Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Issue 11 is out! Plus, Pocket God Issue #1 is FREE for limited time!!

Hello again, folks! Issue 11 of the Pocket God comic is out! This continues the "A Quest Called Tribe" story arc. If you'll recall, Sun has led our brave Pygmies underwater to a mysterious temple. However, dangers surround the temple, some more mysterious than others! On top of that, the Pygmies make an important discovery about the Gem of Life... and about Newbie as well. There's a serious amount of action in this issue... and once again, Nooby is at the center of a new plot point he barely understands.

If you haven't actually had the chance to read the Pocket God comic, we have good news for you. Until December 11, 2011, the Pocket God comic app is FREE which includes the first issue (free also). This is a great way to get yourself hooked on the little oval-headed guys' adventures, so don't wait! Get it now!

> > Click here to get the Pocket God comic app! < <

By the way, we apologize for the delay getting this out but Issue 12 and 13 are coming fast behind, we're hoping before the Christmas holiday.


  1. Awesome I am totally getting the app

  2.  just wanted to say you're doing great  I would like to see a space invaders thing on JTU and on normal pocket god an island in the sky would be awesome and because you play as god it could be your island and you can unlock items to customize it somehow

    I think you should make a new game called pocket god generations where you start with one pygmy and you grow it up and you take him to a female island and if ur lucky you will take one home so now you have two pygmies and after a while together a yellow light comes down from sky and a baby appears and one day they die and you have to feed them
    I would pay like $15 for this
    Ps. If you like pocket frogs go to this website for regular giveaways and info on every frog type http://www.jacob1jacob2-pocketfrogblog.blogspot.com/

    My gamecenter plus and z2live account is jacob1jacob2

  3. Awesome work as usual! I've been following the comics since right around Issue 6 or 7, and I fell in love with the storylines, the humor, and of course the Pygmies' personalities!

    Klik is probably my favorite, and he sure didn't disappoint me in this issue.

    Just keep doing what you're doing, guys! I can wait for the next issue if it means another awesome quality comic! Thanks for making my once-lousy day with Issue 11!

  4. is that game for IPHONE OR FOR ANDROID ?
    and will i have to buy this game ?