Sunday, April 19, 2009

Amazing Youtube Interactive by Rupert (Rup22)

Check out this interactive youtube piece by Ruprt Moreton (Rup22) on Youtube. I didn't even know you could do this, but he did a really amazing job and clearly spent a LOT of time on it. It gives you a great history of the pocket god updates. ah, the memories! Be sure to go comment, favorite and subscribe.

Thanks Rupert!


  1. Cool video!!
    I agree with the dude in the last post thing-get rid of the fient!!
    Also from ages ago there was a thing about a basketball hoop that would be really cool!!

  2. No way if you dont like the feint dont go on it. Its amazing. This video misses out stuff and is a bit mixed up but its pretty cool

  3. This probably isnt the right place to put it, but since there isnt a lot of comments here and you guys are most likely to view it first, Do you guys respond to emails? Because i sent one two days ago and havent got a response yet, it had some suggestions in it.. please contact me if you didnt get the email or you can tell me how to become a beta tester

  4. He got them all wrong
    He said there was a menu since the beginning, and that in episode 2 you got the boulder. And He might wonder why he can't find episode 7's icon because of that. He might need to do a little more research.

  5. Fient is unneeded

    It would be cool if they interacted with eachother more is some way or another.

    Btw, found another glitch
    If you quickly shine the magnifying glass on a pygmy and throw the maginfying glass in the water, the pygmy will continue to burn.

  6. all of his videos are wrong and out of order, if you dont believe me watch "episode 2"

  7. You should make a hidden feature where you dont find out that youve activated it until it triggers something... My idea was like theres some sort of object that makes it so you can change the island, but the island looks the same as the current on until you swipe up and it changes to a birds eye view and the island is actually in a glass tank with water and an island in the middle and a lightbulb hanging over it.. then you could drop like random objects on the island and things( terrible things xD ) would happen to the tank, the island, and all the objects in and on it.

  8. Wow, Never EVER ask to be a beta tester, it's unpolite and only Dave and Allan or other Devs usually ask for beta testers but they are full right now.

    It's very rude to ask to be one unless they say they need some or just want you

  9. hey bolt I heard u were looking for some beta testers I'm great at giving my thoughts anyway could u email me the list to apply

    PG is the first app on my first page and it ROCKS!!!!

  10. i would love to be a beta tester pls contact me my email is plus when is new home coming

  11. i do love pocket god, but don't fully love the feint, it's okay.. there's just to many spamers that ruin all the fun of discussing ideas with people all over the world... feint was indeed a great idea, but I'd rather not have it because of all the unserious people in there that either say stupid things or call other people stupid things.

    I've noticed that you can't have other letters than the ones in the English alphabet when naming the pygmys., as an Norwegian habitant, I would like to name my pygmys after my friends that use other letters than the ones in English alphabet in their names... please add more letters, not just æ, ø and å, but more letters from other countrys.. I'm sure they would like that