Saturday, January 23, 2010

Episode 30 finally submitted and Dave's a TV star!

haha. he'll be mad at me for putting that. but in case you haven't seen this, check it out...

>> Bloomberg TV Invasion of the Apps <<

Whew. I am finally coming up for air after my face being buried in Pocket God 15 hours a day. The last two weeks were pretty rough for me. There are a few aspects to this next update that just kicked my butt. I probably produced over 300 frames of animation. And yeah, it took a LOT more time than we wanted and we've caught some heat about it. Dave will fill everyone in on the behind the scenes tribulations that went on in his State of the Island post on Touch Arcade, but our current goal is to get back into a groove and we're planning the next update. Hopefully later today Dave will have his post up. Stay tuned!


  1. hey i have a problem. i purchased all 3 skin packs for pocket god but i had to restore my itouch and now theyre gone... i still have my digital receit if that helps but how can i get them back without spending another 3 dollars?

  2. Are we seriously finally getting temperature change and an octopus?

  3. Why the Update isn`t already available?

  4. The update is AWESOME!!! I already bought the dance pack (I almost pooped my pants laughing at the "pants on the ground" dance), and I love ripping a pygmy's head of and dangling it around! 2 suggestions:

    1. Be able to slap pygmies with the pulled-off head
    2. be able to cook the swordfish and let it feed multiple pygmies (same with the shark).

    Keep on being awesome! But get a lot of sleep each night-- otherwise the updates could be really weird.

  5. Hey there! Love the app. Wondered if we could get 5 promo codes for Pocket God. What's your best email? Thanks! -John @