Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Tale of Two Pygmies Available On the App Store!

Hey guys! The latest adventure for the Pygmy's begins today! "A Tale of Two Pygmies" begins a few weeks after the events in "The Gem of Life" and "X-Mas Marks the Spot". The Pygmies have fallen back into their normal routines. Klak and Booga still obsess over food, Dooby just "chills", and Ooga still plays practical jokes on the simple-minded Nooby (that results in his temporary death), and argues with the uptight Klik. Since the events in the "Gem of Life", Klik has grown resentful toward Ooga for his "communion with the gods". Although Ooga asserts "the gods aren't what you think they are, Klik" he still revels in being the most important pygmy on the island. They take out their rivalry on the Squidball Court with hilarious consequences. Shortly after, however, Klik is confronted with a new mystery that gives him hope that he might have a connection with the gods after all. But will his petty jealousy become his undoing?

This is the first part of a three-part series that introduces a major new character and sets the stage for the tribe's biggest adventure yet! While you can start here without much confusion, If you haven't caught up on the Pygmy's story, be sure to start with the "Gem of Life" and "Xmas Marks the Spot"!


As usual Ape Entertainment has done an spectacular job. Jason Burns writes the cool stories, Rolando Mallada pencils amazing art, Paul Little inks and paints the beautiful colors and David Hedgecock and Brent Erwin make it happen! Thanks guys!

And don't forget, also included with a purchase with at least one comic, bonus reading material known as the Pygmy Peril. There, we include answers to letters, behind the scenes articles on PG, and interviews with Pygmies! And as an extra bonus, the remastered version of the animated short "Pocket God Fishmas Special" is included in the Pygmy Peril section!

In the meanwhile, we submitted two updates last week for Pocket God and Journey To Uranus. So hopefully they will be approved soon! Pocket God Facebook, episode 4 "Archipelago-go", will also be up on Facebook soon as well!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Everything you ever wanted to know about Pygmies but were afraid to ask...

Hey everyone! So, we're working our butts off on two (actually three) updates at once. We have a cool new planet for Journey To Uranus: Mercury! the preview is in an earlier post. We are also working on TWO updates at once for Pocket God. One of them is pretty extensive, so we're getting the art ready for that and plan on putting out a mini-update in between to tie people over. Hopefully we'll have that submitted by early next week, with the other update part way done so there won't be a big gap between.

Anyway, so we need something to blog about and I wanted to point out something I stumbled on in Internet land...I was already aware that fans were maintaining our Wikipedia page, which is awesome! I can't believe this stuff just gets done for you without you having to make an effort! But also, there's another site called Wikia, where it looks like the wiki watchdogs are a little looser, and there are pages and PAGES of Pocket God info and trivia! This includes all PG projects...Facebook and Comic included! I was chagrinned to see that it pretty much takes note of all details, no matter how small (or logic-defying) in point: The Pygmy entry said you can have a maximum of seven pygmies on the island. I think "whoops! They got a detail wrong! Of course the number is six!" Then I read the bullet points on how to get 7 pygmies and was amused to see the entry was actually right! There is a way!

Want to know how to do it? Well, you gotta visit the wikia Pocket God "Pygmy" entry!

>> Click here for the Pocket God Wikia Page! <<

>> Click here for our Wikipedia page. <<

And thanks to whoever is taking the time to write all that! Its awesome.

Oh, and a note. Because Blogger seems to have better Spam protection now, I've decided to open up commenting to anyone who feels like it. Signing up for Blogger and waiting for my approval seems to deter conversation. But this is just a test. If I get tons of spam or unsavory posts (feel free to critique Pocket God, but keep it family friendly please!) I'll revert to the old way where I review comments.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Journey To Uranus on Sale for 99¢!

Well, iPad 2 has been released and to celebrate (i.e.,influence new buyers), we're running another super sale. Until Sunday, Journey To Uranus is only 99¢! So if you've held out, now's the time to go get it!

We're currently working on delivering a new update, Ep 3. Mercury Rising. It will include the planet Mercury. Apparently millions of years ago, in the Pygmian era, the planet Mercury was covered by a sprawling technological city, with inhabitants who are obsessed with speed (not of the Charlie Sheen variety, but more of the Keanu Reeves-on-a-bus-without-brakes way). The inhabitants even keep statues of the GOD Mercury around that have the ability speed up time...which might be a good thing for Mercurians, but bad for Pygmies! Also, they are crazy drivers with badly kept roads...thus the new game "Hover Jump" (inspired by the game "Bump and Jump") where the pygmy is thrust into the seat of a hover car and must race down Mercury highways, making jumps and avoiding crazy alien drivers. Looks like we will submit this coming Monday.

Here are a few sneak images!


We're also working on a big update for Pocket God which will add a whole new dimension to our little "game". But it requires a bunch of new art and programming, so we may insert another mini-update beforehand. More on that later!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Be the It Pygmy!

At long last! Not only does POCKET GOD FACEBOOK now have female Pygmies, but now you can customize them (the boy Pygmies too)! Customizable pieces include hair color, hair bone, boney tail, top and skirt! Give your tribe a whole new personality! Check out the fashion I've inflicted adorned on my tribe...

And more accessories and options to come! If you haven't joined Facebook Pocket God yet, why not? And be sure to invite your friends!

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