Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Be the It Pygmy!

At long last! Not only does POCKET GOD FACEBOOK now have female Pygmies, but now you can customize them (the boy Pygmies too)! Customizable pieces include hair color, hair bone, boney tail, top and skirt! Give your tribe a whole new personality! Check out the fashion I've inflicted adorned on my tribe...

And more accessories and options to come! If you haven't joined Facebook Pocket God yet, why not? And be sure to invite your friends!

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  1. hmmm.....
    always seem to be the only one to complain
    but i'd like to customize my pygmies to look like the ones in the comics
    like dooby hair flute, boogas grey cloth and kliks glasses
    anyone whos with me?

  2. Its all coming...We suggested it to the Facebook Team, but they were working out the mechanics...PG comic accessories are on the list!

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