Friday, December 31, 2010

Pocket God on Wired and Inside Social Games lists!

So we haven't even started the new year, and I'm already working on the update for Journey To Uranus which will involve adding some favorite Pocket God features but with a spacey twist, and soon after that the next Pocket God update (will it ever end?) which I think will go down in history as the weirdest update so far. And with Pocket God, that's saying something. The people at Frima are still hard at work getting ready for the next episode on the Facebook. Just want everyone to know we didn't take THAT much of a holiday case you were wondering!

But in the mean time, we were surprised to see our new games pop up on a couple lists! The Facebook one is a big surprise because it just came out and is in very good company! Congrats to Frima Studios for making that happen!

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  1. Hey, when will the other comic copies going to be available on the pocket shop? I was psyched when I saw the copy on there but there was only one :(

  2. Hey I figured this would be the easiest way to reach you guys... I've been playing the pocket god facebook game which is great however I have found one glitch that I would like to share....

    When the volvalcano explodes and the lava comes flying down sometimes pgymies are hit but they don't catch fire... Then when you pick them up and put them back down on the island they run in place catch fire and burn to ash. It's not major but just wanted to let you guys know...

    - Bil

    - Bill

  3. Oh also this ones alittle more rare but if you do these steps it works everytime...

    Tilt the island using gravity until the pgymies are balancing on it with there one foot then pick up shark and hit them all into the water. When they come up for first breath of air turn island back to flat with gravity still on. This will make it look like the pgymies are walking on water :)

  4. I have found a few more glitches but don't want to write them all out now until I know you've read these ones I've already posted... If you would like me to post more just comment on this post asking and I will check back soon.

  5. One thing you guys should really do is integrate multitouch to the ipod/iphone version of the game. Its a really awesome game so just keep up the awesome work!

  6. Hey check out a new pocket god for the computor!!!

  7. Ignore my last comment here is the link for the new computor version of the game!!!