Thursday, March 10, 2011

Journey To Uranus on Sale for 99¢!

Well, iPad 2 has been released and to celebrate (i.e.,influence new buyers), we're running another super sale. Until Sunday, Journey To Uranus is only 99¢! So if you've held out, now's the time to go get it!

We're currently working on delivering a new update, Ep 3. Mercury Rising. It will include the planet Mercury. Apparently millions of years ago, in the Pygmian era, the planet Mercury was covered by a sprawling technological city, with inhabitants who are obsessed with speed (not of the Charlie Sheen variety, but more of the Keanu Reeves-on-a-bus-without-brakes way). The inhabitants even keep statues of the GOD Mercury around that have the ability speed up time...which might be a good thing for Mercurians, but bad for Pygmies! Also, they are crazy drivers with badly kept roads...thus the new game "Hover Jump" (inspired by the game "Bump and Jump") where the pygmy is thrust into the seat of a hover car and must race down Mercury highways, making jumps and avoiding crazy alien drivers. Looks like we will submit this coming Monday.

Here are a few sneak images!


We're also working on a big update for Pocket God which will add a whole new dimension to our little "game". But it requires a bunch of new art and programming, so we may insert another mini-update beforehand. More on that later!


  1. Any hints on the big pocket god update? I already can't wait! (also, if you could make a dream island in the clouds, that would be awesome!)

  2. Are you gonna include clothing for the Pygmies?