Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wizard World This Week! and uh oh, Pocket God Plush delay

Hey everyone, just a reminder for all who will be in Chicago and/or be at Wizard World, Dave and I will be there promoting the PG comic, giving out posters, and even holding a panel to talk about the whole Pocket God story....the panel is called "A-Hole in Time, Pocket God's Past Present And Future" or something like that!

Okay, there are a lot of twitters out there about the Plushes being available at Wizard World, but we've hit a manufacturing snag and it looks like we are showing up empty handed. We'll have the samples, but none to sell :( We are really bummed about this, but we are kind of new to this and are finding out the pitfalls of toy production.

We will definitely have free posters for signing and the Pocket God comic, which has content not on the digital version!

Oh yeah, and update on the next update, I think we're calling it "Monkey See, Monkey Chew"...I have been animating monkeys, monkeys, monkeys and they are doing all sorts of mischievous, and perhaps somewhat inappropriate things. Dave is hooking it up while I work on another custom pack....There won't be as much of a wait this time around! Also, we've seen all the art for the next Pocket God comic and it looks amazing. We've also seen some "thumbs" for issue 3 today when their adventures get really crazy....and I got really stoked on how awesome the whole mini-series is coming out. More later!


  1. Laammme! :( sorry but I'm feeling a little neglection here. I know you guys don't have time to answer comments often but I've left one in like almost every single one of your posts with an idea or suggestion and nothing seems to be getting through.

    So here's a short list:

    •Openfeint Gold- you should try to get it for better marketing.
    •Rain Dance- a simple idea I've said so many times I'd be surprised if you didn't see it.
    •Check your Bolt Creative gmail account- I sent you a really good idea for the Ape minigame.

    Please answer me this time. Even if you could just respond to my email :/

  2. name the update monkey see, monkey pooh instead :p

  3. Hopefully you get those manufacturing kinks worked out! Can't wait for the plushes!

  4. made in China I guess...? *sigh*

  5. any news on this 3.1.2 issue because I really want to keep playing pocket god and I can't risk to update :L plz make it compatible for 3.0

  6. Wow! Monkey see, monkey chew is a really creative name. For another update there should be a story mode like with what happens in the comic. The default would be like what u have now, and in the dropdown menu there should be an option for that. Different pygmies have different abilities, and u have to defeat different things and outsmart the gods

  7. Can we get retina display support for iPhone 4s?

  8. So the new updates name is monkey see monkey chew and it sounds neat. I got an idea maybe you may add 2 more pymies on the update!

  9. Manufacturing delay still on? :(