Monday, November 2, 2009

Dave and Allan join Touch Arcade's Podcast!

Hey! We joined Arn, Blake and Eli at Touch Arcade for their new Podcast (#3). We loved being included, it was a lot of fun, although its a little frustrating for ME to realize how in articulate I am and how, at one point, I laugh WAYYYYY too loud.There's nothing like hearing your voice recorded. Dave, by comparison, has a better radio voice. But it was fun. They gave us 10 bucks each to buy 6 games to review, Skull Pogo, Flickitty, Earth Dragon, Taxi Fight, Ignite and Doom (although, for some reason I missed this app). Plus we talk a bit about Pocket God. But thanks to the guys at Touch Arcade. Its a really great series, so check ours out and the first couple as well..

Download the Podcast HERE

Go check out the iTunes page here...Be sure to comment and give them a great rating!

Or comment on Touch Arcade.

Thanks guys!


  1. Heyyy its will from
    i just wanted to let you know that i have made art for what i hope for in pyg chill and Pocket devil hate. its the post label "THAR SHE BLOWS!" with the whale =]


    The Team

  2. I still can't download any of the skin packs. It gives me that sandbox error. I've heard many other people having this problem aswell. Is that going to be fixed soon?

  3. Hey please tell me that on the new map when we use the storm we will have a blizzard! Oh and when you make the pygmies dance on the new island during a storm, they get the gift of a peaceful snowfall. And on the other islands, during a storm when they dance, they perform a new "rain dance" and there is a peaceful rainfall. :) That would be pretty cool!

    And also, I think that the next in-app purchase should have different ocean water skins. (Possibly an ocean of lava >:) and there should also be custom skins for the sun, clouds, sky, etc.
    All I'm asking for is basically just a color change option (with a little design on the lava), but the color change of the water needs to apply to the underwater areas as well. This is all of course only a suggestion, but I think it is one you should highly consider for a future in-app purchase.
    And please respond to this post!

  4. Well I hate to give bad news but, you guys are being copied. The copycat app is called " pocket devil" it is Basically like pocket god. They have small people on a island; you can interact with them, and they are going to update often like you guys

  5. Hey guys, where it says Bolt recomends Force.....what is Force?

  6. Hey guys, your status is improving! You're now in the top 25 again, number 19. That update may have really done something. I think you guys are getting more respect because the Poxket Devil craze is almost over.

  7. Yep, you guys are improving! Reviews are great; you're getting mostly 5-star reviews. Your at 4.5 stars. Episode 28 must have hit the public HARD. You guys are making an excelent recovery. I think some of this shock must've been from the skin pack. They're cool, and they're keeping Pocket God alive and running. Good Job!

  8. Im kinda getting alittle annoyed because pocketgod was my favorite app and is still one of my fav fives i check this site 3 times a day for something new and nothing you guys are on toucharcade how about showing us the new updates and how everything is going visit minigores blog they show how their progress is going and how they are doing and i know im being annoying and i get that im criticizing too much but you guys have seriously got to get intune with your community

  9. lol @ sunny. They are in tune with their community : P Can't wait for the next app guys. It's gonna be awesome, I'm sure. Hope theres snowman or a new skin pack included ;) And speaking of skin packs, when is a skin pack for the pygmys coming? I want a pygmy with a mohawk, peircings, and a motorcycle jacket XD