Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pocket God in the New York Post!!!!!

"Great for killing time on a subway platform or while waiting on line at Starbucks."


  1. That's awesome!
    But I have to ask (and this is coming from a loyal fan since episode 5) where is the new update?? I know you guys work hard, and have a VERY tough job, but at what point are you going to stop advertising "an update a week"? Because I love (LOVE) this app it sucks getting my hopes up every day.

  2. Whoaaaa! Congratulations, guys! =D
    All the more proof that Pocket God really is a major fad now! =D
    BTW the latest updates are fantastic. I've been a loyal follower since episode 4 (even though I whine a lot when the updates are late =P) & these have been the most brilliant ones so far!
    & i'm practically stalking the App Store in hopes of the new one coming out =P Btw has Say My Name been approved yet?
    All the best, & congrats again.

    Btw- I found a small glitch in the fishing animation. If you could give me an email address, I can send the screenshot to you. It's pretty minor really but it looks kind of weird =P

  3. Mrvmdogg...we haven't technically missed a week. Apple rejected one and caused a slippage. and we have slipped by a couple days here and there, but we haven't yet switched to a longer (two week) update cycle just yet. Although I think we may have will a) give us more breathing room and b) apple may not be able to churn out approvals inside of a week anymore. Sorry about that!

  4. Hey guys love the game! Just wanted to let you know i found a glitch where if you flick an islander and slide (this might not be how i did it but its my best guess) then it sometime causes a islander to go behind the island and he is invincible kind of cool but should be worked out! B^) well got that cleared up so best of wishes on the game!!!!!P.S.i dont even mind that the updates have been so late cause this game is the best and needs top paid app again!

  5. That's so cool that you were in the New York Post, and I ♥ Pocket God! If Pocket God was on the Today Show, I would be one of those annoying people screaming and holding up a sign!

  6. Wow, congratulations! That's a HUGE honor.

  7. The new Pocket God update is out!!!

  8. Why dont making this app free for a day or something i think its a very good app

  9. This is really great app. There are a few things I suggest for improvement:
    Firstly, the game lacks deep content, with goals of any sort, and in addition, all pigmies have the same personallities and react to things in the same way. This limits the amount of times one wants to do things, such as turn a pigmie into a vampire.
    Apart from a personality system you guys could incorporate into PG, how about the ability to further customize the pimgmies?
    Anyway these are just a few ideas I got when playing the game, for future updates.
    Looking forward to A New Home! Good Job!