Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Pygmies Land On Verizon!

A version of Pocket God is now available on Verizon BREW-based phones! This version of Pocket God has many of the features of Pocket God iPhone that you've come to know and love, but with a few new twists. As a vengeful god, you have control of an active volcano, lightning storms, hungry animals and much more. Or give gifts to the pygmies in the form of fish, coconuts, dancing, etc. This version uses different controls but requires the same exploration, and you must unlock god powers as you go. Hints guide the way as you discover all the god powers available!

The Verizon phones have different screen sizes and the resolution is a bit more limited than the iPhone, but we think Bight did a great job...

So, if you iPod Touch users happen to have a Verizon phone or know someone who does, be sure to check it out!

>> Get Pocket God on Verizon's Media Center! <<


  1. *yawn*

    Well, not so much a yawner as it's not something for me. Cool for others to snap up what we all know and love however.

    But I have two questions for Dave & Allen.

    1. For those of us that were unable to make either of the Comic Con's can we request autographs from the makers of our favorite game?


    2. Can you guys PLEASE make an album of Pocket God music and sound effects. I'd gladly pay for it and I'm sure others would as well. It'd be another good source of revenue for you all.

  2. You guys should try and get this game onto the android phones too!

  3. Are you planning on porting Pocket God to Android based phones like the Droid X?

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  5. Hi Bolt Creative, it's Chris or Gir the Samurai 777. I had a new idea for you guys. How about constructing an Egyptian themed island. Btw, thanks for accepting my Japanese themed island. It may take a while, but I don't care. You guys are awesome! Hey, do you guys know when episode 34 might come out yet? Please respond!

  6. cool i would totally get the game!! how much does it cost?? and also: i have this game on the ipod touch and the pygmy wont play the bongos!! i've tried so many things please help!!

  7. Now you can have a sort of pixalated verizon skin pack with the blue lightning and such.

  8. on the mobile phone version what do they mean by tease the animals PLEASE HELP ME!