course we were honored, and after checking out the other attendees, are in some awesome company. We are figuring out how we can participate in a Q&A session and setting up exclusive PG giveaways as we speak, so if you are in the Chicago area, come check it out.

They've already announced us on the site:

>> Wizard World <<

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pocket God Claymation!

So, the newest update, "A Pygmy A Day Keeps The Ape Away" is basically finished. But we have to wait a couple days for iVerse to have the PG comic (created by Ape Entertainment) ready , so we can submit both at the same time and have a big release! Meanwhile, at WWWDC (the world wide web developer's conference), Dave learned some techniques to optimize our app, so he is working on that while we are waiting. With any luck, the app will work faster and smoother than ever! But any day now, the update will be submitted.

In the mean time, I wanted to share with you this awesome claymation project made by TANNgERineProduction! We are very flattered that Pocket God was the subject!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy First Anniversary, Pocket God Forums!

It was just a year ago that a group of PG Fans set up a forum to discuss the current updates, what they'd like to see, and share fan art. I go there every so often to see the cool fan art and read the wild speculation. They often go off on tangents and talk about their other favorite apps, games or other random things of concern.

It has a lot of cool art, PG based avatars, pygmy emoticons, and even page styles based on the Pocket God locations.

The list of admins include:

And the mods:
MatthewCurr (Formerly Superskateman)

Thanks to the guys! Go and check out the forum. I've done an exclusive interview that reveals some secrets and production art for the upcoming Pocket God comic!

>> Read interview of Allan on Pocket God Forums <<

>> Read their anniversary message <<

P.S. The next update and comic will be released very soon. There has been questions about the cost of the comic...and I've put in an inquiry with iVerse. But I think they are revising their pricing strategy so I didn't get an immediate answer. This is out of our hands, as we merely licensed the property and assisting with the marketing efforts. I'm sure it will be reasonable though! I will post soon.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Pocket God Plushes on the Way

Dave, doing the rounds at WWWDC, let the cat out of the bag to Jon Jordan at PocketGamer. Read all about it here!

>> Prototype Pocket God plushes in the wild <<

The prototypes were made by Alix at

Check out her site and hers shop!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Crash Bug Fix

Yikes so some people who have the latest update suddenly couldn't open the app. The problem was very difficult to it happens in a very specific circumstance, so most people never had an issue.

Its people who first opened the app without internet connection (wifi or 3g). We are submitting the fix right away (no, it won't contain the next update, but it is 80 percent completed, so it will be coming soon after).

You can fix it by doing the following, keep in mind you will need internet access for this to work (either wifi or 3g).

1. delete the app
2. connect to the internet (wifi or 3g)
3. reinstall the app (just buy it again in the app store, it will not charge you twice if you use the same account)
4. run the app, go through the feint screens, and keep the app open for a few seconds (so it updates the news file from the internet)
5. close and open it again. you should see a news item that talks about doodle jump, if you dont see it, open and close it again.

Once you see the doodle jump news icon, its fixed. you dont have to have it connected to the internet anymore.

some things to keep in mind…

Deleting the app will erase your achievements and highscores, if you want to keep this data, wait for the fix we will be submitting tomorrow. We will try and get the fix out as quick as we can (sometimes apple pushes fixes through quicker than normal) but it may take up to 1 week. If you dont have a wireless network at home, you can probably go to a coffee shop, library, school, or McDonalds. Many of these places have free wifi.

If you delete your app, you may have to activate your skin packs again, it will not charge you twice if you use the same account.

The reason many people don't see it, is that they probably updated the app over an internet connection and therefore opened it with an active internet connection.

Sorry about that!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Pocket God story and is there one?

Kotaku just posted this about the upcoming Pocket God comic, created by Ape Entertainment. In it Dave talks about the Pocket God story...and there's a new sneak preview also!

The Pocket God Comic Book Has a Story Somehow

Now, the title implies that they (among others) wonder how or why Pocket God got its own story! Just ask the fans who've created comics for us in the past:

So really, with all that inspiration, we just had to do it.

After spending well over a year on the project, Dave and I had fleshed out much of the back story of the characters, just so we could build a structure to the updates that would eventually lead somewhere. If one is paying attention (and believe me, some are!) one might spot clues going on in the background that hint at a larger story. Who are these Pygmies? How did they wind up trapped on these islands? Who left behind the idols and booby traps? Why are they forced to suffer the whim of angry gods? These were all things we asked ourselves, and from our ideas and fan suggestions, we started to formulate a bigger story to be used in future updates and games. When we got involved with Ape, we spent a lot of time with their creative team to solidify some of these ideas so they could create a compelling story around the property. We wanted adventure but we also wanted to stay true to the humor of pocket god. There are many fun surprises that will be revealed in the 4-issue series.

Furthermore, I believe there have been many simple ideas that were expanded upon to create something great (remember a simple arcade game with an italian plumber with a hammer and a big monkey?)... and the guys at Ape Entertainment are the ones to do it! We really love the artistry and skill that has gone into creating the comic and are sure you will too!

The comic is due out in the next couple weeks on the app store (using iVerse) and we will release our next update at the same time....and in case you haven't heard, in honor of our friends at Ape Entertainment, it will involve a new island and yes, an ape!