Saturday, September 25, 2010

Monkey See Monkey Chew is Out!

Took a bit longer than I expected, but the update was released today. As stated a few times already, this one features monkeys that are up to no good. Check out Dave's State of the Island for details on this update!

And thanks for everyone Tweeting and Facebooking (Fbooking? Fooking? Faking?) the Update Song Video...its racked up over 16,000 views so far and we're hoping to rack up more now that the update is out! Please help us push it more if you haven't Tweeted, commented or favorited. Dave's crazy idea of having a song written about our app is just another one of our attention-getting schemes to be the first at something (first episodic app, first comic book, first song, etc.) and see who follows suit :)

One of the favorite comments for the song is "why were they working on this video instead of the update?"....But guys, the video is just footage OF the update, particularly the dance pack too, since the song is included with guitar-playing pygmies! So there!

I made some screen shots, but this is the most difficult update to screen shot. The monkeys are unpredictable, its like taking a picture of a hyperactive child!

Plucking bananas from the banana tree attracts the monkeys. You can get up to 3 monkeys.

Monkeys like to ride the backs of the pygmy, but it always ends badly.

Drop a pygmy on a monkey and if there is another monkey on the island, they play catch. Then you can drop other pygmies into the game and see how many they can juggle!

The Dance Pack Too also includes the tasteful fart dance with lots of fun sound effects.

Lastly, we've done some menu rearranging. Here is the key:

Map - changes location

Island Menu - allows you to enable and disable island-specific features

Global Menu - allows you to enable and disable global features

God Power Menu - allows you to enable and disable god powers

Custom Menu - Gives you access and altar customizable elements, including the Custom Store, the Tribe Stat screen, Story Mode

Community Menu - Gives you access to community features such as Open Feint Achievements and Challenges

Settings Menu - here you can mute sounds, turn on and off gravity, turn on and off name lables, etc.

Hopefully this is cleaner than it was. There is a bit of debate if some features fit on the global menu and god power menu, but hopefully this makes it easier!


    I really think you need to stop making us buy more skin packs and just add packs together so that it makes the packs more worth the money. i remember you guys saying that you wish you could make them cheaper but apple only alows .99 this is how you do it. you make them "cheaper by making one pack be a pack of of a pack of skin packs so that a skin pack alone wold be valued at .50 or .33 instead of .99. I have put $6 towards the packs which is more than ive spent on high quality games like nova or need for speed. Now im starting to regret it for that reason that the $6 only made the stuff look different no added content or anything and i dont really see it as $6 worth of stuff closser to $2. Mountain sheep did something like this with minigore where they at first only had two characters for $1 each but instead of making more characters (some with special abilities that added to the game play) for $1 they added new characters to the old ones to make character packs. And they have now promised to never add more packs just new characters into the old packs.
    Email me at

    Nate W

    Ps you guys should get together with mountain sheep and do a minigore- pocket god crossover a pygmy with a grenade launcher that shoots coconut grenades would be sweet in minigore.

  2. where'd the cloning disaster part of the update song go in the game version of it? that was the best part!

  3. When you drop the monkey on the pygmies head, it gets very gruesome, very fast. I think I need to throw up.

  4. Hello,
    great Update, but when will PocketGod get retina display support???

  5. I purchased Dance Pack Too and am very upset! I made the pygmies dance to the Update Song, but now the song keeps on looping and playing even when they are not dancing! I paid a dollar to have additional dances, not have some (now) annoying music playing in the background all the time! Is there any way I can override it so I can listen to the other sounds without this playing in the background? Thanks.

    Anyway, I like the new update and hope this great game continues along the path of success. Sorry about the rant, but this is a great game overall and I was just pointing out one minor issue.

  6. What does the last function on the global features do?

  7. Hi! I just bought a dance pack and am totally confused about how to activate it? Could you please help or point me to a resource? thanks and keep up the wonderful work!

  8. Hey Nate. thanks for the thoughts...I'll talk to Dave. There will be a time we have to rethink our pack strategy and these thoughts are really helpful.

    Boospengi. Originally, we had intended to only have a 30 second song in the game. But Jonathan recorded a minute 45 seconds. We are always trying to conserve memory space so I chopped the end off. but when we did the video I went ahead and included the whole thing. If there is enough outcry, we could be convinced to put it back in! can thank Dave for that! I thought it was too mean, but he wanted the gag in...But remember, like bugs bunny or billy and mandy, they are just cartoon characters!

    Alex...the retina display issue! Well.....we have the same issue as putting PG out for the iPad...all these graphics were made specifically for this resolution and apple didn't tell us we were going to have to double it eventually. Not to mention, if we had put in bigger graphics, we would have hit a wall in the updates a year ago. We have talked about upping the resolution of the background art as a comprimise. but we may have to wait for PG 2.

    JustinYum! I'm sorry. that is a bug and shouldn't happen all the time. were you able to stop it and do it again without happening? I'll let Dave know that's a bug...and I agree a very annoying bug.

    Femis, the last feature in Global features stops the minigame "the Runs" from happening. some beta testers wanted to be able to have pygmies fall into cracks without playing the game so we obliged.

    Dean - activate dances by tapping on the screen. If the dances are not starting, its possible you accidentally switched off dancing..which is in the god power menu and is the symbol of a pygmy with motion lines.

  9. No Retina Display??? Why