Monday, November 21, 2011

Dave on BBC Podcast about Steve Jobs!

Hey again, folks. Long time no blog!

Again, we can only apologize for the long silence. But there hasn't been much to report recently: we're still working hard on the new update, sometimes putting in sixteen-hour days to get things right. (Allan and Dave would love to put in more, but there's this annoying thing called "sleeping" that they have to do.) We're still waiting for Issue 11 of the Pocket God comic to come out, as well.

We should have some interesting articles on the blog coming up within a week or two, so stay tuned! And, as always, the minute any news happens, you will hear about it here.

In the meantime, Dave has made an appearance on a BBC podcast about Steve Jobs. It's called "Upsetting the Apple Cart - The Genius of Steve Jobs" and he appears at about the 0:35 mark.

<< Click here for the podcast! >>


  1. Yay first comment just wanted to say you're doing great I would like to see a space invaders thing on JTU and on normal pocket god an island in the sky would be awesome and because you play as god it could be your island and you can unlock items to customize it somehow
    My gamecenter plus and z2live account is jacob1jacob2

  2. Good to hear that there are such dedicated people out there! Great job, Dave and Allan. Hope to see episode 11 soon, so keep at it! Just don't overwork yourselves...

  3. Good JOb allen and Dave

    Tribe Zeba Hooga

  4. How I can get into a minigame?

  5. Where is the windows phone 7 update

  6. Hey Dave And Allen there is a huge problem I just started pocket god for my iPod and I have all 1-38 and 41 idols the problem is that I can't get idle 39 without 40 and I can't get 40 with out 39 please fix that