Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year from Pocket God!

2012's coming in fast, and there promises to be an island-load of fun stuff coming for Pocket God fans. First and foremost, of course, is "The Runs," the brand new run-and-jump game that we hope to have available by March at the latest. Allan and Dave want this to be so good that they're taking whatever time is necessary to make sure everyone gets a quality game. But that's not all, of course, and we hope you'll enjoy the Pocket God and Journey to Uranus updates as they come out!

2011 was a good year for us -- among all the updates for Journey to Uranus, our biggest one, "Decapithon," seems to have been received pretty positively! The iOS many updates included "Battle of the Gods" multiplayer and all the idols contained therein. The "Two and a Half Pygmies" brought a whole host of Android updates into one. (We haven't forgotten about Android or WP7, you can bet on it!)

On top of that the Pocket God comic provided by APE Entertainment has enriched the PG universe with a tribe of female pygmies which will take the comic into amazing and adventurous new directions!

There's more we could mention, but we don't want to brag, just reflect a little! We're looking forward to creating more and more goodies for you, because even though this is a lot of work, it's also a lot of fun. If it weren't for you, it wouldn't be possible to combine work and fun this well.

Seeing us out are two funny Youtube videos. First of all, a cute 2-year-old attempts the Pocket God Update Song with a great deal of enthusiasm:

Second... REAL LIFE POCKET GOD? Oh, we're all in trouble. This video's really funny and clever; way to go, guys!

Many thanks to BigsbyTremolo and Nikaoto for those videos!

Happy 2012!


  1. For Pocket God The GAME:Episode 43 "No Place Like Rome"

    *All-New Island "Rome Island"
    *All-New Animal Lion:Eats Pygmy
    *All-New Icons For Each Island
    *All-New Mini-Game "Gladiators"

    Suggjestion 1 of 4

  2. Episode 44 "Bouncing To New Hights"

    *Enemble And Disable "Ooga Jump"

    2 Of 4

  3. Episode 45 "Itsy Bitsy Ooga"

    *Adds A Spider Web To Dinosaur Island

    3 of 4

  4. Episode 46 "Dawning Of A Hero"

    *You Can Now Create A Hero(Plus He Can Only Die Of Night...)

    4 of 4

  5. After COMIC #14 For 15-18 Is "Origin Of The Tribe Of Time", And For The Pygmy Peril, This Time Please Replace Little Green Men For The Lost Ideas. Including "The Phases Of Pregnancy" Starring Klik And Sun.

    Plus An ALL-NEW DANGER That Explains The Fate Of The Pygmies And Pygmy Named Pygmy Brave Who Welds His Candy Cane Of Life And His Skull Necklace And HIS Lost Tribe...

  6. When will issue 14# come out for the comics, I Love the comics. They inspired me to create my own Tribe Ooga Hooga story.

  7. My Profile pick is my Logo for venus Got me Going WOWMAN

  8. 1. My Name Is Dusty

    2.Wait Till Part 4 For The Final Battle Pygmy Brave Vs. Timeactus(Master Timeion)

    3.Little Green Men Will Acompeny Lost Ideas

    4.Phases Of Pregnancy Is Just A Weight Gain Idea From Meh LOL

  9. The Adventures Of Pocket God Episodes

    1.Welcome To Pocket God

    2-5.The Gem Of Life (Parts 1-4)

    Special Episode.X-Mas Marks The Spot/Merry Fishmas


    8 And 9.Tale Of 2 Pygmies

    10.Fish Eaters:Klak Vs. Booga

    11.Infestation Special(TV-PG)

    12-15.Quest Called Tribe

    16.Gas Who

    To Be Cont.

  10. You still have screwed up ideas, Dusty

  11. I have to agree those are still the worst ideas on earth

  12. You Hate My Picked Form Other People's Suggestions,Not Even Dave And Allen Will Reject Any Idea!!!!!!!

  13. Actually,Tribe Ooga Hooga,That Was Also What I Wanted To Ask To Bolt Creative...