Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pocket God "Best God Game on iPhone"

Hey guys. So, this week has been rough. Dave and I were up until 4 am pushing through Monkey See Monkey Chew. There was some unexpected coolness that we discovered as we were playing with the monkeys. It was akin to how we discovered then when you bounced a coconut on Pygmy's heads you could attempt to keep the coconut in the air by lining the pygmies up and seeing how many times the coconut would off their skulls. However, this unexpected feature turned out to be difficult for Dave to work out the bugs, but we thought it was cool enough to integrate as part of the update, so we went back and forth on that trying to make it solid. Then around 4 am we had a somewhat heated discussion about marketing graphics. Then I went to bed and I think Dave kept working. So if it wasn't submitted some time around 5 am, then it will be today!

What kept me super busy over the last two weeks was a new dance pack...and it has a cool surprise, but I'll wait for Dave to post his state of the island to let everyone know.

During this, we've also been working on the iPad game as well. And I'm going to focus on that for the next week or two.

While PG has been flailing in the rankings, we are still lucky enough to have some new press....

>> Dave is interviewed on TheStreet (MainStreet) <<

Cnet's Tap That App named us best "God Game"....and the third game "Fingerzilla" in the list is interesting...I hadn't seen that yet!


  1. Are you planning a retina display update?

  2. Lol. Heated "discussion."

    Anyway, I'm pretty excited. Any ideas when the state of the island is coming out?

    By the way, I'm just wondering, do you still have beta testers? I've always wondered how that whole thing works, I mean, how do you send them the beta?

  3. Hey guys! I didn't see this in your FAQ, but do you plan on updating this for the Retina Display? The type of graphics you have look the best in hi-res!

  4. sep,18,2010
    Sorry, when was the update coming out?
    p.s. from australia if your wondering about the time

  5. When do you think the new update will be released?

    Also, I wanted to say that I have been thinking of some happy tree friends/pocket god crossovers.... If you think about it, they are similar enough to even take place in the same game universe.

  6. sorry, when was the update coming out? i've been waiting for at least 3 days for 'then it will be today!' please, release it some time soon