Monday, September 5, 2011

A comic review, an article, and Legos

Hey again, folks. Hope you all had a great three-day weekend! As for us, we've spent Labor Day... laboring on updates. We're dedicated, what can we say?

We've come across a review of the first four issues of the Pocket God comic. It's a pretty positive review, adding some nice things about Jason, Rolo and Paul, the diehard team at APE Entertainment who help to put the comic together!

>> Read the Comickazee review here!<<

Speaking of APE, Dave Hedgecock describes his involvement with the comic in this article from July. It's pretty interesting seeing how the comic came to be from his point of view!

>> Check out the article at Pipe Dream Comics!<<

And lastly, on the lighter side of things, here's a homemade Lego pygmy. Don't you wish you had one of your own?


  1. love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. there actually IS a wikipedia page on the comics.( just type in "Pocket god (comics)" in search and there you go

  3. Not to rush you guys, but when is the update coming out? And what will it be about?

  4. did you know that the infestation comic is already in the PG comic app?

  5. You should've made a Lego Pocket God

  6. Pocket God Facebook iOS please!