Thursday, February 25, 2010

Where did we go?

Sorry guys. Its getting hectic and the pressure is definitely on. We have an update nearly done, but we keep getting sidetracked by our new top secret project which is ramping up. Wait...what top secret project? Well, if I told you, it wouldn't be that great a secret.

Sorry to be so cryptic, but hopefully we'll get the next update out the door soon so we can focus on one thing for a while, but in the mean time, we hope that people will forgive us for going underground!

The above cartoon is by Smi4450. I found it on!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hilarious video

Well, its a been a busy week. The update is still in the works, but it is shaping up pretty cool. We are starting to juggle multiple projects now (as we knew would happen). And actually, Dave is the one who is being pulled in too many directions. In the mean time, here's a hilarious pocket god video suggestion by Philrox. Apparently he has a thing for monkeys...and its true. Where are the monkeys in Pocket God? Well, we're going to have to address this! But in the mean time. Check this out.

Thanks Philrox!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Woohoo! PG, the best app ever of 2009!

I know what you're thinking, but that's what the award is called! I didn't name it :) We know there are tons of awesome games and apps in the iTunes store, but do they have pygmies doing the "Pants on the Ground" dance? haha. Anyway, Dave and I went to the 148 apps macworld party yesterday. We hung out with people like Jeff Scott of 148 apps, Mach Kobayashi (maker of some very cool apps including Mach Dice) Bryan Barletta of Medialets (and actually reviewed PG for Appvee), the TeamPhobic guys (who did one of my nephew's favorites "Bounce On") and others. And were surprised when they announced we won. They even gave us a plaque with a pygmy on it!

Thanks to everyone who went and voted on the site!

>> Visit the Award Page here <<

While we were there, we also were interviewed by Philip Elmer-Dewitt for and its already up on the web!

>> Read article here <<

Dave and I are still working on the update. So far its looking really cool and I'm sure people will be surprised by at least part of it. A hint, it was partly inspired by some of the fan art we've put on this blog!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Interview on Comic Book Resources

As part of our announcement, The two Davids...ours and David Hedgecock from Ape Entertainment are interviewed on

>> Read Interview on Comic Book Resources Here! <<

Pocket God Coming to Comics!

Okay, I've been dying to announce this since they sent us the sample artwork (illustrated by the crazy talented Rolando Mallada), but we've cut a deal with Ape Entertainment to bring the Pygmies to Comics officially! We have already had a story meeting and they pitched us their overall concept which is really cool. It will be a 4 issue mini-series. We're planning on creating PG content that will go hand in hand with the comic. It will be available digitally (on itunes of course) but also in print... The printed version will get extra content not available digitally...and there may be more surprises! Dave and I are big comics fans (Dave's collection of manga is insane) so we can't wait! Anyway, it was announced on Kotaku today.

>> Read the Announcement on Kotaku<<

So if you are excited about this, go to Kotaku and LEAVE A COMMENT! I think this is particularly important because I know Kotaku readers are notoriously cynical nay-sayers....and we want people to know you're out there! To login, its SUPER easy to register, click login, then register and a quick popup just asks for a username, password and email is optional--or you can use your facebook account login.

We have been wanting to do this ever since fans started showing us the possibilities. Here are just a few....


Curtis Smith



Chris Atkins (Nerdism)

Forgive me if I missed you...let me know and I'll add it. Whew. okay back to working on the next update...we'll keep you posted on how this goes!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Pygmy Sprites by Pygkid104

user posted image

Sorry guys for ignoring the blog. I have been putting assets together for the next update. The next update is a two-tier update. Dave started programming A while I started getting art together for B. Now I'm working on the art for A and Dave is starting to program B...Got that? No? Okay, nevermind!

News has been a little slow this year (so far) but get ready for a fun announcement or two. I cant say just yet. At the moment, my hands (or typing fingers) are tied.

In the mean time, Pygkid104 (on the Pocket God Forums) has apparently been VERY busy making Pygmy sprites. and they are awesome!

These pygmies are made for Dave and I:

user posted imageuser posted image

Other Pygmy-ized characters:
user posted image user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

Animated Dances (great job!)

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image
NormalStaying AliveRobotAnt Dance (original dance by PygKid- not in the dance pack, lol)

Plus here's his editorial on our favorite app to rag on...
user posted image
(yes, yes, we're over it, but its funny!)

These are great and a ton of work...I should know, so kudos, Pygkid! Pygkid104 is "ProjectGroovy" on twitter. There are more sprites (and placeholders for more) HERE and HERE on the PGForums. Oh yes, the pocket god forums looks better than ever, so if you haven't been going, GO THERE NOW!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

iPad Talk! and hints for the next update.

Sick of iPad coverage yet? So are we, but Dave got a call last week to discuss it on a local TV show. The upshot of what the iPad means for PG, is that we are going to be careful before going full force on iPad development. We have the iPod and iPhone to focus on and that's enough right now. But of course, Pocket God will play on the iPad as is, so it will be hard for us to ignore it for long!

>> check out video here <<

Speaking of, we were also on last week's Touch Arcade Podcast with Anders MÃ¥rtensson from Illusion Labs, Natalia Luckyanova and Keith Shephard from Imangi Studios and Bruce Morrison from Freeverse.

>> Check out the Podcast Here <<

We are both going full force on the next update. I saw that dave dropped some hints on Touch Arcade, so I will go ahead and relay them here. We have decided that we ended up putting our winter "Trilogy" into two updates, and we were anxious to try a few new ideas, so we're moving out of the ice island for the time being. We are introducing a new minigame that involves an extension of the underwater area. The other portion of the update will be a new feature of pocket god that is along the lines of the "Say My Name" update. There will also be some more optimization...As we keep adding, the struggle to keep the graphic memory within limits is ongoing!