Friday, January 8, 2010

Techland Interviews Dave and PocketGamer Names Bolt As Number 3 Dev of 2009

Dave is currently in Las Vegas for CES (Consumer Electronic Show) meeting people for various reasons...and I stayed behind because we are way overdue to push out a new update. This current update is a bit more of an old school update requiring tons of Pygmy animations which I have been plowing through this week, but it is fun to get back to the basics of little details and funny expressions and animations then when I finish them make me laugh out loud. Still, our updates have gotten progressively more complicated, and there is 10 times the work that was in the lightning update.

So I know we're starting to get a little hate out there for the delay on the next update and all I can say is sorry about that. But hopefully this update will put us back in the groove.

We have a few projects that we want to get started on but require contract signing. I never knew business deals took so long. Dave does talk a little about our talks to port Pocket God in a recent interview on's Tech section.

>> Read Techland Interview Here <<

The other is PocketGamer's list of the top 50 developers and we're number three! We're flattered. Our friends at Lima Sky are number nine and at number one is firemint....and how could we argue with that?

>> Read PocketGamer article here <<

Back to work for me!


  1. Yay! Hope you guys can get an update out soon. I wonder what it will be? XD

  2. So, will there be weekly updates again? (I hate waitin for 3+ weeks for an update q__q)..
    And how long will you continue updating pocketgod? :D omg questions!

  3. Oh.. So will there be weekly updates again? (i dont like waiting 3+ weeks for an update q__q)..
    And how long will you continue to update the app? Till its 50th episode?

  4. Its "Pocket God's" 1st birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY and huge congratulations for Pocket God's success in the app store!! It is truly the best app in the app store!!! ALL HAIL DAVE AND ALLAN (DAVLAN).

    And I was wondering when are you going to release details about Pocket God 2, i just cant wait! Is it going to be similar then the awesome original Pocket God! Please reply, thanks!