Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Episode 42, Bone Soup, now available!

Here it is, the last Pocket God update of the year!

A new pyramid idol has appeared underwater, with strange icons imprinted on it. When you hit the symbols in a certain order, you can activate five special powers: fire, ice, acid, oil and air. Fire, ice and acid have obvious repercussions, but oil is a little unusual, and air... well, we'll just let you see for yourself!

Included is the Candyland skin pack, which turns the island and all the skinnable elements associated with it into a series of sweet, tooth-rotting delights! Change a meteor into a donut, a fish into a gummi bear, and the outhouse into a giant frosted cupcake!

And finally, the Fishmas pack has a new addition: the Pygmies singing the "Twelve Days of Fishmas" song! See just how jolly your Pygmies can get... before you lead them to the underwater pyramid, of course.

Watch "Bone Soup" in action here:


  1. No one cares oog hoog

  2. Oh please where is the update for the windows phone 7. Please make it happen. I've been waiting for a long time. You guys also promised for an update months ago. Please guys why hasn't it been released. We are all waiting for this update. Please make it happen. Thank you

  3. How do you get santa appear and fishlap you?

  4. I can't buy the skin pack! :'(

  5. Update works I can kill my pygmy's again

    The last update made me go 2 months without killling my pygmies
    As Tribe Zeba Hooga Always said "Long Live Allen and Dave"

  6. I see Brother tribe Ooga Hooga has been up to it's job
    Great update though Totally amazing work one of our favourite updates. And Ooga Hooga Never stole my name some stupid kid did that.

  7. Is Pocket God The Runs going to be for the iPod 3rd gen? Please try to make It because I would buy it.

  8. Any chance of the android version ever being updated?

  9. I wonder whatever happened to my old friend Jared and Nooby lover and Mr. Pocketgod

    In comic #13 A Couple things are Destroyed along with an evil CLONE
    You are welcome world
    Use Venus on the PG JTU

  11. Hey i'm still here you know i was waiting to post a comment after beating ep.42. Yeah i have a little problem getting new updates

  12. Anonymous:

    It reads "Santa MAY have to fish-slap you" if you don't do all the things in the song. It's a joke; it doesn't really happen in the app. :)

  13. OMG!! Just beat ep 42 best episode EVAR!!! Oh and one more thing the next person who spoiles any part of issuses 12 and 13 will not wake up in the morining

  14. Ooga Hooga and Zeba Hooga are the same guy. That's just sad. Also hows journey to Uranus coming along?

  15. I can't play multiplayer because I have 30 games and it says I have to remove an existing game. How do I do that? PLEASE HELP ME!

  16. New update should have:
    1. Outer space realm with aliens and more!
    2. Alien god animus speed Effect:you decide!
    3. Planet god aires defense Effect: You decide!
    New Update NEEDS to have:
    1 Battle of the gods PROHIBIT exiting out of battle before they lose but offer an option to surrender.
    2. Bug Fixes
    3. Record of winning pocket god battles.
    4. Prevent players from CHEATING (I'm pretty sure there are people that jail broke their iPod that allow them to read their opponent's idol selection. My friends and rivals experienced that. It's true! Also the God of Dance was made not effective for some weird reason).

  17. When will this come out for Android?