Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back From Wizard World Chicago!

Dave left from Chicago to visit with family, but I just came back tonight and have a bunch of things to post. We had a lot of fun at the Wizard World convention and were shocked to completely sell out of the Pocket God comic! We didn't have the plushes (we had a lot of 'splainin' to do) but because we felt so guilty, gave away a ton of posters, urns and figures until we ran out. I have a lot of photos and fan art to post soon...but I saw this on Twitter from and thought I'd post it. By the way, if you took a picture at the convention send a note to and we'll blog it!

And by the way, I was keeping up on signing comics for kids and had NO idea Dave was being interviewed on video which is why I look like a deer caught in the headlights :)

P.S. There have been a lot of kids writing in about the contest saying they don't have a comic store nearby. We are going to loosen up and let you take a picture in a book store with the flyer. Just be sure to leave the flyer with a worker at a cashier!


  1. Dave must be really tired! Look at those bags.....

  2. Another Doodle Jump and Pocket God cross over should be made. In Doodle Jump a full out theme with a pocket god island for the back
    round and the ape from PG as one of the enemies and the bird as another
    enemy, shark, etc. And in PG maybe be able to play around with the doodle. Another mini game in PG with the doodle ......could be kind like the coconut
    bounces where you need the Doodle to keep jumping on the pygmies heads
    and you need to keep adding pygmies to the island while the doodle is
    in mid air. When he hits the ground you get a mini game over lol. One more thing there could be pygmies in the background on the island looking at
    the pygmy jumping up the platforms and they could have an intrigued
    look on them and stuff.

  3. Hey guys! Are you going to be selling the urns anytime in the near future?

  4. That's a cool video, but hey, where will you post the winners of the contest? On the blog?

  5. Did Dave say he has the brue game and the iPad game? What's brue?

  6. Metalbear- Dave doesn't really look like that in person. Bad camera and bad lighting. We need to bring our own makeup and lighting like Madonna does
    Bryan - I agree we need to do another Doodle crossover! Thanks for the idea
    Alex - Not sure if we are going to integrate the urns into our merchandise...still getting the figure and the plush off the ground! We'll see
    Olivia - Contest ends soon. We'll start posting pics soon
    Kaleb - Brew is an operating system for smaller phones. if you know anyone with a verizon phone, they may be able to get it. It is basically a smaller version of Pocket God with a different game play mechanism.

  7. Hey guys! I did a post on the new iPod Touch among other things.

    I think I'll get it because my 1st gen barely runs Pocket God, although the recent updates have improved performance (thanks Dave). Might do a Pocket God post soon!