Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dave's State of the Island!

Dave talks about the delays, next update, skin pack and asks people's opinion on the next episode's title!

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  1. Woo hoo! Just one more week!

  2. I think that if you make there be a function where the Ape actually spanks the monkey— for example if a monkey was put on the altar and given an ol' fashion over-the-knee paddling, then there shouldn't be a problem. It would just be a literal interpretation of a phrase that happens to have an inappropriate context. That shouldn't get you an explicit rating! If so then I ask, why didn't it happen when you released "flipping the bird"?

    Also, I would like it if you guys could listen to this one thing I've been asking for a while (other than revising the drop-down menu). If when you have the stormclouds turned on and make the pygmies dance, they perform a new dance I call the Rain Dance, because when they do it a gentle rain falls from the sky :) it's so simple, I don't see why you wouldn't want to do it.

  3. Man, if you guys keep coming out with awesome DLCs like that, I'm gonna be broke! And it's a good thing you learned your lesson about trying to line up promotions like that and hopefully you'll get it done better next time. As for the ape mountain trilogy I had an idea for a small monkey that you can place on the shoulder of a pygmy. The monkey will then have the same mood as the pygmy and react accordingly. Positive emotion will result in the monkey picking bugs out of the pygmies hair while negative emotion will result in the monkey pounding the pygmy into the ground so that only its head shows. Then you could pull the pygmy out or, if you add rain or a watering can, you could water the pygmy and a carnivorous plant would grow from their head which could eat other pygmies. I was just writing ideas that popped into my head so please use as much or as little of that as you like.

  4. how about " One Ape, Two Apes, Three Apes, Mad Apes!!!" its a good one consider it please. cant wait for august 3, or aug 13 my 13 th birthday(haha) with the update u are going directly to the1 spot on the top 25. and what about the contest when does it start.

  5. The update sounds great. But I would like it have higher res textures for the iPhone 4. Also for an idea for the next update I know nothing about, why not "get aped!".

  6. First!!! Pocket god was amazing but now it's lost it's feeling. Give it a massive update ASAP and you guys will be back to the top! And add women they are being requested everywhere!

  7. An alternative name could be 'Bad monkey, bad!'

  8. Hey guys
    I really think you need to stop making us buy more skin packs and just add packs together so that it makes the packs more worth the money. i remember you guys saying that you wish you could make them cheaper but apple only alows .99 this is how you do it. you make them "cheaper by making one pack be a pack of of a pack of skin packs so that a skin pack alone wold be valued at .50 or .33 instead of .99. I have put $6 towards the packs which is more than ive spent on high quality games like nova or need for speed. Now im starting to regret it for that reason that the $6 only made the stuff look different no added content or anything and i dont really see it as $6 worth of stuff closser to $2. Mountain sheep did something like this with minigore where they at first only had two characters for $1 each but instead of making more characters (some with special abilities that added to the game play) for $1 they added new characters to the old ones to make character packs. And they have now promised to never add more packs just new characters into the old packs.
    Email me at

    Nate W

    Ps you guys should get together with mountain sheep and do a minigore- pocket god crossover a pygmy with a grenade launcher that shoots coconut grenades would be sweet in minigore.

  9. This game is by far one of the best games that have been released on the Ipod but still...there is something missing, I dont know what it is, maybe more ways of beeing a benevolent god, maybe an upgrade in which the Pygmies when not killed for a while become different abilities, something that makes it worth not killing them (at least for a few minutes) but so far, really an awensome game