Monday, February 8, 2010

Pygmy Sprites by Pygkid104

user posted image

Sorry guys for ignoring the blog. I have been putting assets together for the next update. The next update is a two-tier update. Dave started programming A while I started getting art together for B. Now I'm working on the art for A and Dave is starting to program B...Got that? No? Okay, nevermind!

News has been a little slow this year (so far) but get ready for a fun announcement or two. I cant say just yet. At the moment, my hands (or typing fingers) are tied.

In the mean time, Pygkid104 (on the Pocket God Forums) has apparently been VERY busy making Pygmy sprites. and they are awesome!

These pygmies are made for Dave and I:

user posted imageuser posted image

Other Pygmy-ized characters:
user posted image user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

Animated Dances (great job!)

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image
NormalStaying AliveRobotAnt Dance (original dance by PygKid- not in the dance pack, lol)

Plus here's his editorial on our favorite app to rag on...
user posted image
(yes, yes, we're over it, but its funny!)

These are great and a ton of work...I should know, so kudos, Pygkid! Pygkid104 is "ProjectGroovy" on twitter. There are more sprites (and placeholders for more) HERE and HERE on the PGForums. Oh yes, the pocket god forums looks better than ever, so if you haven't been going, GO THERE NOW!


  1. Actually, if you look on the app store, Pocket Devil made a follow up of sorts. Different genre, but they both suck.