Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Contest Update

Wow....Okay, I think there are some duplicates but we received over 200 entries to the wallpaper contest! Very cool! Well, to us anyway. The artists may feel differently because the competition is stiff! We received such a swarm of emails, some with duplicates, we did our best, but the gallery may continue doubles (or triples even)...and we may have left out a few. Be sure to check if you are in there. There's a couple that are .psd or .ai files, that I will see if I can export to jpeg in a bit. Also, Flickr only displays 200 photos if you don't have a pro account. I went to get one, and there was a temporary server error. Will try again later.

A few people also did the Apple Store invasion as well which is awesome! Great job, everyone!

From Steven Kane:

From J. Hunt:

Not in the apple store but nice photos from J. Syrop and Michael Thallinger...


  1. When will we get the results of the contest??

  2. Wow, great job!