Thursday, December 31, 2009

Indie Developers Lead the Pack according to the Appera

The holidays are drawing to a close with the new year countdown. 2009 will go down in my history as the craziest year ever.

And, continuing the year-end wrap-ups, Drew Lacrois at the Appera wrote about 2009 and big developers. Now, in a follow up, talks about indie developers on the app store and mentions us as one example.

>> Read Appera Article Here <<

The above image was one of our twitter contest entries by LordSam...and what is that big red thing he's in? I have a vague memory of them but am drawing a blank. Although it reminds me of the "TARDIS" from Dr. Who!


  1. You guys have i think created a standerd for entertanment app. but i am woried about turning this into a game. Many of us miss the midless killing.
    thanks for looking at this bye =)

  2. THAT'S IT!

    A Dr.Who tribute in Pocket God! .......Just kidding

    Article was great and I agree with it 110%

  3. Cool that you guys are mentioned in the article.

    On a side note...GO DOCTOR WHO! Bad wolf!

    But, sadly, yesterday we said goodbye to the Tenth Doctor. RIP, David Tennant. You will be missed!

  4. Yeah another Doctor Who fan! Wohoo! i'd be awsome to have a doctor who easter egg in PG


    They obviously love pocket god, and with reason! 1st app!