Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pocket God Facebook Wins Best Social Game at Canadian Game Awards

Last week, Pocket God Facebook was awarded "Best Social/Casual Game' at the Canadian Video Game Awards! Frima Studio, the team behind the growing game, has done an awesome job of taking Pocket God and making it a fun social version that keeps getting better with each new episode. We thank them for their titanic efforts! The artists, game-designers, and team-leaders are fantastic to work with. We are working hard to keep improving the game!


And in other news, we've submitted the latest update for Pocket God Journey To Uranus last night! Woohoo! What was THIS update about? Well, we took a major step based on popular request...but it might not be what you think.


  1. Congratz on the award guys!! I'm so exited for the Journey to Uranus update, too, although I still have to convince my mom to get it on her iPad. She has yet to comprehend the pure awesomeness of Pocket God. :P

  2. Hey guys, nice job on the award. cant wait for the next journey to uranus update. And I dont know if it is possible with PG's programming, but you should add more islands too each planet if you can by either dragging them across the water to the island, and when you drop one of them on the island all the other ones that are alive will spawn there, or you could do a map like in the iphone PG, or even do both of these.

    Again nice job on the award, and keep up the good work

  3. Wow congrats on the award, the update sounds interesting to. Too bad I don't have an iPad. Keep up the great work. Can't wait for the new PG update and new comic.

    Again congrats on the award, it just shows the true awesomeness of PG!


  4. Can I get the Uranus update with an iPod Touch 4G? And will the graphics really look like that?

  5. I think pg uranus will be crazy poplular on iphone also. congrats on the award. i play it all the time!

  6. When is the the journey to Uranus update coming it's been about 11 days

    And congrats on the award u guys totally deserved it peace out