Friday, December 31, 2010

Pocket God on Wired and Inside Social Games lists!

So we haven't even started the new year, and I'm already working on the update for Journey To Uranus which will involve adding some favorite Pocket God features but with a spacey twist, and soon after that the next Pocket God update (will it ever end?) which I think will go down in history as the weirdest update so far. And with Pocket God, that's saying something. The people at Frima are still hard at work getting ready for the next episode on the Facebook. Just want everyone to know we didn't take THAT much of a holiday case you were wondering!

But in the mean time, we were surprised to see our new games pop up on a couple lists! The Facebook one is a big surprise because it just came out and is in very good company! Congrats to Frima Studios for making that happen!

>> The 19 Most Wired iPhone and iPad Apps of 2010 <<

>> Inside Social Gaming best of 2010 List <<

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pocket Shop up and running!

Well, its a little late for Christmas but its going to be a brand new year, and we finally have our online store up and running! Turns out its kind of hard to set up to sell things (legally) on the internet, but we finally did it! The first major item is the Pygmy Figure, only 14.99! I personally designed the box! We will also are selling actual hard copies of the Pocket God comic. They will have extra stories not in the digital format (like the origin of the Laser Shark)...Soon we'll get the plushes up for sale, so either click on the link in the margin or the link below:


Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Okay, guys! 24 hours have passed and we've put the price back! You may have a couple minutes to get it before the price return takes, but basically, its over. Some people were pretty upset with us, but we were backed into a corner. If we didn't do something to improve ranking, it was going to drop out before Christmas. So it was a calculated risk on our part to compete with the likes of ...well, I won't say their name, but they tend to go by two vowels. We probably shouldn't be this transparent, but that's what happens at Christmas with sales and we were caught in the middle. And a game that has some awesome stuff and will only get awesomer cost you about the same as a happy meal. We invested tons of time and money into getting the space part right so it would feel great, and be flexible enough to add tons of stuff in the future. Plus there are THREE fun games in it (as opposed to the normal ONE)

Thank you for buying at either price! We are already planning our next update and will make it a priority for the new year. We're going to add some fun interactivity and have some really awesome ideas! And we're listening to the comments, but as usual, we tend to take a person's idea and add our own spin to it.

And incidentally, we are going to start talking about the big Facebook changes as well! There's a great forum on the facebook app page (link in the margin) where people are making their suggestions!

Take note! We are quietly opening up the Pocket Shop! Its still in infant stages but you can finally buy yerself a Pygmy figure!

Thanks guys!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Okay, so to compete with the big know who they are.... and the glut of apps on the store, we are offering a VERY LIMITED TIME SALE. If you haven't picked up Journey To Uranus yet because of the price, now's your chance! Please note: if it says 4.99, it hasn't activated yet...the sale should be active tonight some time! Believe me, even if you spent 4.99, this will be the app that keeps on giving...tons of free content is coming down the pike... so its important for everyone that we sell a LOT. Spread the word on Twitter and Facebook. And everyone who bought early, we thank you for your support!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Pocket God Fishmas Special!

Hey everyone, we're proud to present our "christmas card" to you, the Pocket God Fishmas Special! People keep saying "huh?" when we mention Fishmas...but its what the Pygmies celebrate. Its a lot like Christmas, but with fish! The piece is heavily inspired by the comic we've made with Ape Entertainment. We recruited Peach Nova Productions, who are fantastically talented and have worked on projects such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Larkmart, and they did an amazing job. This was especially fun for me, because I am a full grown adult who still gets up to watch Saturday Morning cartoons. Enjoy!

P.S. Konkey Dong will be released tomorrow, and Facebook Open Beta begins as well, so now you don't need a code to play! Woohoo! We HAD to wait on Konkey Dong because it contains a link to the Facebook Game, and we didn't want people to go to a game they couldn't yet play. Sorry about that!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Journey To Uranus out Tomorrow!

But we gave Kotaku a sneak peak.

>> See their demo of it here. <<

Go there, and do us a favor, sign up and comment, tweet it, or both! Help us spread the word! The better it sells, the faster we'll update!

The regular PG update, Episode 36: Konkey Dong, will be out tonight or tomorrow as well! Be sure to let us know what you think of both!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dave's State of the Island

So Dave and I spent a bit of last week recovering from an extremely grueling November (and part of December) finishing up Pocket God Journey To Uranus and Episode 36: Konkey Dong (see image above!). I don't want to make anyone feel bad or anything, but one day I literally worked around the clock. 8AM - 6Am (22 hours). I still shudder to think of it. It was these two projects in conjunction with the Facebook game and Android (which we are pitching in with ngmoco who ported Pocket God) that nailed us.

>> Read Dave's State of the Island Here <<

Which reminds me, we haven't made much of the port, which we partnered with ngmoco to create, which we were super excited about. The reason? There were some hiccups with some devices. Unlike the iPhone there's a bunch of different devices with slightly varying operating systems so it crashed on a few...and PG is a little large...20MB. There's a ton of stuff in there, so its kind of unavoidable. So ngmoco did some fixes and solved some of the issues, but it might take a couple iterations to be stable on every device. And we are getting creamed in the comments because of it! Despite that fact, its still selling because most people CAN play it and we are getting positive reviews on the sites.

The other thing we haven't made much of....and is coming soon: We decided to make a fun animated short as a holiday card and that is wrapping up in the next few days! The subject? Well, it would be Christmas, but since the pygmies technically live in prehistory, they never heard of it. But by coincidence they have their own peculiarly similar holiday called Fishmas, and that is what the short is about! They even have their own Fishmas carol! We also included the song in the update as part of a free custom Fishmas Pack! Look forward to both the animated short and Fishams Pack coming your way soon!

Oh, and there will be MUCH more on PG JTU coming, so stay tuned!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Issue 3 of Pocket God the Comic is on the app store!

Not sure what the hold up was, but Issue 3 is finally out. 5 of the 6 original pygmies are still alive (well, Booga is barely hanging on), and on the run from a host of dangers on the new island, including that pesky T-Rex. Will they ever find the temple to restore the Gem of Life? If so, how many of them will make it? If you don't know what I'm talking about, go check out the awesome digital comic brought to you by Ape Entertainment (with a little help from us).


In other news, this is going to be a busy month for all pygmy-lovers. Dave submitted Pocket God Journey To Uranus yesterday (which turned out amazing if I do say so myself), and we're wrapping up the last of the Ape-inspired trilogy, Episode 36: Konkey Dong! I'm sure you can guess what inspired this episode! And wait, of course, there's Pocket God Facebook. We're still contacting beta testers so if you haven't received an email, it may still be coming. There's more...but I'll hold off for another post!