Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dave's State of the Island!!!!

Hey everyone. Dave did his latest recap on Touch Arcade. Lots of stuff going on, so it was a biggee. One of the more off the wall things we've had in the works was the above Update Song! We had planned a dance update and Dave got it in his head to get Jonathan Mann (, the perpetrator of the infamous i-Phone 4 Antenna Song, to write a song for us ...and to the fans who hound us about updates! And it was awesome. So my job was to animate the first pygmy boy band to perform it. Its part of the dance pack, but we decided to make a little video as you can see above. In the video, there's a sneak preview of Monkey See Monkey Chew and some of the other dances from the dance pack.

Anyway, Dave explains it all, so go check it out and the latest icon!

>> Read Dave's State of the Island on Touch Arcade! <<

P.S. If you turn on Closed Captioning, you can see the lyrics!


  1. Put the update song on iTunes!!!! Or a free download... I'd buy it though!

  2. I want the update! Give us the update nowwwwwwwwwwwww! Haha. You just earned yourselves another dollar with that one!

    Next song you should do "history of everything" by the bare naked ladies. I think it could fit pocket god quite nicely.

    Also, I do animation as a hobby, so I know it can take a loooong time. I can only imagine how hard it is to make it as in-depth and interactive as you do with just two people! Keep up the great work and I look forward to this update!!!

    I really think you need to stop making us buy more skin packs and just add packs together so that it makes the packs more worth the money. i remember you guys saying that you wish you could make them cheaper but apple only alows .99 this is how you do it. you make them "cheaper by making one pack be a pack of of a pack of skin packs so that a skin pack alone wold be valued at .50 or .33 instead of .99. I have put $6 towards the packs which is more than ive spent on high quality games like nova or need for speed. Now im starting to regret it for that reason that the $6 only made the stuff look different no added content or anything and i dont really see it as $6 worth of stuff closser to $2. Mountain sheep did something like this with minigore where they at first only had two characters for $1 each but instead of making more characters (some with special abilities that added to the game play) for $1 they added new characters to the old ones to make character packs. And they have now promised to never add more packs just new characters into the old packs.
    Email me at

    Nate W

    Ps you guys should get together with mountain sheep and do a minigore- pocket god crossover a pygmy with a grenade launcher that shoots coconut grenades would be sweet in minigore.

  4. I agree with them where are the female pygmys?