Saturday, November 28, 2009


So we hope everyone had a great thanksgiving. We've taken a couple days off to recuperate, but Dave's State of the Island should be coming, as will the icon preview. So I went back to youtube and found these and cracked up. I swear we haven't put anybody up to this.

By Vdogamez

By GongMoviesProduction

Thanks guys, the videos are hilarious!

P.S. The cool illustration above is by Tehauin from Deviant Art, go check out his page!

P.P.S. I am sorry I didn't warn people about some strong language in the video below! We don't condone bad language! Okay, actually we might sometimes, but hey kids, bad language is bad!


  1. hey people claim that the pyg chill is coming out on Monday November 30th 2009 11/30/09 is that true or not true I have been waiting forever?

  2. Hey guys. First of all I wanna say I LOVE THIS BLOG. I love it so much I made my own. I do not want people to think that i am you guys so I said at the top in big bold letters. I AM NOT BOLT CREATIVE. If you would like to see this blog here is the link:

    All it is gonig to be is what i think about the new updates and thing of that sort.

    P.S. Can you please give me a guess when the new update will come out? Thanks :)

  3. Hey guys!
    I was just curious which inappropriate words I used in my video (GongmoviesProduction one)?

  4. NevenTheKiller - I wasn't referring to your video, there was one offensive word in the previous p-devil vs. p-god. although, the last episode of Southpark I saw was trying to redefine it. I'll let you figure it out what word i'm talking about.

    Will. It was submitted on Monday, but a week turn around approval time during Thanksgiving is really unlikely! ETA is a couple weeks unfortunately. Apple is supposed to be really slow right now because of the holidays and the rush of new apps and games. I hope you bear with us as it will be a pretty cool update.

    thanks Pocketgd2. i'll check it out!

  5. OMG! Hey pocket god! Thanks for posting my vid! Im thevdogamez and i got 2000 views in like, 1 hr. Thank you so much guys! can't wait till apple approves the update! sounds like a lot of fun.

  6. A big thanks to you guys for the great stuff you push out, honestly I never saw another game that had so many updates of such quality.

  7. Right now, pee-devil is out of the top 50. Pocket God is number 45 (ahhh!!) but the update will bump it up. In other news, I think the reason why Pocket God is so low because there have been some issues with the 3.0 instalation. My friend's 8gig iPod touch was wiped of it's music and apps in the process, and it didn't even download! Some computers are to old to run the software (this is why this happened to my friend). Anyways, I don't think the update will be out today. I think it will be out in 2 weeks (this is just what I think, I'm not entirely sure) and will be awesome. Keep it up Bolt Creative!