Saturday, August 28, 2010

Comic Shop Contest Almost Closed! Plus random news!

Hey guys! Deadline for the GET POCKET GOD IN YOUR COMIC SHOP is August 30. In case you missed it in some of our posts. We've loosened up our requirements to include local book stores that hopefully carry comics! Get your picture taken next to the comics, or graphic novel section!

Also, I've been very busy this week. Working on marketing graphics and best of all, the Pocket God figure box! I'm crossing my fingers that everything goes well with the figure. We've seen the prototypes and moulds and examples of past work so we're hopeful we won't have another manufacturing blunder!

As for the comic, above is a sneak preview for issue 2. The Pygmies venture away from the island in an overturned turtle shell. If you read the comic, you'll know that a blunder caused damage to the "gem of life" which enables their perpetual resurrection, so they decide to travel to a legendary temple to fix it. But guess who's waiting for them in the water?

For everyone who purchased the digital comic, we have a surprise for you! Between the issues Ape is going to submit updates that will include a magazine called the Pygmy Peril. It will include replies to comments on iTunes, various articles, exclusive art and more. Be on the look out!

I haven't had a chance to recap the Wizard World conference. The guys at Wizard World were really awesome to us. And we were happily surprised at how many people stopped to talk to us, buy comics and get signed posters! Here are some images!

Blagojevich stopped by the booth!

Some fans dropped off art! This is a cool map created by Austin Stengel, explaining the location connections!

Adults, teens and kids stopped by the booth, but a few were too cute not to photograph

Buy the comic, get a free poster!

We gave out prizes for beating Dave at the Runs!

Dave gave a presentation with one of his clever titles. I made him a slide.


  1. How many entries would you say are in the contest, if you had to give an estimate? I think my chances are slim at this point :P

    And I think you should just allow people to post on the blog, without your approval. It would allow more conversation and discussion between fans, and you could always delete "naughty" comments.

  2. So, do you guys have any general idea when Uranus will come out?

  3. Are u guys adding retina display support?

  4. hey when is the new update coming out cant wait . And about Journy to Uranus pliss make it for iphone or itouch, not alot of persons have ipads you know. Some ideas for the next update how about a minigame that you need to keep the little monkeys from getting some bannanas, a pigmy can be on the top of the three shooting spears. Each level can have more mnkeys or something like that. Tahnk you love the game

  5. Hello. I'm a very big fan of pocket god. And it's been a week since i send you the picture and details. But i still don't have the code. If i don't received it, i'll be very, very sad. I just can't stop playing with.

    If i will get the code, i will tell everybody How awesome is Pocket God. And i will put some flyer around my City.

    Thank-you for helping me.

  6. Hey Guys, Im curious when will their be a update to Pocket God that implements fast App switching for iOS 4? It's been almost 2 months since iOS 4 came out and I'm a little surprised it hasn't been implemented yet. Also, I know that you guys stated that you wouldn't be updating the graphics to support the Retina display, but can you at least update the icon? I would like my homescreen apps to look pretty :)

  7. @Elly Black

    I can't answer anything other than fast app swiching (aka multitasking ) it is already multitasking compatable (which I love)

  8. Ther is already fast app switching in the current version

  9. sounds cool was that a convention or something?

    P.S. i can NOT figure out how to get the pygmy to play the bongos. i've honestly tried everything i even looked it up in the directions and followed the instructions but it doesnt work!! help!