Monday, March 29, 2010

Mini-update submitted!

We're currently working on the next bigger update, but we've sent in a mini-update that includes a News feature as well as some fixes and enhancements to story mode. Now you will be able to blank out dialogue for Pygmy actions (so no word balloon appears) and we've added a new popup window to make it easier to select things like pygmy and island states. We've also added "Events" to story mode. This will grow, but for now it includes earthquake, tribal dance (everyone dances) and shark snaps.

Dave will probably explain better, but just wanted to get the update out! We are now going to hurry to get the next full update out before Dave takes a vacation!

In the mean time, here is a demo of Episode 31 by PocketGodVideos on YouTube..

And no, the maker of this video isn't us, but we appreciate what they've put up! Check out the rest of the channel!

The amazing image agove was created by PygKid104 and posted in the Pocket God Forums! (you might have to wait a bit for the full animated GIF to come in)


  1. Cool! But for the next update, can you add the ability to make the dinosaur, spider, and ice monster come up in story mode, with idles too? If not, can you please make the user able to make zombie, ghost, and rock pygmies in story mode. Thanks for the great game and updates, and I hope that you guys have luck in the future!

  2. Wauw, thanks a ton for featuring me Dave and Allan! :)

  3. The update sounds fun is there an April fools joke in the update? And also I have sugesstions for future updates how about girl pygmies or an alien? Please reply. Dave and Allan u guys r the best