Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pocket God reviewed at Electric Playground -- and introducing the POCKET SHOP!

Electric Playground, G4's foremost video game news show, has featured Pocket God on Reviews on the Run! While Dave has been on Electric Playground before, this is the first time they've done a full review of the game. And it's a mind-blowingly cool review, too. Thanks, Shaun and Marissa!

> > Check out Reviews on the Run here! < <

Also in the news... the Pocket Shop goes live today! Featuring T-shirts, comics and the Pocket God figurine, this is a great place to explore if you need to get your Christmas shopping done... or if you just want a little of that PG swag for yourself.

> > Visit the Pocket Shop today! < <


  1. I eat brains don't worry your safe LOL

  2. when will the next update be out??????

  3. Cant wait all I think the main part of the update is you can change the water into differnt things like ice and oil. Any other ideas?