Sunday, October 17, 2010

Where Did We Go? And Heads Up For Some Sneak Previews!

Hey everyone. Sorry for the disappearance! But we've been working double time on the next PG update and the iPad game which is getting close! So here is the latest on our current projects...

Pocket God - will be submitted this week. This is sort of a mini-update to tie people over until the next mini-game update just before the holidays which I think will be very cool. This update is more for comedic value and is a parody of a viral video! The above image is a close up of a pygmy looking at ....something!

Journey To Uranus - We are working fast to submit at the end of November. It is taking a while because we have been trying to put out updates and deal with other top secret projects at the same time. But its getting close! Need more? Okay, here are a couple evil robots from another dimension!

Pocket God Comic - I notice people are upset about Klik dying in the second comic (whoops, spoiler!). Well, this is the part of the story where others will have to start stepping up and not letting Klik boss them around as much! Everything's for a reason! Also, we have submitted the second issue of the Pygmy Peril (free to anyone who has purchased the comic). So that should be up any time. Issue 3 will be submitted soon as well. Here is a sneak shot of some of the action....

Hopefully this has made up for our disappearance? No, you say? What? Where's the update? Sigh!


  1. So first I wanted to say I really love your new stuff. The comic, the updates and the iPad game! i'm so excited! How much wil it cost?

    But I also wanted to point out, that if you bought the comics at iVerse/Comic+ (like me), you don't get the pygmie peril. And after i bought already 2 comics of pocket god, I won't buy the pocket god comic app. I won't pay for the same thing twice. And as you say, Pygmie peril is for free! And that kind of sucks -.- (sorry)
    So maybe you can solve that by a code or something like that? Would be really great.
    And also the special offer "the next 5 comics for the price of 4 comics"...well yeah, it also isn't included to iVerse
    For the next comics of this story it isn't a problem, but for the the future, I would like to have that solved.


    PS: I really liked it to see klik die. Nothing against klik, but as you say, it gives the story a new turn ;)

    I hope you read and think about this comment. After my last posts which didn't get published, I hope you at least get the message :)

  2. I can't wait!!!!

    Whoa, I just realized something depressing. You guys have come so far since I first got Pocket God so long ago, while I just continue to progress through the school system. ,:(

  3. Please Retina Display support!!!

  4. Phillip! I will check to see what you mean. From what I understand the Pygmy Peril SHOULD BE FREE to anyone who bought a comic. let me look int oit!

    Alex, don't know what to tell you :)

    Nils: We are getting tons of requests. The issue is that we will have to recreate all the art at a higher res. We may have to wait for Pocket God II. Sorry!

  5. Hi Allan,
    I Think that what Oogmie is trying to say is that he (or she) bought the real published comic, thus not receiving Pygmy Peril.
    I do not share the problem, but I thought I might point that out.
    A concerned Pygmy

  6. Hey it's strange when I am not in my wifi area the 2nd comic does not seem to work in the next update if possible please fix!
    P.S I love the comics!


  8. hopfully the pygmy is looking at a double rainbow! DOUBLE RAINBOW ALL THE WAY!!


    He is 14 times smarter than Ooga.

  10. Pocket god II did you mean Pocket God Version 2.0 or will you Release a New Pocket God App ?

  11. Hey guys I really like the rainbow update, but there is something weird: if I make a rain bow and while the rainbow is still in the air click the island statue, nothing happens but after that I can't control the pygmies no more!
    And I bought all skin packs exept the last two, but when I make the island statue a 'nut cracker' and I click it, it becomes the knight of the medival skin pack!

  12. FYI double rainbows are inverse color order not both the same.

  13. I've just bought Pocket God a few days ago and have been loving so far! In fact, I started reading every blog entry here from your first post till here!

    Keep up the great work and you folks rocks! ^^

  14. Hii!
    Plz cant u make a android pocket god! I love the iphone game but have a x10 mini pro myself soo PLZ make a android pocker god!