Tuesday, September 7, 2010

And the Winner is....

Louis Forie of Burnaby, British Columbia! He was our randomly chosen winner (we used random.org to pick). He took the picture at Tazmanian Comic Connections! Congratulations Louis! And thanks to everyone who entered! Pictures have been posted on Flickr below..

The latest comic, by the way, has been submitted and is in approval. The next update will contain a free newsletter called "The Pygmy Peril" (even if you don't buy the latest issue), including answers to comments, an article about the T-Rex update, and some free comic content from Ape Entertainment. And going forward, we will try to add a free newsletter between the remaining issues of this series, which will also have Pocket God mini-stories. And in the works is a Pocket God comic with a story geared to the holidays....but of course with our own twist to it.

Again, thanks everyone! We are getting close to finishing the next episode "Monkey See, Monkey Chew"...and we are putting in a couple surprises that we think everyone will love.

By the way, we posted all pictures. Some took pictures at multiple comic shops and some sent duplicates...or ineligible entries, or photoshopped strangeness...But they are all posted here anyway!


  1. Probably no one will agree with me, but in my opinion, bolt creative should stop with the whole comic stuff and just focus on making updates.

  2. Do you guys know an exact day of when Episode 34 might be released yet? Also, are you guys going to make Journey to Uranus for IPhone? Please Respond! One more thing, what do you guys think about an Egypt themed island as well?

  3. The next update might come out either September 22nd September 23rd because it was submitted the 15th or 16th of September and it usually takes Apple 7 days to review and approve an update.