Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pocket God Figure Unboxing

Happy new year everyone! Thanks to all who have bought our first venture outside of updating Pocket God, Journey To Uranus! We're excited to keep making the game even cooler, and we're working hard to get our first update of that out soon! But also, thanks to everyone who went and bought a Pocket God figure! Hopefully this is the first of several toys that we will produce of the Pygs! Its definitely a learning experience for us. AtomicGamingVideos ordered one and unboxed it on YouTube which is sweet! He dug it...Believe me, Dave LOVES his toys, and got really crazy on the manufacturer about making sure it was cool. Thanks for posting AtomicGamingVideos!

Have I mentioned, I personally designed the box! Oh yeah I know, BIG DEAL... but hey, I never did a box design, so I tried to make sure it was something you wouldn't just toss out.

If you want to get one of your own CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE POCKE SHOP!

And yes, as soon as the PG Uranus update is wrapped, our next priority is still Pocket God PROPER. More on that update later!

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  1. I think the box design is awesome! "MEAN IS THE NEW FUN"- hahahaha