Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Krapps Calls Out P-Devil!

Okay, so we're finally breaking the silence. We kept our mouths shut for a while, because we didn't want to create MORE buzz about the subject. But it seems that its too late for that. In the background, many ipod/iphone fans and pocket god fans alike, took notice of Pocket Devil Pee-Devil. For better or worse, it rocketed to the top of the rankings. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but we didn't really think it needed to be rewarded. It took us about 10 or so updates with an untested idea for PG to achieve the ranking they got on their first release. Why? Well, with all the really awesome games released lately, we don't think it was because it stood out for the right reasons. And Krapps doesn't think so either! Check out their article here:

>> Read Krapps article here <<

To add to their sentiments, we are most worried that people will take notice. Take an idea, change it a little but keep it close enough to create controversy, and watch the money roll in from the confused iTunes users. I don't think anybody likes THAT idea. Thanks Krapps!

P.S. The great cartoon above was provided by TheMagicalMidget.

P.P.S. Dave wrote me after reading this post and suggests that everyone start calling it Pee-Devil. This way, any mention won't exactly be positive publicity! haha


  1. Im not going to buy pocket devil because they are just copying you and if we buy it the thet will just get a higher ranking hopefully they will go down in ranking but for now we'll just have to wait for them to fall further down the list.
    P.S will they go down quicker if you buy it then delete it then i will probably do that POWER TO THE POCKET GODERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I say we sue the people who made pocket D. for copyright. My dad's a lawyer, so no charges:)

  3. here's the link to my blog: pocketgodgroup.blogspot.com I am starting the Pocket War!

  4. what are you guys putting in pyg chill

  5. You guys should really get a life - "pee-devil"?? Can you be any more immature and childish? I think I'm going to delete Pocket God from my phone now - I'm not feeling so heavenly after all this infantile ranting.

  6. you guys are just whining. pocket devil had an original idea they just took one word from you. its not like you guys invented the word pocket or invented a divine term such as god or devil. and the only similarity between your games is people on an island. its not like you invented islands. its not like you invented updates either. i have pocket devil and its not that good, but it probably will be after they update it. so all pocket god fans need to shut up and if you feel something should be done - then dont buy pocket devil.

  7. Isn't that like, copyright? You should sue them. Then your could get enough money to blast PG up to the top 10s again!

  8. Pocket God is SO much better! You guys rock!

  9. Exactly, freakin imposters, I still can't beleave it. I wish David could sue for copywrite infringment.

  10. Haha. Cait...anyone who downloads pocket god probably noticed our sense of humor is immature! Sorry we offended you. We thought it was a funny homage to P-diddy.

    Fake - interesting name, hmmmm.....thanks for your input.

  11. I was actually hoping that this game was made by Bolt Creative! And hope that they still can make something like this! If this game were made by Bolt, it would be done right and be awesome! I don't know how the legal issues of this sort of thing work, but if they can do it can't you do it also?? I think the majority of people who bought Pocket God would buy *crossing fingers* Pocket God - Dark Side (ok so I suck at thinking up names, but you get what I'm saying!)

  12. Fake is so fake!

    Hey (this takes homage to a car commercial I saw recently)

    Bolt Creative may not have invented
    the island, the volcano, small cartoon people, or Divine intervention,
    but when it comes to bringing them all together into one app,
    Consider them Pioneers.

    Bolt Creative, you rock! d=(•,•)=b

  13. so pocket devil is just stupid and will never live up to pocket god it shall now be know as PEE DEVIL!!! lol gotta hate that app if they have DLC I AM NOT BUYING IT! worst 99 cents ever screw that go buy the dino pack lol

  14. could you post a daves state of the island on touch arcade, please reply, thanks bolt!

  15. I just sent a lovely tweet to the pocketdev (name of twitter) about how mad they make me :)

  16. Dear fake,
    i wish you were an app so i could delete you :P read krapp(s) article and SEE the differences,
    dear bolt creative,
    first off, you rock and draw WAAAYY(!!!) better then eyedib, second off, i think the way you responded to Cait was more mature then he would have been. and i thought pee-devil was good :P P.S. so just so im clear, the next update will have; a new island, new god powers, new DLC (for me to buy), and a new challenge. please corresct me if i am wrong. :)

    Dear Cait,
    Honestly?! did you not think bolt creative has funny immature ideas, lets see here, just look at the gameplay, when you dont touch with the pigmys, they fart and their pants fall down, there is an outhouse which if one is occupying and another is waiting they explode, and again, sharks with laser beams, and a bird who if you press drops crap onto the pigmys. so really? how DID you think they were??? :P

  17. alright, this is so dumb. and Bolt, nice reaction to Cait. It's not like this app was designed to bea moral lesson and stuff like that.
    As for legal issues, i dont think we can sue. But, by any chance Dave/Allen, could we possibly petition the app and show apple and have them take it off the app store? saying its deception and fraud because people think YOU made it then get disapointed! Im tired of this and you (bolt) are takeing it very well. Your not screaming or bickering, thats our job! 8D

    Scott from P.O.C.K.E.T.G.O.D.S., the prez 12521

    The first amendment to the united states of america guarentees the right to petition, but does/ will apple listen? please we want this as much as you do!

  18. Before I saw your comment, I thought Pee Devil was a little immature as well. Maybe you should add an update explaining the reference so more don't think of Pee Devil as an immature joke.

    Also, I've had Pocket God since update one, and even that update alone owns Pocket Devil any day. Pocket God was, is, and ALWAYS will be the superior app. Keep doing what you do best! (Moar updatez :D) Pocket Devil has already fell from #2 to #8 in a few days, and hopefully this continues. Would you believe someone left a review on iTunes saying that Pocket God copied Pocket Devil, and that Pocket Devil should sue you?

    F.Y.I. Here is a link to their blog. ;D
    Their next "original" idea is the addition of "mugat2" women. How pathetic!

  19. Pee-Devil copied a lot more than just one word..I showed them both to a 7 year old and he knew. my opinion is that if someone doesnt realize they STOLE the idea and made a complete RIP-OFF, then maybe they shouldn't comment until they pass the 1st grade. By the way, if you guys who are just buying pee-devil to give it a bad rating and/or test out how bad it is, you are still paying them money for their theft.

    Sorry Derik that you had to waste your money, it would be pretty awesome if it was made by Bolt Creative instead, eh? maybe a project for the future, a bloodier version of pocket god, with more evil lands and whatnot.

    on a brighter note, everyone is excited about the pyg chill update coming up! bonne chance with the approval and may Apple find Haste like they did with the 3 ipods when the zune HD was announced.

  20. Anyone who read the first poster(Overlord)'s comment... DO NOT BUY THE APP. If you buy it, you've just given them more money and another download, which will only make them go UP in the rankings.

    Anyway... PD is SO WRONG. you guys should make an app called "Pocket Angel" to go with PG so you can get more sales! You'd be the god over all these angel pygmies that you can do nice stuff only to... like give them their wings.

    Again... PD=suckish, PG=AWESOME!

  21. Haha.....Pee Devil. Might as well call eyedip eyecrap. Anyway, if you have the icon for Pyg Chill, post it!

  22. im not joking the pocket devil blog goes wrong everywhere im not sucking up to u guys but i tried 2 write a comment on it using facebook and it just messes up r u going to tell us wat the minigame will be i listened 2 ur podcast and u sed it has something to do with flicking also do u hav ny futur updates

  23. btw there next update has got something to do with a warrior looking forward to it lol there blog also looks cheap i dont mean to be offensive any way but everything about it is cheap

  24. so many people r giving them death threats on the site check it out it sucks lol http://eyedip.typepad.com/eyeblog
    and heres 1 of there posts from a pee devil hater wow. Ride off of someone else's succcess then release things that they couldn't because they were doing better work? Yeah thats a great idea! NOT! You all deserve to be in that little inferno with the 'mugat2' (DUMBEST NAME FOR A CHARACTER EVERY!) You know what, most people only buy your stinking app cuz they think Bolt creative make it! Thats deception and fraud. And uh, most people say they want updates fast cuz your game sucks and guess what, you havent an idea what your next update will be and you havent made, or submitted it. And, the app approval rate is around 2 and a half to three weeks! So, were looking at maybe 2 updates by Christmas? Oh and, if you decide to do like some F'ed up version of Santa and christmas, well then your just antiseminist. You all are already going to hell for making and doing this, but, i think you all could be the worse people i ever communicate with. You know your life is sad when you have kids going agaisnt your app because you conned them out of money, like stealing money from a baby, but the baby is a group of teens who know how to act unlike you. So, hope you enjoyed your moment of fame and deception, cuz from your chart you can already tell that sales are sliding. I HOPE YOU ALL GO TO THE SETTING OF YOUR APP WHILE I GET TO KILL YOU!

    Don't do that again,
    Pocket GOD, (GOD not DEVIL), fan for LIFE! and afterlife cuz im not evil.

    Wonder if we can petition this app off the app store? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm :D
    hope u enjoy my excessive commenting and a pocket god fan 4 ever i like pee devil but it is lacking and is quite disturbing

  25. i no u guys are already working on an idea but i have a good one since evryone is feed up with that not to be named rip off wich i got for a ripp off Lol :( anyways after pyrg chill update u should do one were u get the devil wich im sure u can make since like i said ripppp offffffff of the little pygmeis have like a battle scence were of course pg wins in the end add cool weapons ot help u in that little add on thing and then at the end kame a big one with life like t rex so sorta like a war but b4 the big one have like 5 come out and u tell the pygmiie what to use i think its a grat way to get bck please please please please please consider taking my idea ini really would apreciate o and about my post for it taking to long srry but as long as u make it better its good once more please consider taking my idea i would aprecitae a lot

  26. It's almost funny how immature you guys get. "Pee devil"? I know a lot of pocket god fans are 8 year old boys, but that doesn't mean you should act as immature as one. I have both pocket god and pocket devil, and I'm tired of hearing all this hype about plagarism. It's sad how you hardcore fans post bad reviews for pocket devil, considering all potential buyers can plainly see pocket devil is outselling pocket god. It's because of their different concept and take on things that they're grossing more than pocket god. I don't see pong sueing any of the apps for taking their idea, like brick 3d. The pocket god developers (and bolt creative) are shamelessly exploiting pocket devil for more attention, and pocket devil is likewise benefitting from all the mention they get. In fact, many people seem to think that the developers of pocket god and pocket devil were working together to increase sales, and that this whole rivalry is just a conspiracy. After all, they're businessmen selling a product- I'd like to think the pocket god developers aren't childish and immature enough to sincerly call pocket devil "Pee devil." And lastly, don't take me as a pocket devil fanatic; I like both pocket god and pocket devil, but I have to defend pocket devil, since all you crazed fanatics with a misguided sense of loyalty keep mindlessly disrespecting a decent and developing game.

  27. I cannot see how people are soo stupid and buy this terrible copy. One of the fans of pee-devil actually posted. Reveiw saying take more ideas from pocket god I.e the drop down menu and mini games grrrrrrrrrr. Another thing that has annoyed me is the the fact that on PG you a good who kill/controls islanders where as on PD your A devil who kills .... Devils !!!!!! Y would you kill your own are the people who made this two fries short of a happy meal?

  28. hey guys idk if u got my post earleir about the war scene but if u will take it as the next update after this one please email me at hdogboom@gmail.com oh and im sure that if u were to make it but it would take u like a month to do no1 would mind cause coming from a person like me i cant wait that long but if i knew it would b a war scene i would wait and another thing to go with my idea wich may take a long time to do is airplanes or maybe that could b the sequel to the first idea and the add on could b like different patterns on the plane i no its a lot but u rember i got upset last time well for this i wouldnt mind waiting so as i said maybe airplanes could be the sequel to the post i gave u earleir wich i dont c up on the blog o well pretty please i m a big fan (#1) :)and if possible u could bring in a giant pygmie and have them just fight to the death automtacilly ;) frm henry ur biggest fan i hope u take it under concedaretion

  29. Y'now what? I have Pocket Devil, and guess what? It's good! The
    animation is of low quality, but killing a Mugat2 (what the hell does
    that even mean?) is quite satisfying. What's more, it isn't very
    similar at all to Pocket god. Sure, the format is the same, but the
    things you can do are much different. It's a lot more different from
    Pocket God than Doodlejump is from Papijump, but you don't see fanboys
    giving Limasky an inbox full of hatemail. And whoever said that PG
    update one was better than PD update one... I'm sorry, but That's just
    crap. There are already many different ways to torture/ kill Mugat2s
    than there were for Pygmies on the first update. Now, with all that
    said, PG is clearly the better app right now, and that's not going to
    change. You guys rock! BTW, are you still doing the designer/
    developer's corner thing? I enjoyed that.

  30. lol p(ee)-devil is such a rip off, and its not even funny how unorigional some of the stuff in it is, lets see...you touch back screen a few times and it rains poorly drawn firelava rain (cough volcano)that only kills some pigmies, i mean miglies or w/e they got,they ot a fish that you drop a migme on and it dies, and then u send them to heaven if they are good?
    ? they are down in hell for a reason...

    i think you should petition apple though and request that p-devil change its name because it is confusing buyers
    on the plus, it holds the record for the only game in the top 5(us) to have the most 1 star reviews

  31. I know this isn't on the subject, but I found a really good review on Krapps that might have some cool ideas for Pocket God, or better yet, a Pocket God sequel!!!!!
    Here's the URL:

  32. MAN I BOUGHT THE CRAPPY Pee DEVIL CUZ I THOUGHT YOU GUYS MADE IT!!!! Anyway i deserve that for not readin' the description, curses!

    PS Dont call eyedip, eyecrap call it eyedip!$%?
    HAHAHA see what i did there? Get it dip"poop" not trying to curse or anything so i said POOP (ha ha he said poop!)

    PPS Bolt Creative put a devil from pee devil on the spooky island and then when the pygmies see it they yawn or just ignore it while the devil tries to scare the pygmies you could turn a pygmy into a ghost that scares the devil into the water to drown, now that would be funny!

  33. I checked out some reviews of Pee Devil on my ipod and all but about 8 were under 3 stars! :D GO PG!

  34. this is really stupid pocket god has been around longer than pocket devil it is stupid that they wanna copyright this!

  35. LOL i went on their site they don't even have 1 original app LOL!!!!

  36. Why does pee devil have 4 stars???
    Ok, so they added some "devil chick" and fixed the lagging. So what?!? They should give it 1 star.and also, what is with the 17+rating?!?
    Down with bloody gory copying stupid 17+. Pee devil!!!!!
    Go awsome creative addicting worth-it's-money- pocket god!!!!!!

  37. i also think you should be fighting them they stole YOUR idea why arent you angrier about this?
    ive been watching your status in the top 50 apps for awhile now (ive been here since episode 6) and now that pocket devil was in the top 2 pocket god moved back into the top 25 again but NOW pocket devil is dropping due to bad ratings and you guys are dropping with them if you dont get rid of them soon you will be out of he top charts and lose tons of sales STOP THEM NOW
    or else...

  38. Yes! I agree on eyecrap!! Plus, don't listen to overlord!

  39. hey blot eyecrap stole so much from pg i would have never bought it if i knew it was from eye%^%# but hey ill keep u posted on theire updates so u can know how they are doing please reply if u want me to or do u have the app? well let me know my email is aposlezell@yahoo.com

  40. I know we all hate pocket devil
    and I know that it doesn't deserve it's place in th app store,
    but I think it's actually boosted pocket God's ratings, we are all saying that it's because of the recent Halloween update, but sadly I think that pocket devil has done a favour to PG ( even though I still hate it) because of all the PG fans who already had PG bought PD they made it go into the top 50 list. This meant that all of the new iPhone/ iPod touch users Who missed out on seeing pocket god high up saw pocket devil and either bought it OR like any clever person would do before buying an app with and average rating of under 3 stars. They read the reviews. The reviews are full of enfuriated people who knew it was a stolen idea. The new user that went to find out what this "pocket god" was and realised that with
    and average rating of 5 stars was a much
    better app choice and got that instead (
    maybe aswell but it still made a PG sale meaning it's a good thing!
    Although it was sadly at the expense of them copying you, maybe it also acted as free advertising?

    what do you think Dave and Allen?

  41. Pocket devil has terrible ratings and looks awful! You have the rights to sue them for copyright, but you will need evidence.

    Made the profile pic on photoshop. Clever for a 12 year old, huh? =P(I'm in Menses)

  42. ok guys i actually had and idea you could crossover with pocket devil like youd did with all those other games the pygmies could beggin fighting the devil pygmeis when like something happens

  43. What happend to the weekly updates? I can understand it taking longer and being harder but rather than trying to live up to your original promise your busy bitchn bout pocket devil. I had no problem bout two weeks or so but nw its jst getting pathetic. If i were u id stop worrying bout otha apps and focus on trying to keep ur customers happy with what u originally promised!

  44. i thought of a good idea i gonna make blog for pd and talk bout the updates and how bad they are please put it on ur site thx

  45. It's too bad - PG ratings and reviews seem to be suffering from the Pee-Devil confusion. I've seen recent reviews where PG customers think Bolt Creative actually spent time making PD instead of releasing the Pyg Chill update. I can imagine the AppStore reviewers are getting a bit slammed given the upcoming holiday.

  46. I dont understand what is bad about Pocket Devil. Its a good app and fun to play. Pocket God is excellent. I think Bolt creative fears some good competition.