Thursday, December 22, 2011

White Fishmas - Pocket God Facebook's latest Global Quest!

A new idol has appeared in the Pocket God Facebook store -- the Father Fishmas idol!

Looking like a chubby, frozen Santa Claus, this idol has mistletoe on it. If you drop two pygmies below the mistletoe, they get all gushy and mushy and kiss each other. The goal is to get 1,000,000 pygmies to kiss before December 28. If this goal is accomplished, all Pocket God players who participated in the quest get a special reward!

A new power has also been added -- chilly snow! Activating the chilly snow power will cause dark clouds to appear, and light snowflakes will fall from the sky. Some are small and white, and others are slightly larger and bluish. If a pygmy stands under a white snowflake, he will look up in awe at it and then stick out his tongue to taste it. However, if he tries that on a blue snowflake...

...he freezes! And should another pygmy approach the frozen pygmy, he will stick out his tongue and stick to the pygmy! Watch what happens when the pygmy tries to get loose... and see what happens when you move the frozen pygmy around! Experiment with that new god power, there's some funny stuff happening here!

Finally, Frima has added the ability to send a Candy Cane to a friend! If a friend sends you one, it will appear at the top of the screen. When you click on it, a Candy Cane will spawn one on the island. A Pygmy will then eat it and you will gain eight devotion points. You get three Candy Canes just for participating in the Fishmas Global quest, so get those pygmies a-kissin'!


  1. Dear Mr. Dye and Castelnuovo?,
    What is the email address to the Pygmy Peril? I want to send some art but, I can't! Please tell me what it is.

  2. @Anonymous
    You can find their email address in the every Pygmy peril.But if you don't have the comics,than here it is...
    I saw this same address with a .net instead of a .com,
    but the one with .com worked for me.
    Why are you still reading this? Go send those awesome pictures!