Sunday, January 3, 2010

Best App EVER!

Happy new year everyone! Dave and I are back to work on the next update, which means the blog entries are gonna slow down a bit, but wanted to take a second to do some good old fashioned vote-begging for the Best App Ever awards. Could we really claim something so grandiose? Well...prob not, but who cares? Vote for us anyway!! The online nominations are complete (and we ended up in a few categories). So vote for us Best App Ever....Or choose the category you feel makes the most sense to you. Here are the links. Vote today!

best app ever

Most Innovative App

Best Just for Fun Kids App

Best App for Middle School Kids

Most Innovative Game

Best Use of Social Gaming Platform Game

And yes, to all you Simpsons purists out there. Comic book guy would actually only say "Worst App Ever", but we all know who that goes to....And the title ends with the word "Devil" ! :)


  1. i voted for pocketgod in every single category it was in..and tried to vote again :D haha good luck!!!

  2. Hey guys, do you remember wehn you start selling pocketgod? You promised weekly updates.
    So where are those updates?
    I want an update a week now or tell me how i can get my money back?

  3. Hey! First off, I wanted to let you know how cool I think this app is. It is def a lot of fun! Secondly I wanted to know if you could let your fans know when th next update is coming out? Thanks a lot!!!

  4. Pocket devil are so crap, they took pocket gods idea and changed it slightly, but it is still bad, just shows how PATHETIC they are


    This has a really great video, and it features pocket god!

  6. Seriosly, not to sound like a jerk, but this little feud you have with Pocket Devil is so petty. Their app, contrary to common belief, is actually not much like yours. The format might be similar, but all of the killings are different, providing a different experience. To be frank, Limasky's Doodlejump is a bigger Ripoff of Papijump than PD is of PG

  7. dude i voted for you an all of them! lol i hope you win