Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New update: Journey to Uranus: Decapithon!

At last, the iPad game receives its long-awaited update.

>> Read Dave's most recent State of the Island regarding Decapithon! <<

"Decapithon" introduces a bizarre new portal for Graveyard Island, which transports pygmies to the Horror Dimension...a dimension where the walking dead terrorize the living!

Upon crossing over, you become a pygmy with an infinite number of axes at your disposal. Your job... to decapitate the zombies who cross your path, so you can make it to the end of the level. See if you can beat all eight levels; it's not all that easy!

To make your hero move back and forth, just tilt the screen. Tap the arrows in the lower corners in order to jump, and to throw your axes, you tap anywhere else on the screen!

Besides the familiar blue Zombie Pygmies who use their own flying boomerang arms as weapons, you have many other horrors to confront: the acid-spitting Moon Witch, the Zombie Pygmy-headed Vampire Bat with his eerie sonar attacks, and the boss himself, Big Booga, who has a special talent of causing fiery skulls and bones to rain down upon you. There are gates that will prevent you from going further until you've eliminated all the zombies in your midst, so your aim had better be good!

Don't despair, however: regeneration graves are dotted across the landscape to give you a health boost if you need it, and if a ghost should cross your path and you absorb its energy, you'll gain a longer life.

Cross over to this new dimension of fast-paced horror and make heads fly, just in time for Halloween! Watch the video below to see Journey to Uranus: Decapithon in action.

The reviews are already streaming in. Christopher Park at Softonic has given us a great review:

Pocket God: Journey To Uranus contains a lot of variety and the consistent updates makes the game a must-have.

>> Click here for Softonic's Decapithon review and be sure to leave a comment! <<

Jennifer Allen at 148Apps has given an especially glowing review:

Decapithon is just the kind of game that would easily work as a $0.99 title so as a free update for owners of Pocket God, it’s an exceptional addition. It’s been touted as one of the most ambitious updates for the game yet and quite rightly so.

>> Click here for 148Apps' Decapithon review and be sure to leave a comment! <<

As you can see, this is a big deal, and we're quite excited about it. Please leave feedback at the above sites! Also, we hope you'll spread the word via Twitter, Facebook... maybe even telling all your friends face to face! Let the world know!

Finally, we'd like to give some shoutouts:

Chris Kennet designed that stylish poster up at the top. Visit his site at http://crikeyboy.blogspot.com !

Grammy Award winner Chris Tin provided us with another excellent music piece. You can visit his site at http://www.christophertin.com .

Plus, Sam Washburn and Robin Harbron of P1XL Games gain Big Booga-sized kudos for their awesome programming! Visit them at http://p1xl.com !

(One last note: the Moon Witch is based on an upcoming character in the Pocket God comic. We won't reveal any more, apart from the obvious fact that she's not going to be sweetness and light.)

IGN Article about Journey to Uranus: Decapithon!

The new update for Journey to Uranus is right around the corner, and IGN has already done a cool article about it, complete with screenshots!

>> Read it here and read it now! <<

Monday, October 24, 2011

Two Halloween updates!

October 31's creeping up on us, but fortunately we have two Halloween-themed Pocket God updates: one is live right now, and one will be arriving very soon!

For PG Facebook, Frima introduces "Attack of the Killer Pumpkin"! A magic pumpkin is now available in the store, under "plants." With this pumpkin, you can grow a pumpkin plant that will help you to sacrifice more pygmies. If you pick a pumpkin and let a pygmy eat it, he will immediately turn into a pumpkin himself that another pygmy can eat. Cannibalism at its finest!

On the other hand, you can also pick a pumpkin, let it grow larger, and use it to squash other pygmies.

In fact, take the Jack-o-Pymgy global challenge: if everyone sacrifices 250,000 pygmies altogether, everyone will gain the special Jack-o-Pygmy idol. So invite your friends, and see your collective progress towards the ultimate prize! Also, be sure to spawn your friends in order to sacrifice them to the pumpkin god! After you sacrifice them, click the RIP icon on their picture and taunt them on their Facebook wall!

However, the time to get busy is now, because this idol is only going to be there for a limited time. And it's possible this idol might be useful in the future... you can never tell...

>> Check out PG Facebook now and rise to the challenge! <<

(By the way, if you don't see the pumpkin in your Facebook store, either refresh the screen or back out and return to it.)

Meanwhile, on Pocket God Uranus, we have our biggest update yet coming out soon... the Decapithon! This update was submitted last week and we hope it will be live within a matter of days. Keep an eye out for it!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"I Sting the Body Electric" now in Apple iTunes' new and noteworthy section!

From the comments, it looks like our latest update is going over well. On top of it all, Apple iTunes has decided to honor our clear but deadly jellyfish with a huge new ad. We're also featured in the new and noteworthy section! We definitely appreciate the extra attention, and couldn't have gotten it without your support.

Of course, we're also proud of the iOS5 multiplayer functionality and iCloud storage. Dave talks about this, as well as what iOS5 and iCloud will mean to game developing in the future, in a recent Pocketgamer interview.

>> Read the interview here! <<

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"I Sting The Body Electric" is out... and we introduce the iOS5 Battle of the Gods Multiplayer!

Hey again, folks! Plenty of news today. Before we get to the new update you've been waiting for, we have an exciting new announcement about "Battle of the Gods" and the iOS5 system.

>> Read about it at Kotaku! <<

To sum up, the new iOS5 system will allow multiplayer turn-based gaming. You can now go head-to-head with other Pocket God players on their devices! Just go into the battle arena and, in the battle selection screen, tap "MULTIPLAYER" to sign up. You can even save your progress on the iCloud! We feel the multiplayer aspect adds a cool strategic dimension to the game -- it's more important than ever to choose the right idols when you play!

And now, for another answer to the ultimate question of "Where Is The Update?"

Our 41st update is called "I Sting The Body Electric." Introduce your pygmies to a new underwater area, a coral reef inhabited by deadly jellyfish! They swallow, they sting, they even form a ring of death... and if you take the challenge and find all the jellyfish features, you can collect the Jellyfish Idol!

To top everything off, we have a new Underwater Skin Pack available for only 99 cents! You can make your island an underwater paradise, with flying dodo fish and sponge doodlers who in no way resemble Spongebob Squarepants. Okay, maybe a little.

>> Dave reveals more in his State of the Island on TouchArcade. <<

And check out all our new features here:

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dave quoted in Venturebeat article about the iCloud!

Here's an interesting article in Venturebeat about Apple's new iCloud. Dave is the only game developer mentioned in the piece, and he discusses the potential the iCloud has for games like Pocket God:

>> Read it here! <<

Monday, October 3, 2011

Pocket God Facebook: Now With Unicorns!

Hey again, guys. It's about time we put up some news about the Facebook game.

Pocket God Facebook has been undergoing some changes. After having some crashing problems, Frima put a huge amount of time this last summer into making sure PG Facebook is stable and can handle a large amount of users. They also beefed up the pygmy customization options; now you can have alien pygmies, cowboy/girl pygmies, prince and princess pygmies…not to mention customizations that you enable you to build pygmies right out of the Pocket God comics! It's a whole lot of variety for such a tiny island.

They've also gone and added a unicorn. Seems like an awful nice thing to give the pygmies, isn't it? It just makes you feel all magical inside...

... except that he literally FARTS rainbows! I know... we're classy. Especially when you consider that this rainbow gas dissolves pygmies on impact. Well, that's what rainbow farts do, it's been scientifically proven.

Of course, that's not everything the unicorn does. He has other talents that make it worth climbing the Facebook game levels to obtain him. The Games Blog was nice enough to write an article that goes into more detail about it.

>> Read the article here! <<

So with Pocket God Facebook finally stabilizing with its influx of users, and all this new cool stuff on top of that, why not have a go at it?

>> Play Pocket God Facebook now! <<