Friday, November 5, 2010

Slow News Month! Double Rainbow and the big Holiday Push

Really sorry guys! I was on vacation when the last state of the island came out so I didn't blog it.


So, as it you have already seen, we've done a take-off on the YouTube viral sensation "Double Rainbow". The truth is we meant to put in a rainbow at some point or other, but this was a good opportunity....and a stop-gap between the last bigger updates and the next big one we are cooking up for the holiday. We've also added text labels to the menu to guide people (you can turn it off in the settings menu).

Also included is a medieval skin pack, which will make the island look all medieval and stuff! And don't forget to check out the story in story mode. You can create your own double rainbow story, with all the catch phrases as well!

We are swamped getting together everything we want to have ready for the holidays, which includes the next FREE update to Pocket God, and the Ape Mountain conclusion, "Konkey Dong" mini-game! Journey to Uranus is in its final stages (as final as the first version of a Pocket Game can be, anyway). And we've been working with Ape Entertainment to have the fourth installment of the Pocket God comic, plus a Holiday extra! AND we will have more holiday surprises in store.

So, the third issue should be submitted this coming week, but here's a couple panels to tie you over.

There are also a couple of things we are getting ready to announce in the world of Pocket God so be on the look out....In the mean time check out this Double rainbow video!

I like how you can hear someone snickering in the background! Thanks tbdonberg!


  1. Please Make the retna display compatible with pocket god it loolks ugly on my iPhone now!

  2. Ah. Pocket God only gets better and I'm not lying... Keep it up! :)

  3. If you wanted to get REALLY technical, the second innermost rainbow is actually reversed with indigo on the top and red on the bottom...

  4. um i have a quick question why is it a double rainbow but not a single