Tuesday, February 2, 2010

iPad Talk! and hints for the next update.

Sick of iPad coverage yet? So are we, but Dave got a call last week to discuss it on a local TV show. The upshot of what the iPad means for PG, is that we are going to be careful before going full force on iPad development. We have the iPod and iPhone to focus on and that's enough right now. But of course, Pocket God will play on the iPad as is, so it will be hard for us to ignore it for long!

>> check out video here <<

Speaking of, we were also on last week's Touch Arcade Podcast with Anders MÃ¥rtensson from Illusion Labs, Natalia Luckyanova and Keith Shephard from Imangi Studios and Bruce Morrison from Freeverse.

>> Check out the Podcast Here <<

We are both going full force on the next update. I saw that dave dropped some hints on Touch Arcade, so I will go ahead and relay them here. We have decided that we ended up putting our winter "Trilogy" into two updates, and we were anxious to try a few new ideas, so we're moving out of the ice island for the time being. We are introducing a new minigame that involves an extension of the underwater area. The other portion of the update will be a new feature of pocket god that is along the lines of the "Say My Name" update. There will also be some more optimization...As we keep adding, the struggle to keep the graphic memory within limits is ongoing!


  1. Definitely got the "Say My Name" part...I think :P

  2. Ohmygosh. "along the lines of the "Say My Name" update"?? Like, pygmy customization?? Outfits? I can't wait. That'll be awesome...

  3. just asking, how do you get the geyser to come out of the ice hole? Please reply by commenting on my blog, tanktalk11.blogspot.com. Seeya!

  4. Hi,

    My name is Kousha Nejad, a PhD graduate from IIT and the designer of the puzzle AbuSlider (http://abuslider.com/). I implemented the iPhone version of the puzzle too and have uploaded it to Apple Store (http://itunes.com/apps/AbuSlider). I am planning to have it re-implemented and was wondering if you are interested in revenue sharing?

    I am looking forward to hearing from you,


    Kousha Nejad (PhD)
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  5. Please update the blog!!! Aslo, in my opinion, an in-app-purcase alowing you to costumize ur pigmes clothes, hats, ect. Or how about adding a new way to feed them, like by hunting for squirells or something, and then letting them use the bones from fish, bird, even the pygmes themselves( from the fire ants) to make new tools for hunting or even fighting the dinousaur/spider!!! Please respond at nitroxsword@gmail.com. I'm a huge fan and i hope pocket god will make it to number 1 and stay there forever!!!!

  6. Eddy and Walter, I have a feeling it's not pygmie customization unless they are doing some huge, and I mean HUGE, optimization. A while back they said there are already to many animations for the pygmies, so if you added like five outfits, multiply the animations by five. Bu this is all just my speculation. On another note, I hope they give the underwater zone it's own music woththe update, it realy needs it.

  7. Heads up Pocket God!
    I was updating my PG blog (pocketgodpicx.blogspot.com) and i saw an intresting aricle; a new game called GodFinger is about to hit the itunes store. Made by (i beleive) tapulous. Yah, creators of tap tap revenge. Better look out Pocket God! YOU MAY HAVE COMPETITION!!!